Warning: mention of rape.

The name comes from the song 'Fallen Empires' by Snow Patrol

Fallen Empires


Raito could feel the blood dripping down his legs, wetting the insides of his jeans. More blood ran down his lower back from the two English letters that had been carved into the skin. His ripped shirt lay in tatters at his feet along with his backpack and belt. A pool of blood surrounded him like a lake. One hand rested on the wall for support as he shivered like he never had before.

'Fuck,' he thought. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck. I got fucked.'

He started to cough harshly, his entire body shaking wildly. His legs almost gave out, but he managed to keep himself upright, taking a small, tentative step. Pain shot up his spine and Raito cringed, moaning lightly. Gritting his teeth, the teenager took another step and then another. It took him a few minutes to reach the end of the alley and, when he got to the street, he was glad to see that it was empty.

The entire walk home was pain, each step charged with fire that raced through his body, out of control. Reaching the front door, Raito silently turned the knob and slipped inside. The house was dark and quiet, which relieved the teenager more than anything. His mother and sister were in bed, sleeping.

Slowly, Raito made his way up the steps to his bedroom, trying to hold back the screams of pain that he so desperately wanted to let loose. They came out as grunts that kept time with his steps. As he walked into the bathroom, Raito knelt down, his back and ass aching. Rifling through the cabinet below the sink, he finally found what he was looking for: gauze and a hand cloth.

He silently closed the door and set the hand cloth in the sink, turning on the sink to the lightest setting. Pulling down his pants, Raito turned around so his back was to the mirror, looking back to examine the damage. Two letters, D and N, were engraved in his back, streams of blood trickling down from the open wounds. On the back and inside of his thighs, thick clots of the red liquid covered the shaking skin.

Grimacing, Raito grabbed the wet cloth and set it against the carving on his back. He hissed in pain, but kept pressing the cloth firmly against his skin. Carefully wiping away the blood, the teenager set the towel back in the sink, watching as the blood was washed down the drain. When his back was clean, Raito cautiously wrapped his body in bandages. Next, he cleaned the blood from his legs and ass, hissing in pain when he tried to tidy his passage. He fought through the pain, gritting his teeth as his towel-covered finger slipped in, slowly rubbing away the blood and semen. Running the towel under the water for a final time, Raito threw the now blood-free cloth into the hamper.

Dragging himself back to his room, Raito shut the door behind him and quickly changed into a new pair of boxers and silk pajamas. He threw the bloodied pants into his closet, hiding them in his tennis bag.

'I'll throw them away tomorrow in a dumpster,' Raito thought as he crawled into bed.

Moaning, he lay down and closed his eyes. Images danced behind his eyelids, bringing tears to his eyes. He shivered as he curled up into a tight ball, trying as hard as possible to keep from crying.

"Raito," a voice said from above him.

The teenager frowned and turned his head to look up. His eyes widened and, if not for the pain that wracked his entire body, he would have scrambled away from the monster that hovered above his head. The dark demon floated down towards him, reaching out to touch his cheek with its clawed hand.

"I'm Ryuk, a shinigami," the demon said, smiling.


"Don't worry. I'm here to help you," Ryuk cried, seeing how terrified the boy was. "Don't speak, please. I'm sorry for scaring you, especially after what you just went through."

"What do you want with me?" the frightened Raito asked.

"Do you know who did this to you?" Ryuk asked.

Nodding, Raito started to cry softly.

"Do you want revenge?"

Raito looked up, frowning heavily. Smiling down at the boy, Ryuk reached behind his back and pulled out a large scythe. He turned the weapon to show Raito the handle. Engraved into the wood was two words: R. Yagami.

A/N: Before anyone asks, Raito will NOT have the Death Note, but a very different power.