Return to Earth. The Final Chapter.

The Galactica and her small fleet had been jumping for six days when they jumped into a small yellow dwarf star system. They had only been in the system for a few minutes when all the ships in the fleet lost power.

In the CIC of the Galactica, all the consoles shut off, the Dradis went dark, and the overhead lights dimmed. The CIC became erringly quiet.

Admiral Adama found himself standing in darkness. He could hear the frantic voices of the crew in the CIC as they tried to reactivate their consoles. However, everything stayed dark. Just like back in the Ionian nebula when they had encountered the Cylon fleet. When the entire fleet had lost power. It had now happened again.

"I think we have found the builders of those gravity generators," Adama spoke into the darkness knowing that Commander Wells and Lisa were standing close by. This was too much of a coincidence. The two power losses had to be linked.

It was at that instant that the main view screen came on. It was the only thing in the CIC that had power. In the center of the view screen was a ship, a ship like Adama had never seen before.

"It's a ship of lights," Commander Wells spoke in astonishment.

The ship on the screen was brilliantly lit up; it seemed to be covered with lights. From what Adama could see, it had a large central globe with numerous lighted spires extending out in all directions. The ship possessed its own silent ethereal beauty that drew your eyes to it.

"It's Cylon!" Lisa spoke suddenly out of the darkness.

"Cylon!" Commander Wells echoed. At that moment, all the power in the CIC came back on. "How do you know?"

"I can hear a voice in my head. The ship's commander wants us to come over."

"The ship's commander?" asked Adama gazing questionably at Lisa.

"Yes," she replied. "He says his name is John."

Adama looked at Lisa in surprise then with suspicion. "John!" Is it Cavil?" He was about to put the Galactica on Condition One when Lisa answered.

"No, not John Cavil. This is someone much wiser and benevolent. He is also very powerful. I can sense some inner strength and wisdom far greater than anything I have ever encountered before. If he is a Cylon, he is not like any of our current race. But that ship is definitely Cylon, I did sense that from him."

Admiral Adama was silent as he gazed back at the ship on the view screen. He had never seen a ship with so many lights. The lights were obviously designed to light up different areas of the ship's hull. The lights tended to draw your eyes to the ship. Carefully counting, Adama could see twelve lighted spires attached to the ship.

"It's beautiful," Angela Simms spoke quietly in the silence. "That ship looks as if it was designed by an artist."

"Artist or not if that's a Cylon ship, it's one hell of a lot bigger and more powerful than anything we have ever encountered before," Commander Wells commented uneasily. He wasn't sure his small fleet could stand up to the monstrosity setting in front of them. "Captain Simms what can your sensors tell us about it?"

"The sensors show that the center sphere is four kilometers in diameter and some of those lighted spires are nearly two kilometers long," Angela reported as she checked her screens. "I am detecting a lot of strange energy readings which I can't identify."

"Order all ships to stay at condition two and hold viper launches," Admiral Adama ordered making a quick decision. "I don't think we want to piss these people off."

He wondered what Saul would say if he were here and could see this ship. Adama smiled briefly, Saul would be saying it's a trap and let's get the frak out of here. Then he would suggest going to his quarters for a drink once they reached safety. He had asked Saul and Ellen if they wanted to come, but they had turned him down. They were too involved with Daniel on the Cylon home world.

"Yes sir," Commander Wells responded as he quickly contacted the cruisers and support ships and ordered them to hold their viper launches.

"Can you detect any signs of weapons?" Admiral Adama asked as he gazed intently at the main view screen. He noticed that the entire CIC was still strangely quiet. Everyone's eyes were focused on this mysterious ship of lights that was centered on the screen.

"Hard to say," Angela replied as she studied her sensors. "I may be picking up some type of energy weaponry, but it's hard to read the information the sensors are picking up. We have nothing to correlate the data against."

"We are in no danger," Lisa spoke suddenly as more thoughts filled her mind. "These are the descendants of the Cylons that settled upon the real Earth. They are also the builders of the Gravity Generators. John says that if we come over to his ship, he will explain everything. He also guarantees our safety."

"It could be a trap," Commander Wells warned not liking the current situation.

He had never imagined encountering a ship more powerful than the Galactica and her cruiser escorts. However, there was no doubt in his mind that this ship in front of them could swat the Colonial ships away like flies.

For once, he wished that his sister Sarah wasn't on board.

"If they wanted to destroy us, we would already be dead," spoke Lisa looking over at Commander Wells. "All the answers we are seeking are there before us. All we have to do is go over to that ship."

"I just don't like this," Commander Wells said shaking his head. "We don't know anything about that ship. Anyone that goes over there could be putting their lives in jeopardy."

A strange look passed over Lisa's face. "John says we can launch a CAP if that would make us feel safer. He promises that no harm will come to any of us." Then looking over at Adama she continued. "Admiral, I think we should go."

Adama hesitated for a moment. He knew that launching a CAP would only be symbolic. "No, we won't be launching any vipers. Commander Wells have a raptor prepared for us. I will be taking Lisa, Apollo, and Starbuck with me. You are to stay aboard the Galactica and coordinate things from here. If anything goes wrong, you are to jump away from here and return to the Colonies."

"Admiral, I won't leave you," spoke Commander Wells staring at Adama with deep concern in his eyes. "Leaving you behind is not an option!" He didn't even want to think about returning to Caprica and facing Admiral Clements if Admiral Adama was left behind.

"I appreciate your loyalty commander," replied Adama putting on a stern face. "But you have your orders."

Commander Wells was silent as he gazed at Admiral Adama. He had obeyed some questionable orders in the Cylon war but had always come out in one piece. One thing he had learned and that was to obey his superior officers. He knew the Admiral was right but it didn't mean he had to like his orders.

"The Admiral will be okay," commented Colonel Hoshi stepping up to Commander Wells. "He always manages to come out on top in these situations. Besides, he will have Apollo and Starbuck with him, I don't know of anything those two can't handle."

Adama smiled at Colonel Hoshi. "We will see Colonel, we will see."

"Very well Admiral," Commander Wells replied with a heavy sigh. He knew there was no point in arguing. He would obey his orders. "I will follow your orders and jump the fleet if there is any danger."

Twenty minutes later, the small group was in a raptor ready to depart the Galactica. They had all changed into new uniforms, and they were curious and a little apprehensive about what awaited them over on the Cylon ship.

Apollo was flying the raptor with Starbuck sitting in the co pilot's seat. Just from the look on her face, Adama knew that Kara wanted to be the one flying. He smiled inwardly to himself; he was glad that Lee and Kara were so close. He just wondered if he would ever have any grandkids.

"Where do we land at?" Lee asked as they exited the Galactica's flight bay and turned toward the massive Cylon starship.

Lisa concentrated for a moment and then replied. "Head for the center of the ship. You will see a large landing bay with blinking lights around it. Land the viper in the center of the bay and we will be met there."

Lisa was wearing a more modest blue dress that wasn't quite as revealing as was customary for her model. She had thought it best in this instance to look as professional as possible. After all, she was representing the survivors of the current Cylon race.

"So said the spider to the fly," mumbled Starbuck looking over at Lee and shaking her head worriedly. "I wish we were at least armed."

"Weapons wouldn't do us any good in that ship," Lee replied as he applied the thrusters and sent the raptor toward the Cylon ship. "This is an act of good faith by going unarmed."

"I know," Starbuck replied with a long sigh. "But I wish I at least had a knife."

Lee flew the raptor toward the Cylon ship and as they got nearer, he saw a yawning cavernous landing bay open up with a series of bright lights blinking around it. There was no doubt that this was their point of entry. Lee carefully maneuvered the raptor into the bay and then followed another series of blinking lights to what was obviously their designated landing spot. He carefully set the raptor down and then turned around to face his father.

"Now what?"

Adama smiled back encouragingly at this son. "Now we go outside and learn just what the frak is going on."

Adama got up, walked to the door, and pressing the button next to it watched expectantly as it slid open. Looking down the ramp, he was surprised to see several people that looked like ordinary humans. He walked slowly down the ramp followed closely by the rest of his small group.

There were two men and one woman waiting at the foot of the ramp. They were all dressed in a dark gray uniform and were standing smartly at attention.

"Admiral Adama," the tall dark haired man on the right side of the three stated.

"I'm Adama," replied the admiral coming to a stop in front of the three.

"Welcome aboard the starship Argos," the man said in a courteous voice. "I am Caleb Heldon the ship's executive officer."

"Is this ship Cylon?" interrupted Starbuck eyeing the three suspiciously. None of the three was similar to the current known Cylon models.

The executive officer hesitated for a moment before he answered. "Yes, this is what you would call a Cylon ship. All three of us are Cylons, or at least what you would consider to be Cylons. But we are many long centuries removed from our distant cousins."

"There are more models now," Lee stated with understanding. He wondered just how many more. There could be thousands.

The woman in the center smiled and nodded. "We are able to procreate on our own. We have for a very long time now. There is as much diversity now in the Cylon race as in your own. I am Helen Geneve the chief medical officer for the Argos."

Admiral Adama was silent as he weighed this information. "What exactly is the purpose of this ship? We have never seen anything similar."

Caleb smile and then answered. "The Argos is an exploratory vessel which is currently exploring this region of space. We were directed here to intercept your fleet."

"Intercept us!" Starbuck uttered suspiciously. "Why?"

Caleb hesitated briefly before replying. "The planet Earth is off limits, no contact is currently being allowed."

"What!" Adama exploded with anger appearing on his face. "What do you mean no contact is being allowed? We've traveled all the way from the Colonies to see what happened to the colony we left there."

"Our commander will explain everything to you," Caleb replied in a calm voice. "There are some very good reasons we are not allowing any spacecraft near Earth. I am sure you will understand once you hear the explanations. If you will come with us, our commander will answer all of your questions."

"John," Lisa spoke for the first time in understanding. "Your commander is John!"

"In a way," Caleb replied with a mysterious look upon his face. "John will explain everything."

The group made their way through the Cylon ship. The inside of the ship was spotless and very well maintained. Nowhere did they see any signs of any mechanical Cylons until they reached their destination. The Colonials and Lisa halted as they gazed at the metal constructs standing guard in front of them. They were easily eight feet tall and of slim build. Their metal forms gleamed in the bright light of the corridor. The familiar red eye moved back and forth as the two mechanical Cylons watched the new arrivals.

"So you still have mechanical Cylons," Lisa commented as she walked over to gaze at the two towering Cylons. They were remarkably similar to the models she was familiar with, but she could see some subtle differences. It was obvious these were very much more advanced.

"Yes," Caleb replied his eyes on Lisa. "They are used primarily for security. There are slightly over one hundred on the Argos."

"They work for you?" Lisa said turning around with a frown. She wondered if the current human form Cylon race was enslaving the mechanicals.

"Yes and no," replied Helen taking over the conversation. "Our mechanical Cylons have the choice of downloading into a human-Cylon body upon request. They are fully sentient and have free will. If they grow tired of their duties or have evolved to the point that the mechanical body no longer suits them, they have the option of downloading."

The two mechanical Cylons stepped aside. The group entered a large conference room. The Colonials and Lisa stopped and stared in amazement around them. Numerous paintings depicting various stellar phenomena covered the walls. Planets, asteroids, comets, gas clouds, moons, stars and everything else the galaxy possessed was there.

"Welcome," they heard a voice speak from the front of the conference room. A tall gray haired man wearing a long white robe approached them. "I am John and welcome to the starship Argos."

Admiral Adama looked at the man in admiration. You could just feel the confidence and power within John. He seemed to radiate a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Adama quickly made the introductions of his group and John shook everyone's hands with a friendly nod.

"Caleb said that Earth is off limits," Adama began. "Why is that? We have come a long way to visit Earth."

"Ah yes, Earth," John spoke with a benevolent smile. "If all of you will have make your way to the conference table, I will explain. There are refreshments available also."

Adama approached the table and was surprised to see that one end was well stocked in many of the current beverages popular in the Colonies. There were also a number of familiar food items. For a few minutes, everyone stood around the table eating and enjoying their drinks. Adama had a feeling they were waiting on something, but he couldn't think of what it could possibly be. His question was answered when the door to the conference opened, and two familiar people stepped in.

"Baltar, Caprica," Adama uttered in shock seeing the two people who had just stepped through the door. "How can this be?"

"I should have known," Starbuck muttered with a frown. "Baltar always has a habit of showing up where he shouldn't be."

"Admiral Adama," Gaius spoke in his smooth voice ignoring Starbuck. "It's been awhile since we last saw you. 150,000 years I believe."

"Hello Lisa," Caprica added with a mischievous smile. "Long time since I saw you last. How is Daniel?"

"How did you get here, why are you here?" demanded Apollo looking confused. The two had been left behind on Earth 150,000 years ago. They couldn't be here now. This had to be a trick of some kind.

Baltar only smiled bigger. "Why this is our home. This is where Caprica and I are originally from."

Adama felt as if the room was spinning. "What do you mean this is where you are from?"

"Why don't we all have a seat, and I will begin to explain," commented John gesturing for everyone to sit down. "We have a lot of history to cover today. History that will be very surprising to some of you. This story starts two hundred years after you were rescued by Admiral Reed."

Flashback. 150,000 years ago. Atlantis.

Adriane Stahls nearly fell as the earthquake shook the building she was in. For several long moments, the tremor continued to rumble, and she could feel the building swaying. "What's happening," she screamed looking toward the large window where her husband Marton was standing. He was looking toward the north. Fortunately, the window was made of shatterproof glass and he was in no danger of being struck by flying shards.

Marton glanced back at his blonde wife who was holding on to her desk to keep her precarious balance. "It's the volcano at the end of the island. It's erupting. I think the northern side has been blown away."

"The volcano," Adriane spoke in shock. "I thought the scientists had predicted only a minor eruption. This is not a minor eruption!"

It was at that moment that loud sirens began to go off across the city. The two looked at each other in sudden alarm.

"It's the evacuation alarms," Marton exclaimed with wide and worried eyes. "We must get to the ships immediately." Marton ran over and grabbed his wife's hand pulling her toward the door. "We must go now!"

The two exited their building and glanced down the street. Large gaping cracks ran across several areas of the pavement, two buildings farther down had collapsed and were on fire. Dust and smoke were in the air making breathing difficult. In the distance, they could see the volcano. A cloud of ash and smoke was rising up into the afternoon sky. Rivers of molten lava were flowing down the southern side of the volcano. Another massive earthquake struck, and the ground heaved upward throwing them off their feet. Another building crashed noisily to the ground as its foundation crumbled under the new round of shaking.

Marton climbed painfully to his feet wiping the dust off, reaching down he helped Adriane up. "We must hurry; I don't think Atlantis will survive much longer. The eruption is too severe."

"Where will we go?' Adriane asked her blue eyes wide with fear. The island of Atlantis had been their home all of these years. She had never traveled in one of the trading ships that were in the large port.

"To one of the twelve colonies on the shore," replied her husband recalling the evacuation orders he had received a few days earlier. "They will take us to the mainland."

The two hurriedly scrambled through the growing rubble toward the docks. Other survivors fled in various directions. A few were heading for the waiting ships; others were racing for their homes to search for members of their families. Many would seek shelter in the higher hills that surrounded the city.

"Marton, we must go back and find my sister and your parents," Adriane said breathing heavily from all the exertion and coming to a stop to gaze at her husband. "We must bring them to the ships."

Marton looked to the north at the erupting volcano. It seemed to him as if the eruption was steadily getting worse. "We don't have time. We just have to hope they find their way to safety."

Adriane stared at her husband not believing what he had just said. "But they might die here!"

"A lot of people are going to die," Marton replied evenly. "Our families would want us to survive." Reaching out, he took his wife's hand and urged her to begin running once more toward the docks. Marton wasn't sure how much time they had left. He just prayed silently to the Gods of Kobol that their families survived.

A few minutes later, they made it to the port. They were quickly loaded onto one of the waiting sailing ships by security guards. There were numerous security guards all over the docks checking identification documents against the lists they all had. For years, the volcano had been partially active, and recently contingency plans had been set in motion in case of a severe eruption. However, this eruption was much more severe than what the volcanologists had predicted.

Numerous people were screaming and demanding to be put on the ships. The security guards were struggling to hold them back. Here and there, the crack of a gunshot could be heard. The crowds of people at the docks steadily grew, and it became increasing difficult for people with the proper clearance to make it to the ships. Many gave up and fled back the way they had come.

Marton and Adriane watched the crowds on shore as the large sailing ship they were on pulled up anchor and began to move out farther into the harbor. Other ships were doing the same. Very soon, there would not be any ships left at the port.

"Marton, look at the people. They are jumping into the water."

Sure enough, hundreds of people had managed to push through the security barricades. Shots were ringing out almost steadily now. Screams of pain and anguish could be heard coming from shore. People were jumping from the docks into the water and were attempting to swim to the fleeing ships. The few ships that were still docked were frantically trying to untie from their moorings and put out to sea. It was a doomed effort as they were overrun by panicked civilians. Several of the remaining sailing ships capsized and another began to burn.

Even as they watched, massive fireballs of molten rock from the eruption began to fall across the city. For nearly two hundred years, Atlantis had been the home to the new Thirteenth Colony, now that home was being destroyed. The city had been the home to nearly thirty thousand people.

"Marton, how many people are being left behind? Why aren't there more ships?" asked Adriane realizing that many people were going to die. The people on the docks were doomed.

"We didn't have time to build more," Marton replied sadly. His department was in charge of shipbuilding. "We have enough ships to evacuate about six thousand people. No one expected the eruption to be this severe. We thought most of the people would be safe up in the hills outside the city." He could see numerous fires breaking out all across the city. Smoke and ashes were starting to obscure the sun.

"Will they be safe up in the hills?" demanded Adriane fearing the worst. She hoped that Marton's parents and her sister were safe.

Even as she spoke, a loud thunderous explosion lit the sky above the volcano. A massive plume of ashes and smoke rose up into the darkening sky. Lightning flashed ominously across the growing clouds of ash. A loud groaning noise signaled the arrival of another earthquake. Looking back toward the city, Adriane squeezed Marton's hand tightly as more buildings collapsed and then the sea began to rise.

"What's happening?" she screamed seeing the water rising rapidly above the docks.

In just a few moments, the docks were under water and it continued to rise. In the distance, Adriane thought she could hear frantic screaming from the people left on shore. Already the sailing ship they were on, as well as many others, were out past the opening of the harbor and pulling rapidly away from Atlantis making for deeper water and safety.

"The island's sinking," Marton said in disbelief as he watched the first of the low-lying buildings vanish beneath the rising water. "The entire island is sinking."

"By the Gods of Kobol," Adriane wailed as she buried her head in Marton's arms thinking about her sister and Marton's parents.

As Marton continued to watch and hold his sobbing wife the island of Atlantis gradually vanished beneath the waves. Soon all that was visible was the erupting volcano and it to would soon fall victim to the rising water.

"Those are excerpts from the diary of Marton and Adriane Stahl," John spoke into the stunned silence of the room.

"The dormant volcano on the end of the island erupted!" Apollo spoke not wanting to believe what he had just heard. They had scanned that volcano and deemed it to be safe without any danger of erupting.

"Yes," John replied his deep blue eyes turning to gaze at Apollo. "The Atlanteans were expecting a minor eruption and everyone living in low lying areas as well as key government officials were to board the ships for safety until the eruption subsided. The rest were to go up in the high hills outside the city. They never expected the massive eruption which sunk the entire island beneath the water."

"What happened next?" Adama asked saddened to hear the fate of the new Thirteenth Tribe. He wondered how the other twelve tribes received them.

John was quiet for a moment. A very sad expression crossed his face. "When Atlantis sunk beneath the water there were a series of very large tidal waves. The waves swept ashore inundating all the low-lying settlements."

"The other twelve colonies," Adama breathed feeling the life go out of him.

"Yes," John replied with deep regret in his eyes. "When the ships from Atlantis arrived, they found disaster. All of the settlements were destroyed; there were only a few scattered survivors. They had lost all of their technology and advanced medicines. The only supplies they had were those that were on board the sailing ships. The people from Atlantis gathered all the survivors they could find and tried to rebuild, but it was a hopeless task."

"Two hundred years," Starbuck spoke with tears in her eyes. "Everyone who stayed behind, all they had hoped to accomplish wiped out. It isn't right. To have come all that way from the Colonies, fighting the Cylons and each other. Than to see everything they had managed to build wiped away by a fraken volcano!"

"It was regrettable," John said in a calm voice. "Nature can be terribly unforgiving at times."

"What happened next?" Adama asked. "How did you get the Stahls diary?"

"As you know the Cylon Centurions settled the real Earth," John began. "They made it a habit of sending a heavy raider to the other Earth every ten years to check on the Colonials and the human form Cylons that had elected to stay behind."

"So the mechanical Cylons found Atlantis destroyed," stated Apollo.

"Yes," John replied. "They returned to their Earth and reported. Their Basestar was sent immediately to search for survivors."

Flashback 150,000 years ago

Marton and Adriane walked hesitantly toward the Cylon heavy raider, which had landed in a small clearing a few kilometers from the new human settlement. Other humans watched nervously from the precarious safety of the trees. A light wind rustled the leaves, other than that it was erringly quiet.

Marton's distant ancestor had been an eight and Adriane's had been a six. He hoped that was enough to allow the Centurions to recognize their heritage. Adriane's blonde hair and deep blue eyes left little to doubt as to whom her ancestor on the Cylon side had been. It had been two years since the destruction of Atlantis. This was the first time they had seen a Cylon ship since the original colonization.

Marton was the highest remaining government official, if he could be called that. The sailing ship containing the government evacuees had never made it out of Atlantis. The survivors had voted Marton in as their new leader. This was a role he was uncomfortable with, but had accepted after some persuading by Adriane. Together they had begun gathering all the survivors they could find and started building new settlements. The new settlements were very primitive when compared to what had existed before.

Three towering mechanical Cylons stepped out of the heavy raider. They stopped at the foot of the ramp and waited for Marton and Adriane to reach them. Their single red eye in each of the Centurions was going steadily back and forth, as they watched the approaching humans. Reaching the Centurions, Marton and Adriane stopped and gazed questionably at the three mechanical Cylons. The five stared at each other for a full minute before one of the Cylons spoke in a very human like voice.

"What can we do to assist you?" the one in the center asked, the red light in its head stopping and focusing on Marton.

"You can speak," Adriane said surprised her eyes growing wide. From what their history had taught them, the mechanical Cylons did not have that ability. "How is that possible? We were taught that Centurions did not have that ability."

"It is an ability we recently added. We felt it was necessary to help in our communication," the center Centurion replied. "I am designated as C-248 Hal."

"I think I will just call you Hal," replied Marton trying to sound calm. The three Cylons towered above him and Adriane. He wondered why the Cylons had chosen this time to contact them.

"What do we need to do?" Hal asked once more. "We have our Basestar in orbit. It has a lot of manufacturing capabilities. We are aware of the fate of Atlantis and your sister colonies. We are very sorry for what has happened."

Matron was quiet for a moment. There had been so much loss of life due to the volcano erupting and the resulting tidal waves. They had attempted to rebuild, but so many specialized tools and other equipment had been lost. Their new lives were so much more primitive than what they had enjoyed before. The Cylons were obviously offering to help them rebuild.

"We've lost so much Marton," Adriane spoke with sadness in her voice. "It will be very difficult to rebuild everything again. I don't know if I can."

Marton looked at his wife in understanding. All the deaths from the catastrophe, their current living conditions, and just plain exhaustion was wearing them all down. He knew what needed to be done. The method to do so had been left in orbit by Admiral Reed.

"I think we want to go home, back to the original Colonies," he said finally knowing it was the right decision.

"Through the tear in space in the nebula," Hal replied in understanding. "How many survivors are there?"

"We have found fourteen thousand survivors," Adriane replied, her blue eyes gazing intently at the center Centurion. "There are others that have scattered out to live with the Earth humans. We want to repair the Colony ship that is in orbit and return to the Twelve Colonies."

"Very well," Hal replied. "I will send a message to the Basestar, and they will check to see how space worthy the Colony ship is. It will undoubtedly need some repairs. Once the repairs are complete, we can ferry your people up to the ship in our heavy raiders."

"There should still be some shuttles on the Colony ship," added Marton recalling what his great grandparents had told him as a child. "When we finally quit staffing the ship over one hundred years ago, the large shuttles were left on board. They could be repaired and used also to ferry up survivors."

"We may need some of your people who are qualified to help in the repairs," Hal spoke. "They will also need to be taught how to fly the ship."

"We can do that," replied Marton nodding his head. "We have some engineers and a few scientists that managed to escape from Atlantis on the sailing ships. I am sure they will be glad to help."

Adriane turned to Marton with a smile of relief on her face as if a heavy load had been lifted from her mind. "We're going home," she said. "Back to where it all began."

"Yes," replied Marton taking his wife's hands. "We're going back to the Colonies."

Four months later, Marton and Adriane stared out one of the large observation windows in the Super Colony ship as it left Earth orbit. They watched sadly, as the blue green planet was left behind. Soon they would be back in the Colonies and in civilization again.

Marton knew that some people had been left behind. Several hundred had chosen to continue to live on Earth, and there were many others that had blended in with the Earth humans over the years. With the aid of the Centurions, they had left them enough supplies to live comfortably. The Colonials and human form Cylons would always be a part of Earth's heritage.

The Cylon Basestar and the Super Colony ship vanished in blue-white flashes of light as they jumped away from Earth. The Cylon Basestar would accompany the Colony ship to the nebula. Once there, the colonists would be on their own. The Basestar would not enter the tear in space. It would return back home.

"I don't understand," Adama interrupted with a confused look upon his face. This story was fascinating. He hated hearing about the destruction of Atlantis. He could well imagine the hardships the surviving colonists had suffered after the ordeal. "The tear in space inside the nebula was destroyed when you blew up the gravity generators. Where did they go? They obviously never made it back to the Colonies."

"That's where it gets interesting," spoke Baltar drawing everyone's attention. He glanced over at Caprica who nodded. "The next part of this story is going to be very hard to believe, but it's true."

Marton and Adriane stared at the large view screen in shock. It was showing a view of the center of the nebula from a Cylon heavy raider. The raider had jumped into the area where the tear in space was supposed to be. The raider had been heavily damaged from the gases that now lay over that location. The tear was gone and so was any way back to the Twelve Colonies of their ancestors.

"What happened?" asked Adriane gazing at the screen. She wasn't sure what she was looking for, just that it wasn't there. She felt numb knowing that their plans had just crumbled.

"The tear is no longer there," Hal the Centurion spoke from Marton's side. "I believe the gravity generators that originally created the tear are no longer functioning."

"Do you think Admiral Reed or Admiral Adama ordered the tear closed when they passed through it on their way back to the Colonies?" asked Marton wondering what they should do now. He looked over at his wife seeing the pained and disappointed look upon her face.

"I don't believe they had the capabilities to shut down the gravity generators," Hal replied as he turned to gaze at the humans. "The creators of the gravity generators had to have done this."

"What about your heavy raider?" Adriane asked worriedly taking a deep breath and holding her emotions in check. "How will the Centurions get back?"

"They can't," replied Hal fixing his single red eye on Adriane. "We will move the Basestar as close to the nebula as we can and they should be able to download into new Centurion bodies."

"You have that capability on the Basestar?" Marton asked surprised.

"Yes, we thought it prudent to be prepared for this type of problem. We value our lives now as much as you value yours."

"What do we do now Marton?" Adriane asked, her deep blue eyes focusing on her husband. "We can't go on to the Colonies now. What do we tell our people?"

Marton was quiet for several moments as he thought. He didn't really want to return to Earth either, even though with the Basestars help they could rebuild.

"There is one other planet that may have human life," Marton spoke quietly gazing at his wife. "At this time, we don't know what their civilization would be like, but I think we should go and see."

"Kobol!" Adriane spoke wide eyed at the thought. "You want to continue on to Kobol and see what's there."

"Yes," Marton replied. "If their civilization is advanced enough, perhaps they can help us. We might even be able to settle there if they will let us. If not, then we will have to find a new world to settle down upon." Marton turned to face the Centurion. "Will you go with us to Kobol?"

Hal hesitated for a moment then responded. "We will go with you. I to am curious to see what we will find."

"Kobol!" Starbuck exclaimed in disbelief. "What were they thinking? They could destroy our entire history by contacting Kobol that early in its development."

Adama got up and walked over to the end of the table. He poured himself a large glass of Ambrosia and slowly drained the glass. He had a sinking feeling he knew where this was leading. He looked back toward Baltar who was watching him.

"They didn't find any humans on Kobol did they?"

Baltar's eyes widened at Adama's words. "How did you know?"

"It all makes sense now. I always wondered how humans could arise separately on Earth and on Kobol. The answer is they didn't. Humanity originated on Earth. The survivors of Atlantis and the twelve colonies on the shores of Earth are the ones who settled Kobol. They are the ones that became the Thirteen Tribes of man."

"Impossible," interrupted Apollo shaking his head in disbelief. "That would mean we created ourselves."

"But it is possible isn't it?" reiterated Adama looking at Baltar.

"I will answer that," spoke Helen Geneve rising to her feet. "We have spent many centuries analyzing that exact question. Only recently have we come up with a plausible explanation."

"You must realize Admiral that all of the survivors from Earth had long since married and interbred with Earth humans over the preceding two hundred years," explained Helen keeping her eyes on Adama.

"There were over one hundred thousand humans living in Atlantis and the twelve colonies on shore," Baltar added. "We now believe that somewhere between fourteen to eighteen thousand of the colonists actually survived. As Marton said in his diary, a number stayed behind on Earth and even more had already blended in with the native population."

"But what about those that went to Kobol?" demanded Adama. "I don't understand how they can be our ancestors."

"We believe that those survivors with dominant Colonial traits found themselves incapable of having children," Helen continued. "Only those colonists with dominant traits from their Earth heritage found that they could conceive."

"How do you know this?" demanded Starbuck moving to stand behind Apollo. This whole thing sounded crazy. Were these people making all of this up?"

"The Basestar returned to Kobol once every ten years after the survivors decided to settle there," Helen said in a lecturing type voice. She had spent a lot of her time studying this. "It was noted that over the first one hundred years, there was a marked reduction in the human population. At one point, there were fewer than three thousand humans living upon the planet. Then after about one hundred and twenty years, the population began to grow. We believe it was at that point that the genes inherited from the original Colonials had become so diluted with those from Earth that nature allowed a return to normalcy for the colonists. After that their population expanded very rapidly."

"You're saying that once the genes from Earth's inhabitants became dominant, the colonists began reproducing normally again," Starbuck spoke slowly. This all seemed so fantastic.

"Yes," replied Baltar nodding his head. "We believe at that point that there was no longer any danger of changing human history due to the colonization of Kobol."

"Humans from Earth colonized Kobol," spoke Adama nodding his head in understanding. "But where did the stories of the Gods come from?"

"Over the centuries our Cylon ancestors returned to Kobol to watch over the growing civilization," John replied. Other than the scrolls of Pythia and a few other ancient books, not a lot was known about Kobol's ancient history. We decided to study it and make a record."

"That suggests that you had some type of physical presence on the planet," spoke Lisa trying to understand everything that was being said. "What happened?"

"Mistakes were made in those early times. We had begun making new human models. Some of these went to Kobol to live amongst the humans of that world to study them. Inadvertently some rose to positions of power. Because they were stronger than ordinary humans and seemed to have longer life spans, they became the Gods of Kobol."

"We were forced to remove them from power," Baltar explained with distaste in his voice. "It was not easy in some cases; some did not want to go. That is where the stories of the war of the Gods come from. It also caused some conflict on Kobol between the tribes. After that point, no contact was allowed between our people and the people of Kobol."

Everyone in the room was silent. It was as if all of Colonial history had just been rewritten. Starbuck stood behind Apollo with her hands resting on his shoulders. Her face was pale as she digested all that she had just heard.

"What about me," she blurted out suddenly. "I died and came back. Where did I go after I vanished from Earth?"

John gazed at Starbuck and then smiled in a fatherly fashion. "We don't know everything my child. We do know that there is a great force at work in the universe. Some call it God; others call it by other names. At some points in history, certain individuals are chosen to play very special roles. You were one of those chosen."

"You have answered a lot of questions, but it raises others," Adama spoke in a thoughtful voice. "Why did you create the gravity generators?"

John looked at Adama for the first time with a nervous look upon his face. Gone was all the confidence and wisdom he had shown earlier. "When we ran all the events that occurred in our history and Colonial history through our main computer mainframe we received an astonishing and worrisome report."

"What did it say?" Adama asked. He would like to see this computer. It had to be far in advance of anything ever conceived in the Colonies.

John hesitated for a moment then replied. "It said the events in our Cylon history and your Colonial history were impossible. They could not have occurred naturally without some type of major outside interference."

"I don't understand?" Apollo spoke his eyes looking at John. "What do you mean some outside interference?"

"Think about everything that happened to bring you to this point," replied John taking a deep breath. Then his confidence seemed to flow back. "The last five survivors from Earth arriving just in time to stop the first Cylon War after traveling thousands of years in space. Admiral Stone being sent on his secret exploratory mission to the Delphi Quadrant. The Cylons being able to plant a virus in nearly every Colonial ship without it being detected. The Galactica surviving the initial Cylon attack and making it back to Ragnar Anchorage to rearm. Apollo being on Colonial One, saving the new President, and returning her and the ships with her back to the anchorage. The Galactica being able to hold off the Cylon Basestars as the civilian ships jumped away from the anchorage. Escaping the Cylons after having to jump time after time in your initial escape. The Cylons not destroying the Boneyards before Admiral Clements strips it of the ships he needs later to free the Colonies. Finding Kobol. Finding the tomb of Athena. Finding the Algae planet. Escaping the Ionian nebula when your ships lost power. Finding the Cylon rebel survivors. Destroying the Cylon hub with the assistance of the rebel Cylons. Attacking the Cylon Colony and rescuing Hera. Kara entering the exact coordinates for Earth. The list goes on."

"There are other smaller items also," Baltar added.

"When all added together, our computers said these occurrences could not have occurred naturally. There were just too many of them," John said watching the Colonials and Lisa for their reaction to his words.

Lisa gazed at John and then her eyes widened in sudden understanding. "It was you," she said. "From the original Cylon Centurions that settled on the real Earth, you knew what Colonial and Cylon history was supposed to be. You knew all the events that happened. That's why you built the gravity generators."

"Yes," John replied with a nod. "We knew what the recorded history was. We also knew that our computers said that history was impossible."

"So we made sure history occurred just as we knew it," added Baltar joining the conversation once more. "Using a set of smaller gravity generators, we opened a tear in space time, and Caprica and I went back to the Colonies. Our memories were erased, and the personas of Gaius Baltar as you know him and Caprica Six were put in place. Our jobs were to make sure certain events occurred."

"Other agents were placed in important positions to ensure that the events we knew as history occurred as recorded," John continued.

Adama looked around the room appalled at what he was hearing. "You caused all of it," he said accusingly, pointing a finger at John. "The destruction of the Colonies, all the deaths, everything was planned by you!"

"It was our recorded history," John reminded Adama with no regret in his clear voice. "It was the only way to make sure the cycle of destruction came to a stop. Look at where you are today. The Colonies are growing again. The Cylons are at peace with the Colonies. You have found the Kobolans and put a colony on Demeter. The future is very bright for humanity and the Cylons. You are about to enter a new age of enlightenment and growth."

"It was necessary wasn't it," Kara spoke in a soft voice coming around the table to stand in front of John. "If you hadn't kept history as it was recorded, then everything would have become unraveled. We would not be here now."

"You are very observant Kara Thrace," John replied with a smile. "We did what we had to do. We did it to save humanity and the Cylon race."

"But what's to stop someone else from going back in time and changing everything?" Apollo demanded still finding all of this hard to grasp. "If something in the past was changed we would never know it. It would just become part of our new reality."

"True," John replied with a nod. "But we have taken precautions to ensure that does not happen. You can rest assured that history as you now know it will stay as it is."

Adama walked over to stand next to Kara. "Why can't we go to Earth? You still haven't told us the reason why."

"Earth is still a relatively primitive world," John answered. He turned and a large view screen on one wall came on.

It showed the Earth as Adama and Kara remembered it. As the view enlarged, it began to show numerous cities, farms, and roads covering all the continents.

"They are just entering the later part of their first atomic age," Baltar explained as Caprica and he stepped closer to John. "This is the year 2044 on Earth. They have just established their first permanent base on the fourth planet of their star system. Interplanetary spaceflight is still extremely new to them."

"They are still too primitive to learn about life out in the galaxy," Caprica spoke. "Their myriads of cultures on Earth just aren't ready. The knowledge would crush their civilization."

"Someday soon they will be," added John seeing the disappointed look on Adama's face. "When that time comes, we will send a ship to the Colonies. Your people have the right to be there when the first contact is made."

"I was hoping to see Laura's resting place," Adama said in a sad voice. "I know there is nothing there after all of these years. But I would have liked to have gone never the less."

John smiled in understanding. "Watch the screen."

The screen zoomed in on the planet. It traveled across the ocean toward Africa and stopped on a small granite structure atop a small hill. The structure grew in size until a name could be seen upon its entrance. It said in basic Caprican here rests Athena, queen of Zeus. Upon one side of the entrance was a statue in the likeness of Laura and on the other was a statue in the likeness of Adama.

Adama felt as if a heavy burden had just been lifted from his shoulders. He had always regretted that Laura didn't have a better resting place. This place on the screen was a fitting resting place for a President of the Twelve Colonies.

"Thank you," he said looking over at John.

"We ensured that her final resting place survived," John spoke softly seeing the tears in Adama's eyes. "She was a great leader for your people. She will never be forgotten."

Adama and his small group had a few more questions, which John and the others easily answered. When it was all done, Adama gazed at John and spoke. "I think it is time for us to return home." Adama felt tired realizing that his search was finally over. Deep in his heart, he knew that it would not be much longer before he joined Laura. He knew that even after all of these years, she would be waiting.

Later, John and the others watched on the big screen as the Galactica and her escorts vanished in flashes of blue-white light. As soon as they were gone, several more people entered the room. These people were completely human.

"They never suspected that humans live with the Cylons now," the first spoke. "They don't know that the Cylon Basestar took many of the Colonials from Kobol that could not have children and brought them to the real Earth. Adama and his people don't know that together we have built a civilization that spans the stars."

"No," John spoke with a pleased smile. "They are not ready for that knowledge yet."

It was at that moment that the Argos shifted its position in space and reappeared over the real Earth. The Colonials and Cylons of that earlier age had renamed their planet Tellus. It was a planet that ruled peacefully over a star empire of over one thousand worlds. All populated by humans and Cylons working and living together.

John looked at the view screen at the world floating below. It was so full of life. This world would protect humanity and make sure humankind and the Cylons took their proper place in the galaxy. He thought he had played the role of commander of the Argos very well. With a smile at the mixed group of humans and Cylons standing around him, and pleased with his work John vanished.

"So God leaves us again," Baltar spoke with a smile taking Caprica's hand.

"Gaius, you know he doesn't like to be called that. Just call him John." Caprica leaned forward and kissed Gaius lightly on the lips.

History was as it should be.

The End

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