Caught Between The Sacrifice

Summary: Reborn disagrees to help Bermuda against Checker Face. But Checker Face has another target in mind, the one and only Sawada Tsunayoshi. Will they realize it before Checker face has Tsuna in the palm of his hand? Before it's too late?

Will Tsuna be the sacrifice? Will he be able to make the biggest sacrifice of all?

Chapter 1: Tragedy and Consequences

"Is there anything I can do?" Tsuna angrily said as he slammed his fist to the wall.

He felt so useless. He wanted to help Reborn and return him to his original body. But Reborn wanted him to stop fighting for him, return the Boss watch. But damn it, he was mad because he never felt so useless that it made him feel...no good.

Is there anything I can do?

Before Tsuna even noticed became dark. Tsuna eyes widened and terrified shiver went down his spine; his intuition was telling him to run away fast. Now. Tsuna could feel his blood pulsing, his heart beat racing in his ears. Someone was here and he had an idea on who it was. Tsuna could barely swallow the knot in his throat as he saw the shadow that hovered over him.

"Hello Sawada Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna trembling turned his head, his eyes growing in fear. "You-you're...you..." Tsuna tried to speak but this man was releasing an aura that made him want to wish he was never born.

Tsuna felt the palm of this man's hand touch his forehead. Tsuna immediately became pale, the fear he tried to voice out became numb in his mouth.

"Who Sawada?"

Tsuna knew he was waiting for him to say his name. He couldn't. He can't.

"I-I can-can't..." As soon as Tsuna said those words, a smile appeared on his face. It was vicious, cruel, and loved seeing him in fear. Tsuna didn't know how he said it but he was able to say his name...he was horrified now more than ever in his life.

"Checkerface..." Tsuna whispered, terrified.

Tsuna sucked in his breathing as he watched Checkerface give a vicious smile.

He was going to die.

Checkerface removed his hand, enjoying the terrified look of the young Vongola Decimo.

"Goodbye Tsunayoshi."

A shriek ripped through the now empty street. Its haunting echo ripping through the sky and then blown away by the wind. A broken watch lay on the floor, with blood splattered on it and around. Staining the concrete with its crimson liquid, making a mark of awaiting destruction…

And death…

Reborn returned from the meeting with the other arcobaleno. He couldn't deny that he was a bit depressed, but he had to get his head back into the war. If he was going to die, he was going to make sure Checker face went down with him. He'll make sure that man dies a dog death with him.

By the time the meeting was over it was morning, and he was exhausted. So all he wanted was a good cup of espresso and a nap with it. He entered the house and was greeted by the ruckus of Lambo and I-Pin. Nana doting on Iemitsu, he could hear their laughter. Most likely Bianchi was still sleeping.

"Reborn, ohayo. Would you like breakfast?" Nana asked with a smile. Reborn couldn't deny that Nana can lighten up the room with her smile.

Reborn shook his head, "Sorry Maman but just espresso will good, thank you." Nana nodded and with a smile went to make Reborn his espresso.

Iemitsu eyes became serious, "So how's everything going?" He wanted to make sure everyone was still safe.

Reborn gave a sigh of defeat, "I found out about the truth. This whole war is to find the next generation of Arcobaleno. Checkerface set this up…We were set up…"

"Wait…does that mean you-" Iemitsu said in disbelief. If Checkerface was using this war to pick the new Arcobaleno's, then that means the old generation of Arcobaleno had to die.

"Yes. We, the Arcobaleno, are going to die." Reborn said knowingly. He quietly took the espresso that Nana gave him. She went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Iemitsu balled up his hand into a fist, but he couldn't help but wince. The wound that Vendice left was still painful, but he had to keep a happy face for Nana. She had to think that attack was a dream. He would not bring his wife into this. Never would he ever put her in danger again. Iemitsu eyes then went wide.

If Checkerface was looking for representatives from the teams to be the Arcobaleno…wouldn't that mean Tsuna…would be the next…

Sky Arcobaleno?

"Reborn…" Iemitsu said, a bit afraid of the hitman's answer. "Is it possible that…Checkerface will choose Tsuna as the next…Sky Arcobaleno?"

The mug in Reborn's hand shattered into pieces. Iemitsu felt a foreboding shiver go down his spine as the aura around Reborn went dark. Iemitsu hoped that he was wrong but from Reborn's reaction, his son…he couldn't even think about it. Now he knew Tsuna was in danger, in terrible danger.

"That's final. I'm going to get the Boss Watch back from Tsuna. I'll make sure Checkerface stays away from Tsuna if it's the last thing I do." Reborn stated. He was going to rip that watch of Tsuna's wrist and destroy it, this was no longer about fighting but protecting the possible next generation from enduring the same cruel fate he experienced.

Like hell he'll allow Tsuna to become an Arcobaleno. Checkerface be damned before he gets anywhere near Tsuna. He was starting to turn around and about to jump off the table, heading to Tsuna's bedroom, when Iemitsu spoke.

Iemitsu gave a groan of frustration, "Thank you Reborn, by the way where is Tsuna? Is he with Takeshi?"

Reborn immediately knew something was wrong, "What do you mean? I told Tsuna to go home last night. Are you telling me that he didn't?"

Iemistu shook his head. Reborn cursed and made his way upstairs, Iemitsu right behind him. Tsuna's bedroom wasn't touched. The bed was still made, the window was closed, and the room was clean. Proof that Tsuna hadn't come home at all. Reborn tried to think where Tsuna could have gone. Hayato and Takeshi were in a hideout, healing from their injuries. There was no where Tsuna could go.

"I shouldn't have left him alone…" Reborn muttered. Leon started to change colors and vibrate; he then changed into a cell phone.

Reborn answered, "Colonello what is it? I'm in a problem right now-"

"Oi Reborn get here right now. I found your team Boss Watch kora!"

Reborn felt something cold seep into his body. This is bad and this situation was becoming worse. He just hoped Tsuna okay but something kept telling him that was not the case.

"I'm on my way. I'll track your signal." With that, Reborn hanged up and looked at Iemitsu, who had a face of a worried father.

"Colonello found Tsuna's Boss Watch." Reborn stated but he could see what Iemitsu was going to ask next.

"Reborn, where is Tsuna?"

Reborn lowered his fedora, "I don't know."

Reborn didn't expect to see what was on the ground. It was the Watch, lying innocently there on the ground broken and bloody. Iemitsu wasn't doing any better. He was on one knee looking at the watch, he was in horror as he couldn't help but think where his son is. Where is he? Is he safe? Is he alive?

"Do you guys have any idea who could have done this?" Colonello asked seriously. This war was turning deadly. First they were getting hurt, and then injured, next to almost dying, and finally missing.

Reborn gritted his teeth, "I have an idea who it might be."

'Damn you Bermuda.' Reborn couldn't help but think as he picked up the broken watch. 'Would he really go far as to break the watch and kidnap Tsuna, just to get me to agree?'

A buzzer noise started to go on. Reborn looked at his watch. The Boss Watch was destroyed; his watch shouldn't be even ringing. He lost.

"Why is yours ringing Reborn?" Colonello asked. This was strange; this was the first time it happened.

"Report to the Namimori Shrine!" "Report to the Namimori Shrine!" Reborn and Colonello began to go but Reborn noticed that Iemitsu was following them.

"Iemitsu you should go home and make sure Nana is okay. I know you're worried about Tsuna but he's missing there might be a chance that they might take Nana as well." Reborn reasoned.

Iemitsu gave Reborn a hard look, "You will find him Reborn?"

Reborn nodded, "I'll protect him with my life." With a grieving nod, Iemitsu turned around and started to make his way home, 'Tanomu Reborn'

When both Arcobaleno got to the Shrine they didn't expect to see him there. There was Checkerface wearing his mischievous smile, with his arms behind his back. The rest of the teams Arcobaleno, the losing and winning, were there as well.

"Why did you call us here Checker face?" Reborn demanded. He no longer had any patience. Bermuda just appeared, what was odd was that he didn't sense any threatening intent.

"I see you're angry Reborn? Is it because of your missing student?" Checkerface said wistfully.

Then it dropped on Reborn, he felt ice cold water fill his very being.

"It was you." Reborn growled out. He felt something snapped inside him. He quickly had Leon transform into a gun in a blink of an eye, and fired a Chaos shot.

Checkerface merely turned his head to the side, completely avoiding the attack.

"It seems you figured it out. I have him."

Reborn was about to fire again when Checkerface brought Tsuna's sweater from behind him. Everyone gasped at the sight. It was torn, bloody, and ripped. He threw it on the ground without a care.

"The boy did give quite a fight. However…" His smile was pure evil, his voice demonic, "….not anymore."

Reborn felt nothing but utter rage. He was going to fire but he couldn't move, he turned his eyes toward the rest of the Arcobaleno, they couldn't move either.

Checkerface gave a slight chuckle, "That's better. Don't worry I haven't killed him…yet. I have something bigger in stored for the boy. But I think we should do something more fun, don't you think?"

They couldn't even move, they had no choice but to listen.

"Forget about the boy and I'll return your bodies into your original form. No catches this time."


Checkerface couldn't help but laugh at Reborn's outburst. It was expected. But he was going to break Reborn and the rest of the Arcobaleno in due time. But what he really couldn't wait is to scatter to pieces ofthe boy's mind. That there was no hope, no salvation that waited for him. He saw the Will the boy had burning in his eyes, despite being defeated to the ground, was fighting back.

It reminded him of Vongola Primo, Giotto.

Checkerface new this would be the best Representative War yet.

"Starting tomorrow morning this war will have new rules, with changes to yourselves." Checkerface said nonchalantly.

"Goodnight Arcobaleno's."

Reborn fought with all his might to fight the sleep that was taking him over. He gritted his teeth as he saw the satisfaction on the bastards face. Checkerface had the advantage, he couldn't kill him anymore since he had Tsuna.

Reborn couldn't help but beg in his mind as the darkness brought him in, 'Why not him? Why Tsuna?'

Ragged breaths escaped his mouth as he tried to gain back air in his lungs after recovering from the fist that had came in contact with his jaw.

He looked up at his torturer as he pulled his glove on his hand. He closed his eyes as he knew what would happen next. And sure enough a fist, once again, came in contact with his cheek.

Light flooded the room but it was slammed away by the closed door. Footsteps walked towards the duo.

"That's enough Tsunomichi."

Tsunomichi pulled of his glove, pen writings seen all over his hand, "But I'm not even half way done on your orders Boss."

"You can continue after I'm done with the boy. Dont worry it'll be quick."

Tsunomichi nodded and left with a loud slam. A single bulb light lit on the figure restrained on the chair. The chair restrained him from his wrist and ankles, his bare feet touching the cold floor. The chair was a mockery to him. It was that of royalty. Red velvet back and bottom cushion and gold arm rests and legs. It was Bosses throne.

Checkerface examined his little prisoner. His clothes were clearly torn. Scrapes, bruises, cuts, were visible. But the most outstanding thing was the blood.

All of it. All the blood.

It dripped from his mouth and nose. The scrape above his eye and temple. The cuts on his cheeks and neck still creeked with blood. His arms were covered with bruises and cuts and was painted with the dry dark red color. His legs were the same but had burns, dark ones, matching his hands. His head was low in weakness, pain, and fatigue. His shoulders were slumped in defeat. He was exhausted, and only hoped for rest, but knew none would come.

"Raise your head Sawada Tsunayoshi." Checkerface ordered.

He didn't raise his head. He wanted to defy this monster in any way he could. He felt his hair roughly pulled, but he didn't make a sound. He would not give that bastard that satisfaction. He couldn't help but stare in hatred as the monster gave a smug smile.

"You still have some fight in you I see. Don't worry it'll be the very thing I'll use to destroy you." Checkerface stated, letting go of Tsuna's hair with a shove.

Tsuna slowly raised his head as his eyes adjusted to the light. His eyes trying to focus from the beatings he received. All that waited for him was a cruel smile when his vision finally cleared.

"We're going to start a few new rules boy. So listen well."

Tsuna just stared at him. He had no way to get away from this mad man. But his intuition was telling him he wasn't going to like what he wad going to hear. His gut was telling so, and it hadn't failed him yet.

"Starting tomorrow the Arcobaleno will have their original body back."

Tsuna couldn't stop the shock that went on his face.

"However...the only way to keep that form permanently is through an exchange. So Tsunayoshi...are you willing to be a sacrifice?"

Tsuna couldn't help but shiver in fear at the smile Checkerface wore. It was beyond any smile he's seen yet. It struck directly to his soul and squeezed his heart. He didn't even know how he was still alive. It was absolute evil.

'You're not a hero Tsuna.'

Reborn's statement entered his mind. He was no hero. He could feel Reborn's lessons answering whether or not he should even consider thinking Checkerface's question. Reborn would beat him into the ground if he even thought to agree. Tsuna couldn't stop the dry smile that lit upon his face.

Raising his head as high as he could, the strength of his tutor rejuvenating his weary soul, he declared...


Checkerface couldn't deny he was a little astounded by the boy. He remembered that earlier, the boy felt absolutely useless. He would have thought the boy would at least jump at the chance to help prevent the death of Reborn. But he thought wrong. He had to know why.

"Tell me Tsunayoshi, why no?" He asked curiously.

Tsuna gave a rough laugh, "I'm no hero. As much as I would like to help Reborn, he would just be angry at me if I even thought to agree with you. Reborn isn't someone that needs to be saved. As of right now, I'm practically useless to even understand or help him. But all I know is that I have to listen and know that all he wants to do is to protect...

"For he is my hero...and I am the one that needs to be saved...

"Not by you...but from myself...as I'm the one who didn't understand what he meant when he wanted me to return the watch...and because of that... I became your victim..."

Tsuna said with a bright fire burning in his eyes and confidence in his voice...

"I'm not his hero. He is mine, and I know he'll save me..."

Checkerface was quiet but suddenly bursted into mad fits of laughter. Tsuna felt himself waver, but held it in. Checkerface gave a smile of excitement, things couldn't be better.

This war would truly be the best Arcobaleno Representative War that has yet to come.


The door opened and Tsunomichi entered and shut the door tight. He removed his glove and readied his pen.

"Yes Boss?"

Checkerface turned to face him, "Get the battle room and boy ready. Another lesson needs to be taught." He walked out the room with a sinister laugh.

"But find something that will keep the boy awake. And make sure he never sleeps, Understood?"

Tsunomichi nodded as he wrote the orders down on his hand. Checkerface closed the door but not missing the dread that passed in Tsuna's eyes. Checkerface couldn't fight the need to break the hope that the boy had. It has been a very long time since someone defies him in such a way. It would give him great pleasure to see the boy, fallen, broken, defeated.

His smile was full of dark corruption and wicked happiness...

"This is absolute-ly perfect."

Tsuna laid stomach flat on the follows floor. His hands once gripped the floor in agony, rested numbless. His body was in horrible condition, but now...it was just amazing to see him even breathing.

Wet tears stained his face from the cruel act Checkerface recently inflicted.

A visible 'X' was carved into his back by Checkerface sword. Tsuna was no match for him. As soon as the battle began, it was terribly one sided. Vendicare was weak compared to Checkerface. Tsuna wanted to lose consciousness, but whatever Tsunomichi put in the water when it was shoved down his throat kept him awake. But it also made him feel his entire being; the pain was too much to bare.

Tsuna gave a violent cough, breathing was once an easy task but now it was a difficult to even think of. The pain, it made him want to die. Checkerface saw this and gently tap Tsuna's back. Tsuna tried to hold back the scream of excruciating pain that traveled throughout his body. But it erupted violently from his throat. Sadistic laughs intertwined with his screams of agony.

"Tsunomichi." Checkerface ordered.

Tsunomichi appeared, "Yes Sir?"

"Keep the boy alive. I have much more to do to him before the day finishes."

Tsuna was in complete daze. He felt like he was going to die any second but then he felt a sharp needle like pain enter his thigh, and then the pain was slowly fading away. When his vision finally cleared, he saw Tsunomichi remove a large syringe. The pain was gone.

"Stand up boy." Checkerface demanded.

Tsuna was in shock that he felt no pain as he stood. He should be dead by now. He looked at his own body, every injury was bleeding, every bruise was pulsing, and death should have taken him already.

"The drug you were just injected with will wear off but it numbs the pain to a high degree. And because you don't feel any pain, your body will think there is no damage. So you won't heal boy...but that is just part of your misery... as soon as that drug wears off you will be in a world of agony..."

Tsuna was beyond shock. That means his wounds won't heal, the bleeding wouldn't stop, and he could get ill from infection. He could feel the warm blood still slide down from his back to his legs. Did Checkerface want him to suffer so much?

"But that is not all...boy. I'm positive that you wanted to pass out earlier but were unable to. That drink Tsunomichi gave you will not let you fall asleep and until an antidote is given...

"I'll make sure you never rest..."

He said so viciously, that Tsuna took a step back in fear. That horrible smile went back in to place. Checkerface was like a predator on a prowl, looking at his prey with haunting cruelty.

"I want to break you not only from the outside but tear to pieces your mind...and your pathetic heart...

"Once you're close to the edge..." He slowly started to walk forward, Tsuna was taking steps back.

Tsuna never felt his intuition go this insane. This is bad. He wanted to run, hide, and die. Tears silently went down his face as his hand quietly covered his mouth to stop his escaping whimpers, his intuition feeding his emotions. He took terrified steps back as Checkerface approached him.

"I will know your every joy, every sadness, anger, confusion and regret. I will haunt your dreams. I will haunt your reality...

"Your hope will be your downfall…"

"And once I am through with you, you will never know the difference from illusion and reality..."

Tsuna felt himself shake in fear. There was no escape for him, barely any salvation left. He didn't notice when he just stood there, he could no longer move.

Checkerface leered at Tsuna venomously, an insane smile on his face, "And now that you have already let me enter your mind, shall we begin your descending to insanity?"

Tsuna felt the hand on his forehead.

"Let the nightmares begin..."

A shriek ripped. He felt an eternity pass. He didn't know if his nightmares were illusions in real life or if the illusions were in his mind. How long as he been here? Is he insane?

'Remember your Will, your determination,'

Tsuna regained some control of his mind, the numb pain returned once more. But it was stronger, forceful, as if it wanted to scar his very bones. He fell on the floor as he trembled. He gave Checkerface a hateful stare, letting hatred enter his heart once more.

Unknowingly giving Checkerface the satisfaction of letting him corrupt his heart.

"Did I forget to mention tbe pain returns stronger?"

Tsuna wanted to pass out but he couldn't sleep. Checkerface sent one last illusion to Tsuna, letting the boy suffer in loneliness and forgotten. The boy's true fears.

"You will be the downfall of the Arcobaleno... Tsunayoshi..."

Tsuna was flat on his back as the last tear fell from his cheek. His eyes were blank. No bright brown, no emotion, no Tsuna.

He was in Checkerface's control. His mind broken.

"Rise boy."

Tsuna did as commanded. He walked like a loose puppet with Checkerface holding the strings. He stood before Checkerface with no fire in his eyes or fight.

He was gone.

"In a matter of hours you will fight the Arcobaleno who finds you. You will not hold back, understood?"

Tsuna nodded. He just did what he was ordered to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Checkerface turned around and started to walk as Tsuna followed but he paused and looked down at Tsuna once again...

"Oh and Tsunayoshi fight if necessary...to the death."

Tsuna nodded...

...agreeing to his own death...

...by Reborn...

Preview for Chapter 2:

"What have you done to him?"

"He's gone Reborn, and it's your entire fault."


"You have to let me die, you have to get away from me, Checkerface he he Ah! He still has control over me!"

"I can't let you die Tsuna!"

"Neither can I Reborn…besides I was chosen…"

"For what?"

"For this…It's too late for him to be saved."

Hope you guys like it! I just had to publish this. This is what I thought was going to happen after very last page of chapter 388 of the manga.