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Chapter 5

It was the exact opposite of what the gods wanted after the screen turned dark, signaling that it was turned off. They expected a stunned silence reaction and quiet whispers to break out that would soon turn into voices. They didn't expect panic. Yells. Screams. Shouts. Statements.

"That's torture!" A camper yelled and broke down in hysterics at seeing her hero being tortured.

"So that's what the gods do now?" Another camper spoke up bravely. "Send heroes to Tartarus?"

Zeus's face flushed red from humiliation. "You see, we-"

"We?" Apollo yelled in anger. "It was you and a few others!"

And that's how the gods ended up having the entire Olympus filled with loud yelling. No one tried to stop them. Several attempts were tried but it didn't work. Eventually Hermes had to ask Hestia to do something, since she was sitting around the hearth, tending it carefully.

"Hestia," Hermes said to the goddess through all the noise. She still managed to hear him. "I've even tried using fireworks but it didn't work, can you do something?"

Hestia looked at the walls, and true to Hermes's words, fireworks were exploding all over the place. Different things appeared, and even a few swearwords to the gods that betrayed Percy stood out clearly in the air. She shook her head and settled for a small smile.

"Fireworks won't help. Fireworks are only part of fire. However real fire," Hestia started as she raised a finger up to the air. "Can actually do something."

And with that, Hestia's finger soon had a large fireball floating above it. The flame got bigger and larger that made the occupants stop and stare. She laughed softly as she looked up at the still remaining fireworks Hermes had set up.

"I like that one," Hestia said to Hermes before using her other hand to point at one of the fireworks.

In clear letter the fireworks spelled out words that everyone could read: ARE YOU CIVILIZED PEOPLE OR KINDERGARTNERS?

"Except not all kindergarteners are bad," Hestia corrected herself.

"What is the meaning of this?" Zeus thundered with his usual overdramatic voice.

"I believe you are the meaning," Hestia mused as she looked at her sibling.

Hestia snapped her fingers and the fireball reduced its size, slowly coming to a small flame that looked like a lighter. Except the occupants in the room knew it wasn't. The goddess of the hearth doesn't smoke.

"That is a sucker punch to the stomach," Hermes chuckled as he looked at Zeus's disbelieving face.

Silence finally settled in the room as Hestia had talked. Some stared at her in awe, while others settled to looking anywhere but the two Olympians.

"Why don't you banish her don't you?" Apollo asked, before looking at Hestia for acceptance. She nodded, understanding what he was going to say next. "That seems to be what you're good in aren't you?"

And before anyone could hear Zeus reply or even open his mouth to speak, a sudden violent earthquake happened. Assumptions were made, and fingers pointed at Poseidon immediately. Not literally, but everyone knew that only the god of the seas could do that. But all those fingers were pointing at the wrong direction. All those assumptions were made wrongly. He shook his head, and even he couldn't figure it out.

"You might not believe me," Poseidon spoke when Olympus was quaking. "But it is not my doing."

"Then who is it?" Zeus shouted over the panic. "At least decrease it!"

"Do you think I'm not doing something?" Poseidon snapped.


"I am! But I cannot. Even if I wanted to. However, I can teleport anywhere and see who the person is creating the earthquake."

"Do it!"

Fear and panic were the two main things happening. And tears. It was the perfect moment for the great Annabeth Chase, official architect of Olympus to have tears escape from her eyes. Such a grand title, she told herself. Such a grand title where I can build great things. But then a voice piped up something she did not want to hear. Without Percy.

Annabeth hastily wiped the tears away, but no one could see her, she was stuck somewhere, under a throne probably.

"What kind of girlfriend am I?" Annabeth whispered quietly to herself.

The voice piped something up again. His ex.

And suddenly, the earthquake stopped. Sighs of relief could be heard. But Athena knew something was happening. Poseidon was still gone. She was right about something. Something was happening. Somewhere, someplace. It just had to be Olympus that was affected didn't it?

Another earthquake, one more powerful than the other one. A level five, quickly rising up to six, and then seven...

"Olympus is supposed to be strong!" Someone yelled.

Zeus panicked immediately. "The architect will fix things up as soon as this is over."

Zeus waited for a response and looked around. The entire Throne Room was in a mess. And searching for a demigod didn't help anything at all.

"Where is she?" Zeus asked out loudly.

And then the rumbling intensified to a level eight. Thrones were actually starting to fall down, and pillars crashed down on the occupants. Screams could be heard now. And running. Lots of running. People trying to find the exit, attempting to get to the elevator with the horrible music. Anything but Olympus. The outside world didn't seem to be affected which was strange.

"Emergency protocol!" Athena suddenly shouted as if she remembered something. "Use emergency protocol!"

"Anyone outside the Throne Room won't get in! Poseidon won't get in!" Hephaestus shouted back.

"Who cares?" Athena spoke back as a reply. "Annabeth, do it now!"

Annabeth, on instinct, followed Athena's orders and pressed a button on her watch. The entire Throne Room, through all the dust and pieces of marble and tile stood still. Then a huge cube the size of the room fell down on them. The bottom layer of the cube that fell became transparent as occupants filed in hurriedly. The transparency was basically how people got in. Like a door that was open. After five minutes, the transparency stopped, and it was activated. No one could get in, no one could get out. The device decided when they were going to get out. It could be days, weeks. It was never more than a year.

And on the worst timing in history, Poseidon arrived. He stared at the cube in confusion, trying to remember what it was. Then he snapped his fingers. Emergency protocol. And judging by the silence apart from the intense earthquake, it was activated.

"Zeus!" Poseidon banged his hands on the cube.

Faint shouting could be heard from outside the cube. They relaxed when they were in the cube, but instantly were on alert mode when shouting was heard.

"It's probably Poseidon," Dionysus said lazily.

"What does he want?" Athena asked sharply.

"I found out who the person was!" Poseidon shouted.

Now everyone was silent. Regular shouting as if Poseidon was actually in the room was heard. Now he could finally not strain his voice. He whispered the last part, and still everyone could hear it. He didn't whisper because he wanted to be funny, or silly. But it still felt unbelievable, that it could only affect Olympus. Even from all the way down there, he thought sadly. I've made the wrong choice...

"It's Percy."

In Tartarus, with Percy, a few minutes before the earthquake happened:

"I bet you a billion drachmas that they are all arguing up in the Throne Room," Kronos said to Percy once he showed the letters and the screen shut off. "About you. I bet they're all arguing about you. They finally feel pity. And yet, I do not see any elevators bring you back to that pathetic camp of yours."

"Stop it," Percy whispered forcefully.

"Why?" Kronos continued. "Do you not want to face the truth?"

"Because it's not the truth," Percy said firmly, trying hard to believe that he would get out of Tartarus as quickly as possible.

"Loyalty will get you killed someday. A great example is right in front of me. Who is it? Why our very own Perseus Jackson of course. Betrayed by his friends, by the gods, and who could forget, his girlfriend."

"Shut up. I'm not even listening."

"Oh you are. And if you're not listening, then you don't need your ears anymore do you?"

Kronos got scissors out of nowhere and opened it and closed it threateningly in front of Percy's face, snapping it closer to his ear with every snap they heard.

"I do!" Percy said hurriedly. He didn't know what made him say it, he might be better off without ears anyway, but he needed his ears. "I'll listen to your... Statements."

Percy could see Kronos smile cruelly. "I thought you said you weren't listening?"

"I am... Going to listen right now."

"That's satisfying, but..."

Kronos did something surprising, that Percy never expected. First, the scissors were steered clear away from his ears, and suddenly they were back. He could feel agony as he finally knew what had happened. Not the whole ear, he tried to remind himself as he attempted to stay positive. He only cut off the very top part of my ear. Be glad it isn't more. Listen!

"I see you have finally decided to listen," Kronos smiled, showing all his ugly teeth. "So I do not need this anymore."

And with those words said, Kronos threw the now very red bloody scissors away. Percy stared at the floor and saw something that looked like an olive? No. The upper small part of his ear. Cut off. And right beneath him. He retched and the Titan grimaced.

"Do that once more," Kronos said slowly to the prisoner. "And I'll start on those letters early."

As if on a horrible cue to not start, Percy couldn't help it as he stared at his piece of skin on the ground. No buckets or any toilet bowl seats were held, and therefore, the titan's newly polished shoes were now a different sickly color.

"Right," Kronos stated, and them his voice turned to a yell. "Lettering tools, now!"

Percy didn't know what triggered his reaction, or the shock. He was sitting in an electrical chair, and a shock came to him. And this wasn't one of Thalia's playful shocks she gave him. This was one of those really extreme painful ones. The ones that would last only a second but the feeling of the shock would last for years. Forever even.

A triggered reaction. An earthquake. Percy couldn't control it as he felt a tug in his gut. He was confused when no water came, but then he realized something as the feeling started to tug harder. He was starting an earthquake. He hoped that maybe it was in Tartarus, but it wasn't. It was in Olympus.

A flash of light came only minutes later. Percy didn't know whether he should feel happy or not. Maybe they're releasing me; he tried to think on the bright side. But as he heard thundering footsteps that were slow, he might have thought wrong.

"Perseus Jackson!" Poseidon yelled.

"How are you doing today dad?" Percy replied sarcastically. Then he continued with a hopeful voice. "Have you come to release me?"

Poseidon ignored Percy's remark. "Stop the earthquake immediately!"

Percy's tug got lighter and he knew that the earthquake had stopped at once. He didn't know why he did what Poseidon had told him. Maybe it would score a few points with him so he would be released quicker.

Poseidon walked away quickly.

"No goodbye?" Percy called out to the darkness.

Percy couldn't hear any reply. He strained his good ear for any sounds. Nothing. Except a very faint voice saying 'no.' That voice belonged to Poseidon. And that was it. The earthquake on Olympus only increased its power as he got angrier and let out all the suffering he had with him.

Poseidon was about to teleport away back to Olympus when he saw it in his mind. Olympus was once again, devoured by an earthquake. He frowned, and heavy footsteps could be heard all around the pit.

"Stop!" Poseidon demanded. "As your father, I demand-"

"Why did you vote for my banishment?" Percy asked from the pit. "I thought you would side with me, not against me. I thought you were different from the Olympians. Not only because you were my father, but because you were always more laid back than any other of the Big Three. In fact, it was Hades. Hades of all the Big Three to actually vote my stay."

A bitter laugh could be heard, and Poseidon flinched. He didn't intend to come into this family drama.

"Just stop the earthquake!" Poseidon demanded again, but it was with a weaker voice.

Silence from the pit. And just when Poseidon was about to demand it once more, Percy spoke.

"Just go away!" Percy shouted loudly with anger that surprised Poseidon.

Such surprise, that Poseidon listened and teleported away to Olympus quickly.

Percy lay all alone in the pit, waiting for the time when he could get out of Tartarus. But as he heard marching, that he identified as Kronos as his army, he was starting to lose hope.

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