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Waking up for the second day in a strange place isn't as scary as the first, but it's still as disorienting. I have to admit, waking up next to a strange guy is also kind of weird, especially when you wake up to him staring at you. My first reaction was to scream, but I didn't. It took me a few minutes to recover, and he sat back, just waiting patiently.

"Why were you staring at me?" I asked him, finally, and he blushed, looking away.

"I've… never been around anyone like me before. All of you here are different, but I can sense that you're more so. You don't belong any more than I do. I can see it, in your aura. You're true aura, not the one most people can see." He said, staring at me, and I frowned.

"What do you mean?" I asked, and he sighed.

"You have two auras, just like Mark and Sasha. You have the one that's easy to see, the one that takes after your parent. And yes, I can tell that you aren't human, not completely. Just like me." He said, and I stared at him, and he laughed, bitterly.

"Yes, my mother was human, just like you. I was born a long, long time ago for the outside world. For me, it's been… A lot slower. In the river, in my dad's home, time moves slowly. I've aged slowly. I'm physically and mentally seventeen, but in reality I'm technically over 100 years old. I only age normally on land. But anyways, back to your aura. I can see your second aura, deep underneath the first. It's mostly purple, with spots of silvery-white, as well as some light brown here and there. And around your magical center… It's completely black, like a sucking hole. My dad taught me about this… If I remember correctly, it means you're kind, and you're sensitive to the emotions and moods of others. You can also be mysterious and secretive. You love to learn and you're a knowledgeable person. You connect well with animals and nature, and you are also exceptionally gifted. You can be intuitive and practical when you need to be, but you lack confidence in yourself. And that black… It doesn't fit well with the rest of you. Black is negative, diseased… wrong. Not something you usually find in someone like you. It's almost like… It's separate from you. Yes, that's it! All of the other colors are slightly blended, they mix a bit, move, but the black… It has sharp, defined edges, it doesn't mix. It doesn't move. It just sits in your center. It almost seems to be asleep, like a tiger in a cage, waiting for someone to slip up." He said, clearly fascinated. I felt naked, and insecure, scared of what he was saying. Of course I knew what the black was.

"I know what it is." I said, quietly, looking down at my hands. I was nervous, and sad. I didn't want to share, but that was the whole reason of going out to find him. But before, I expected a demon, a monster that I wouldn't have to hide from. But he seemed so human… even if I knew he wasn't.

"What do you mean, you know what it is?" He asked, looking at me curiously. I sighed.

"The black. I know what it is. It's not a part of my aura; it goes deeper than that. What do you know about the three gods?" I asked, and he sat back in the bed, deep in thought.

"My dad told me about them, once. Of the Harvest King, the Harvest Goddess, and the being only known as the Devourer. But there was also a fourth, if I remember correctly. See, it was balanced. Two men, and two women. The second goddess… I'm not sure if she had a name we knew. But it was her job to aid the other three. She was strong, but kind, much like the Harvest Goddess. She was about as strong as the Devourer, as they were twins. There was a story about her… My father used to tell me it when I was little. I just… I can't remember. When the two Harvest gods banished the Devourer, the unnamed goddess helped them somehow, and because of it she had to go away or something… I can't remember. But she was removed from history, and now the only ones anyone know about are the Harvest gods and sometimes vague whispers about the Devourer. In fact, I'm not sure how my father even knew about any of it. He said that afterwards, a very strong spell was cast by the Harvest gods, and that anyone who knew anything about what they did forgot, except for… Well, the monsters that the Devourer was meant to keep at bay. What was left of the monsters were moved to another dimension that was sealed off. My dad was one of the only ones to stay behind, because he and his brothers and sisters helped the gods keep the waters clean. Nowadays, the only 'monsters' left live underwater." He said, and I nodded, thinking of Leia.

"The black part on my magical center is the Devourer. He was freed when one of the Harvest Goddesses from another dimension was thrown into an empty dimension, the one where the Devourer had been banished. It had been an accident, but the consequences were severe. I think that I need to go to this dimension that has these monsters. I need to talk to the Witch. I'm not sure the Wizard can help me with this." I said, thinking about my teacher. I couldn't use the same spell I had before, since I wasn't supposed to use magic. So maybe, just maybe, I could use a potion, or something. See, potions and magic are similar, but the magic in a potion comes from the ingredients, mostly. It also takes a bit from the aura of the person, but just a bit. This means that almost anyone can use magic, or at least potions. Just people who can also use real magic make better potions.

"Can I come with you?" He asked, and I thought for a second. Then I nodded.

"Of course. And Faith should come, too…" I said, looking down at my pillow. She was snoring peacefully, and I almost hated waking her up, but… I found it more amusing to dump her off of the pillow.

"OW!" She said, shooting up into the air in a big pink sparkle and a flurry of wings and anger.

"Sorry about that." I said, holding back a smile. I almost managed it, too, but the look on her tiny face sent me over the edge. I broke out laughing, and she stomped her foot in the air, shaking her small fist at me.

"No you're not! What time is it?! It's still a bit dark out! This better be good!" She said, her face redder than my hair.

"Well, we were going to visit the Witch to see about moving on to another dimension, but if you want to go like we did last time, with me pulling you through behind me while you sleep…" I said, and her face lost all of its color.

"No! I'll go. That was weird last time." She said, shuddering. I laughed, getting up.

Destin and I dressed, and headed downstairs. It was 5:45, so I knew everyone was still asleep. We crept through, and managed to get outside before anyone woke up. I knew we might need to go to the mine for something, especially if we needed ingredients, so I made sure to milk one of the cows, getting shining milk. I promised myself to make it up to everyone later. I lead Destin to the entrance to the Fugue forest, and I paused, turning to face him.

"I can't use my magic to get us to this new place. I'm hoping the Witch can help me with a potion." I said, and he nodded, thinking.

"You know, you'll probably need a Fugue Mushroom, because its magical usage is actually almost infinite. It's a catalyst for magic. And definitely water from the Goddess Spring. And if you ever want to get back, I'd recommend getting some water from here, as well. Oh, and maybe a pontata root, for the Witch." He said, and I nodded.

"We can get the water from here and the Fugue Mushroom on the way to her hut, but we'll need to go to the pontata root from one of the mines, and the spring water from the spring, obviously. So let's go to the mine district. Here, take my hand, it'll be faster." I said, holding my hand out to Destin. He hesitated, but then grabbed my hand. Faith dropped down onto my head, and grabbed my hair.

"Let's go!" She shouted, digging her heels into my scalp. I rolled my eyes, and teleported us to the start of the path to the goddess springs. It was almost seven, so I decided we should go to the mine first, and then stop at the General Store on the way back to by some bottles for the water.

"Let's go to the mine. But we're going straight to the top, and working our way down. I need to find the mole." I said. The mole always had a stash of the precious root, and I could probably convince him to give up some of it.

"Okay." Destin said, not even questioning me. Faith flew off my head, stopping in front of me, hovering with her hands on her hips.

"You can't be serious! You're going to wander around the mines, looking for a mole?" She said, and I nodded, confused.

"Yeah, why? I've done it before." I said, and she sighed.

"Because that isn't very smart. You don't even know what floor he's on." She said, and I laughed.

"Of course I don't! I'm going to tap into the portal, and head up to the top. From there, I can work down, and we should find him pretty quickly. He likes to be up high in the morning." I said, smiling at Faith, and she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Fine. But I still think this is a bad idea." She said, and I shrugged.

"Your opinion has been noted. Come on Destin." I said, leading him over to the wall where the runes were, and he frowned at it.

"I can tell this is a very strong portal, but I can also tell you it's quite dead. We can't use it." He said, and I smiled.

"Take my hand." I said, and held it out to him. He took it, quicker than last time. Faith settled on my shoulder, and I touched the edge of the runes, and they blazed to life, and we were suddenly at the top of the mine.

"Faith, start heading down with Destin. I'm going to go see… Him." I said, and Faith nodded. I knew Finn could speak to animals, so I assumed Faith could as well. That way, if they found the mole, we could just leave. They headed down into the mine, and I turned towards the stairs, milk in hand. It was time to visit my dad again.

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