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Harry stared at Romanov with shock.

"excuse me." he finally got out after a few minutes of gaping like an idiot. Romanov gave a sigh, her eye lashes fluttering as she covered herself gently with a shawl that she was carrying around her shoulders.

"Mr. Potter you agreed to be apart of the Avengers Initiative over a decade ago, and now there is a crisis." Romanov said simply. Harry didn't know what to think, he wracked his brain for the day that he had first met Nick Fury, and groaned. He only joined that stupid thing because he thought nothing would ever become of it. It wasn't a very thought out move in hindsight.

"Alright, keep your voice down." Harry finally sighed, stowing his magically enhanced camera back into his backpack. However Romanov probably thought he had a concealed weapon of something because she kicked the backpack out of his hand as he stowed the camera and it sailed over into the English Channel.

"What the hell!" Harry yelled at her. All of his belongings were in there. He considered diving in after it, hoping maybe to at least salvage the camera. He was pretty sure everything was water proof in there.

"No tricks Potter-"

"it was a camera with a spare set of clothes and a photo album!" Harry seethed to her. Before standing on the railway, Romanov looked alarmed.

"you aren't going to jump-"

"Of course I'm going to jump in, that photo album is the only thing I have left of my parents, Agent Romanov." Harry glowered at her, before trying to swan dive over the edge, however it was more of an awkward fall, rather than the graceful leap he was hoping for. With a splash Harry Potter jumped into the English Channel to retrieve his belongings.

About twenty minutes later he was drying in front of Romanov who had met him at the shore.

"I apologize, I had thought you might have had a weapon." She admitted, and Harry tried his best not to give a derisive snort.

"Whatever," Harry muttered, angry that he couldn't use magic to make himself dry. Even though his belongings and his bag was spelled to be water proof, his clothing wasn't. Romanov reluctantly handed him her shawl.

"Here, I'm sorry that I caused this." She apologized. Harry wasn't buying it, he knew her type, working as the top Auror for the last decade had him recognizing all sorts of things that he wouldn't of when he was actually the age that he looked. However he did grab the shawl.

"How did you find me?" he asked after a few minutes of childish sulking.

"I'll admit Mr. Potter, finding you was a bit difficult." Romanov admitted, and the corner of Harry's mouth turned up into a small smirk. Pleased that he had avoided them for long enough to become a hassle.

"However, you are needed right away. For obvious reasons I can't disclose anything to confidential in public." Romanov said, Harry thought about refusing, but Romanov had anticipated it.

"if you do not comply, we will make it very hard for you to escape your people. And tell them of your exact locations." she threatened, and Harry mentally cursed, scowling a bit at the ground. He knew he shouldn't of accepted that damned avengers initiative.

"Alright, no need for that. I understand that if I come I'll be granted certain privileges with my people?" Harry asked, the Slytherin part of him had flourished and blossomed these past couple years while he was on the run, and in hiding. Romanov nodded her head.

"completely, we can destroy any evidence of yourself, and gain you citizenship in the U.S. we already have it worked out with the American ministry who would be apparently thrilled to have you, and would not bother you in any shape or form. You will also be compensated for your services, should you chose to give them." She said slowly, making sure he understood. Harry nodded.

"Alright, I'll come. I'll assist in this 'crisis', but then I want to be left alone to start a new life that isn't on the run." Harry said, and for a split second he saw such understanding, and longing in Romanov's eyes he thought he might have severely misjudged her. But she resolved herself and nodded curtly.

"of course, Mr. Potter. Please follow me." She said. And Harry did just that.

About an hour later Harry found himself on an jet heading to seemingly the middle of nowhere. It was just Romanov, himself and the two pilots aboard. A somewhat awkward silence had descended on the two. Harry still was holding resentment to Romanov for kicking his bag over the channel, he was fingering the fabric between his fingers as he looked down at it.

"I am sorry about that," she said, seeing him. Suddenly confusion overcame her face. "although I am confused about one thing, Mr. Potter. When you fished that thing out of the channel you were soaking, yet the bag was dry? I do not understand." She admitted to him looking on with clear confusion. Harry regarded for a few seconds, deliberating if he was going to tell her not. He decided that she probably would find out sooner or later, when Fury had him introduce himself to the others. He grimaced at the thought, Romanov had mentioned others earlier, and he really was not looking forward to working together with a group of unstable superhumans.

"Magic." He said simply, and he watched her eyes narrow, "seriously, I just spelled it so that it would be water proof. It's also fire proof as well." he informed her. She still looked like she was piecing together a problem, but finally her face cleared.

"If it isn't too much to impose, Mr. Potter, I was wondering, about your, ah.." she trailed not really knowing how to continue.

"My physical appearance?" at her small not he continued, "I assure you I'm older than I look. It's why I'm a criminal in my country, they think I'm going to be the next dark lord, just because I haven't aged since I was out of school." he said unhappily, he missed being able to walk through Diagon alley freely without being stalked. Of course there was always the fans.

"I'm sorry, dark lord?" she asked. Harry shot her a crooked smile.

"wasn't in your report? Or do you just want to know more about myself?" he asked her, she didn't even bat an eye as she regarded him. Harry knew that she was a splendid actress, they had many or her kind working in the ministry for under cover jobs. He knew everything he was saying was revealing more and more about himself to her, that she would undoubtedly report back to Fury with. At this point though, what did he have to hide? Well, there was still the hollows that he was sure that only he, Ron and Hermione knew about and he sure as hell wasn't going to tell them about them and those.

"A menace that used his magic to hurt and to kill people. His plan was to eradicate all the muggles-erm, regular people from the planet." Harry started darkly, "Shield was undoubtedly aware of this, ready to step in if needed." Harry guess, and at Romanov's slight nod he continued.

"anyways, in '97 I managed to kill the bastard in a duel. It's probably why Fury wanted me in the first place." Harry said. Romanov gave no indication of what she thought of the matter, besides a polite nod saying that she was listening to him.

"What about you?" Harry asked her, and Romanov gave a small smile once more.

"Assassin? Trained at an early age? Excellent Actress, and physically able to take me down if needed?" Harry listed as he studied her. Romanov didn't look surprised, in fact she didn't do anymore but continue the small smile on her lips.

"You are correct Mr. Potter." She said. Harry put his backpack down. And a few long seconds passed before Harry cut through the silence.

"Just Harry." he said drawing Romanov's attention back over to him. She rose an elegant eyebrow at him. But Harry didn't drop her gaze, used to dealing with strong independent woman that weren't afraid to use your disadvantages against you.

"I do not like formalities, Harry is fine." Harry said to her. Romanov gave a small nod, the same small smile carving its way on her face.

"Alright, Harry." she paused, as if considering something for a few seconds before continuing. "You can call me Natasha." she said. And Harry shot her a small smile as well. He was a bit rusty on his people skills, not having had a real conversation or friend to talk to in a while.

It was soon apparent to where they were going. A few minutes ago they had started to have a deep incline from the ocean surface, and Harry really had no idea where this pilot was going. But suddenly something shimmered, and Harry dug his glasses out of his bag and placed them on his face as he looked at the sky.

"ah." he said softly, as a gigantic flying structure became visible to him.

"Be prepared to board, Harry." Romanov called, as she took the still slightly damp shawl from the seat next to her. Harry nodded, stowing his glasses back in his backpack, before sliding the straps over his shoulders. He stood up stretching his legs. A few minutes later the jet had landed in a hangar, and Harry stepped out, scoping the place out, and tempted to put his glasses back on.

"This way, Harry." Romanov said, striding in front of him. Harry followed, his eyes still traveling all over the structure. It was like nothing he had ever seen. Well, besides those Muggle films he found himself enjoying every once in a while.

"I'll debrief you on the way, we're already late." She said before punching the elevator button for up.

A few minutes later, and after a brief summary of what had transpired, Harry found himself facing four people. Well, five counting Fury. He let his gaze fall over each of them. Romanov had given him a brief description of each one.

"Well Mr. Potter, I must repeat you are certainly a slippery fellow." Fury commented, and Harry took an empty seat next to a guy who looked like he had seen better days. This must've been Bruce Banner. He looked worn, feeble, yet Harry knew better. He knew that if provoked this man was an unstoppable monster. Bruce gave him a small smile, which Harry returned.

"I'm assuming Romanov had gotten you up to speed." Fury said, and at Harry's nod he continued.

"We need to locate the tesseract as soon as possible, and retrieve Dr. Selvig, and Agent Barton." Fury droned on, but Harry wasn't listening, he already knew this stuff from Romanov's debriefing. He was more interested in studying the others than listening. It seemed that the others were as well. He was a bit of an anomaly, he supposed
"I'm sorry, who is this?" A voice cut across Fury's making the mans' one visible eye narrow slightly. Ah, Tony Stark, Romanov had been described this one with slight disdain. Harry looked over at the billionaire sporting an Black Sabbath shirt. He certainly didn't look like much, despite the ominous glow of the device in the middle of his chest, which she had also briefly explained.

"bringing in kids to do the work now? What're you fifteen?" Tony asked, and Harry felt a bit of resentment towards the man, but instead he smiled slightly.

"I'm thirty two." he answered softly, enjoying their reactions to his age immensely. Tony gaped for a second, before jumping out of his seat inspecting him.

"uh, I'm going to call bullshit." Tony said.

"Stark please, sit down-" Fury tried to organize the group of superheroes who were slowly all getting to their feet. Harry had risen when Tony had gotten close to him.

"I'm just saying, unless he's got some bitchin' anti aging moisturizer, I'm calling it!"

"I can assure you Mr. Stark, that I'm not bullshitting you." Harry said, his hands coming up in a surrender pose. He really didn't want trouble, and this was the kind of thing he wanted to avoid. Unneeded confrontation. However Tony didn't seem to care as he stared Harry done.

"What year were you born." Tony rapidly started questioning.

"1980." Harry answered just as fast.

"Stark, sit down, I'm over seventy, and I don't look it." Steve. That was his name. Steve Rogers. Military experiment gone right. Frozen in ice for decades, and still not looking a day older from he was initially frozen.

"settle down capisicle," Tony said, which made Steve roll his eyes.

"How about we all, just settle down." Bruce spoke up, standing. Everyone looked at him, and a understanding passed through them all. Except stark, he still had an exceedingly arrogant look on his face.

"I'm sure that Mr. Potter would explain himself, if given the chance." Bruce said diplomatically before sitting back down. Fury nodded, letting Harry speak knowing that keeping Stark curious was the recipe for disaster.

"I'm a wizard."

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