The Rise of Robin VI

A large shadow swooped over Floyd Lawton as he lined up his shot. It tackled into him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him there by his throat.

"End of the line, Deadshot," growled the Batman's menacing voice.

"Not yet," the other replied.

There was an explosion from somewhere behind that sent Batman flying over the edge of the roof. He quickly extended his cape and activated the charge to stiffen the cloth. With that, he glided over to the next rooftop and, once there, grappled back to the other rooftop.

He expected to find Deadshot gone, but instead found him lying facedown. Robin was crouched on a billboard nearby.

"I have some important information for you," Robin said.

"Then make it fast," replied Batman.

"Roman Sionis made a deal with the Joker and tried to lace Gotham's water supply with toxic chemicals from the Ace Chemicals plant." Robin paused. "Sionis is in custody and the clown's back in Arkham."

Batman was aware of this. "What's Sionis's story?"

"Gordon knows," Robin said. Then he was gone.

Glancing up at the sky, Batman noticed the bat signal lighting up the sky. Looked as though Gordon wanted to speak to him anyway.

# # #

"Sionis told us everything," Gordon said. "Sionis Steel Mill is about to collapse, so he took the Joker's offer on the spot. The clown offered a massive amount of green. We expect it to be in the amount of ten million."

"I take it you seized all of it?" Batman asked.

Gordon shook his head. "The money was counterfeit. Sionis still doesn't know that little detail. The worst part of it is that we have to clean out the Gotham water supply."

"Have there been any casualties yet?"

"One hundred and fifty-seven," replied Gordon. "What of Deadshot?"

Batman dropped a bound and gagged Floyd Lawton at Gordon's feet. "Neutralized."

"Finally," said Gordon. "It seems like we're winning."

Batman was already gone.

# # #

"Good evening, Gotham. This is Vicki Vale, reporting live from outside Sionis Steel Mill. In a few minutes, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne himself, will be live onstage to explain his company's recent actions."

As if on cue, Bruce Wayne stepped up on to the stage at that moment.

"As of today," Wayne began, "Sionis Steel Mill is now a part of Wayne Enterprises. Due to the financial crisis that the original proprietor had incurred-"

Roman Sionis sat watching Wayne deliver his speech in utter disbelief. That was it. Sionis Steel Mill was no longer his, and as such, his future had become uncertain. The steel mill had been the only thing he still had of his parent's legacy. He smashed the television in his room with a baseball bat.

So that was how it was going to be?

"I guess Wayne Enterprises needs a little of the same thing I got," Sionis said to himself. There was only one way he could do this.

If Wayne was going to destroy the only thing that he held dear, then perhaps Wayne himself needed to be destroyed.