A.N: Let me know if I should continue this; I've been scoping out a bit of a plan for this, but I wanted to start it out as more of a diary. If I get some good feedback, I'll try to make a new chapter. Also, what should I name him?

When I was younger, my mother would often tell me of the first time she'd met him. It had been on the tail end of the decay of the island, something which she had single-handedly managed to prevent. She described him as a powerful presence, radiating an orange aura. He was tall, too; probably 8 feet or so. He had deep red hair, with orange highlights, pulled back into a braid as long as he was tall, and his eyes were as red as his hair. She always ended with his face was stern, but his eyes, she said, were kind. Maybe that's what she saw in him, those kind eyes. She was a wonderful woman, even back then. Everyone on Castanet loved her, but she never found her love in any of them. But him, he intrigued her.

When she had finally managed to revive the goddess tree, she went all the way up to the top of Garmon Mine just to see him again, to catch a glimpse of his wondrous face. She was completely enamored with him, and all others were ruined. He created a portal for her, so that she could visit him, too. She slowly wooed him, and they got married. She was never happier, until she realized what was going to happen. He stayed on top of his mountain, watching the world, making sure everything was the way it should be. After all, he was the god of pretty much everything. He'd stop by every once in a while, on her birthday, their anniversary, and later on my birthday, and my sister's birthday. Yes, I'm his son, and I share his red hair and red eyes, but I look more like my mother, as does my sister. It's been sixteen years now since I was born, and I've seen my mother fall deeper and deeper into her sadness. She visits him, but lately it's been less and less. I can't help but be angry at him, but I also understand him, which is hard. Being his children, both me and my sister have realized we have certain powers. Mostly, they're related to farming, like we can help the plants grow faster, till the ground without a hoe, and calm the animals with a touch, but there have been other things as well. My sister, Emily, can heal people. It was quite a shock that first time. I can teleport, but she can as well, so it's nothing special to me. But my special power still hasn't materialized, and I don't talk to father at all. Maybe if I did, he'd know why we have these gifts, but it's hard. The village children have taunted us, since no-one has ever seen father. And of course, they wouldn't, either. Only mother was able to, and now us. We can see things that everyone else can't, like Finn. He's mother's best friend, and the other Harvest Sprites, and the Goddess. Oh, the Goddess.

I spend a lot of my time at her spring, playing with the sprites, but only after my chores on the farm are done. She's a very kind being, and she's almost like my second mother. She understands me, being a deity as she is, because we're similar. I may only be a demi-god, but I'm still misunderstood. Most people don't even believe in the Harvest Goddess, and even less believe in the King. Even in Celesta Church, only ONE of the stained glass windows are devoted to him. Perry really isn't much help either. I stopped going there after I realized his knowledge was more about how to worship, than about who we were worshipping. And the church really had no connection to either of the deities. I could feel the emptiness in it. It was almost like a container for the energy of hope. They go there to hope for betterment, but never really get anything. I once asked the Goddess about that, and she replied that it wasn't that she didn't care about them, but she just couldn't stretch herself that thin. She doesn't just exist in this world, you see. She has many different selves, in many different worlds. As it is, she's stretched a bit. Imagine if she also was in every church devoted to her. Then she wouldn't be able to help the land. So she helps the land, and that is her gift to the people.