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An outstretched hand held a piece of paper, so innocent, so sweet, so pale. Taking by the hand of another, it was carried every so carefully across the short space before it was hoisted into the air. A third hand took it now, careful to avoid crinkling it. Holding that angelic paper upright, the face of the third hand read carefully. Its partner hand, the left, came up to the jaw, tracing it as the eyes quickly read. With a nod, the third hand returned the paper to the second before it was taken away, hidden out of sight.

"Takeshi Inoue, Mr. Eri," the judge said slowly, glancing at the young man who stood behind one of the two tables assembled before the judge's high seat, "Are you ready to hear the decision of the jury?"

Takeshi nodded once, eyes wide as the judge motioned to the twelve assembled jurors. The foreman, a short, stocky woman, stood, a second piece of innocent paper in her hands.

"In the matter of the city versus Takeshi Inoue, we, the jury, find the defendant: gui-"

The courtroom erupted in noise as the forewoman continued to speak, her words drowned out by the loud cries. In the very back of the room, aside from all of the noise, two figures sat in silence. L was his usual unsmiling self, eyes hidden behind a strange pair of black sunglasses and his legs curled up under him. Next to him sat the brunet Raito, who was grinning widely.

As soon as the defendant, now prisoner, was hauled away, the crowded courtroom flooded out into the hallway of the courthouse. People were arguing about the judgment, whether or not it was just and kind to do something to someone so young. Reporters snapped pictures of the spectators as they passed. Finally, the door closed and only the two investigators remained.

"He got what he deserved," L said, taking off the sunglasses.

"I know and I'm glad," Raito replied.

"Even if he wasn't accused of rape?" L asked.

Raito nodded, holding L's hand gently. Leaning over, he rested his head on the dark-haired man's shoulder, sighing softly. His brown eyes closed.

"It doesn't matter anymore," Raito murmured, settling against L's shoulder.

"Rape is one of those crimes that sticks with a person for the rest of their life, Raito. It isn't just… over even with Takeshi behind bars," L said.

"Yes, but it is time to put it behind me," Raito said. "I am happy now. Why should I let him ruin me forever?"

L was about to respond when he suddenly had a lap full of Raito. The younger brunet straddled his waist, cupping the investigator's face with his hands. He smiled a little at his boyfriend.

"Isn't that right?" he asked before softly kissing L.

The dark-haired man replied with enthusiasm, wrapping one hand around the back of Raito's neck. Since their first initial kiss at the hospital nearly six months before, L had gotten better at being intimate with Raito and Raito with him. The young brunet no longer jumped when he was touched, but L knew the limits as well.

Breaking the kiss, Raito sat back, staring at his boyfriend. "I want to go home."

L frowned. "Don't you want to see the media circus? You love watching people squirm in pain and fear."

"Yes, but I want you more," Raito smirked, kissing L again.

Snapping up at attention, L grabbed Raito's wrist, throwing him off his lap. Raito laughed as his boyfriend jumped up and ran out of the courtroom, dragging him along.

L and Raito fell in through the door of Raito's small apartment, kissing wildly. Kicking it closed with his foot, L pushed his brunet lover up against it, hands searching the flat plains of Raito's chest. The young man moaned, leaning his head back against the door as L attacked his neck, nipping and sucking. They grinded against each other, their groans turning into a strong and loud duet.

Ripping off Raito's shirt, L kissed at his pectorals, his tongue tracing the curve of the muscles. Raito writhed against him, his fingers burying deep in L's hair. Moving down the brunet's body, L's fingers hooked in the band of his pants, pulling on the belt. Raito grinned as L skillfully undid the belt, throwing it to the side. The younger man pushed against his lover, directing him back towards the bedroom, L losing most of his own clothes along the way.

They collapsed onto the bed in a pile, Raito on top. L slid down his body from underneath, nipping at his stomach. Raito gasped as a hand slipped into the back of his jeans, fighting its way under his boxers. He rocked forward as L grabbed his ass, humming against his warm skin.

Suddenly, his pants were gone as were those dreaded boxers, exposing him to the air. Raito yelped softly as he was encased in heat, grinding down into L's mouth. The detective licked at his tip, suckling as would a hungry baby. Raito fell onto his forearms, fighting against the strong hands that kept his hips still.

"Ah!" he moaned as L's hands grabbed at his ass again, pulling the cheeks apart.

A finger, strangely warm and wet, traced the outside of his entrance, teasing.

"What the hell are you doing, L?" he moaned, panting harshly.

Letting go of his lover's cock, L smirked up at the brunet. "Just wait and see."

Raito gritted his teeth as L's finger slipped into his hole. It didn't hurt, but it was surprising.

"Relax," L murmured, starting to slowly drive his finger in and out.

Raito was a mess by the time L had all three fingers in. His body was arched, muscles as taught as the string of a bow. His legs were spread widely, allowing his lover better access. Hot and ready, he moaned nearly incoherent words to L.

"Please!" he cried as the luscious fingers hit his sweat spot.

Yanking them out, L slid up Raito's body as he grabbed the younger man's shoulders. He pushed Raito back into a sitting position, straddling his lap once again.

"Go slowly, Raito," he whispered. "Slow and steady."

Positioning himself over L, Raito slowly sunk down. He gasped and moaned as L slid inside, rubbing against his sweat spot in the most agonizing way. When he was fully seated, Raito paused to catch his breath. L placed his hands on his lover's hips, waiting for his signal.

Raito nodded once and he was suddenly lifted off of L's lap and dropped back down. A silent scream tore from his throat as he pounded down onto his lover, all of his breath catching in his throat. Sitting up against the headboard, L set a fast pace, bucking up as he brought Raito down. Pleasure coursed through the brunet as he rode L, throwing his head back as he was filled again and again. His invisible wings were spread wide, shaking from exhaustion.

"Come on, Light-kun," L taunted in his ear.

He was quickly reaching the edge, something he'd barely felt when Takeshi had taken him. With one last hard thrust down, Raito came, his mouth wide open. As Raito's channel quickly tightened around him, L attacked his over's open mouth, rubbing their tongues together as he too fell over the edge.

Panting, Raito fell on top of L, his lover still buried inside of him. He glanced up at the dark-haired man, smiling when he saw the red face. Wrapping his arms around the back of L's neck, he nuzzled against the apex of his neck and shoulder.

"L," he moaned.


"Thank you for all of this."

L smirked a little, a rare sight to be sure.

"You're welcome, my shinigami."

Raito lazily stretched out one of his fell wings, trying to loosen the tired muscles. L leaned forward a little, kissing along one bony edge.

"You're sure that you want to come with me?" he asked. "We'll have to move around a lot more after this."

Raito laughed a little, nodding. "My job isn't exactly something that keeps me tied down, L. People everywhere need a death god."

"I'm just glad that Ryuk and the other shinigami let you stay on."

"Well, they needed someone to replace Rem."

"You deffinetly know how to take advantage of a situation, don't you?"

"Of course, I do, L. I have to be quick on my feet to be your lover, don't I?"

The two men kissed, L rolling over so he was on top. Raito smiled at him, closing his eyes and reveling in the feeling of L pumping into him again. Life was finally good.