Guess who's back? Back again? Libra's back! With a sequel!

So, yep! heres the Prologue to Anti-Raven, the sequel to 'Trial of Dark Shadows'! Did you kno that for the prequel's title, I had ment 2 put 'Trail of Dark Shadows' but screwed up majorly? But I think we can all agree that 'Trial of Dark Shadows' was a much more fitting title!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Teen Titans, just Libra and Can and Cer and the rest of the Zodiacs!


Cancer's steely grey eyes lit up when he saw Libra. He began to giggle uncontrollably. He couldn't help it. Can liked to dissect and destroy, as well as pop out at random moments. But Cer (pronounced Sair) was smarter, more logical, and had taken a liking to his leader, Libra. He was just referred to as Cancer, because when encountered, Can usually talked first, then Cer made his presence known. They never fought on the name, so Cancer was it.

"Have you aquired my subject, sweetie?" Can said in a slobbery tone.

"I'm working on it, Cancer. We need a plan to capture her." Libra said logically.

"Phooey to your plans! Let me have my test subject!" Can was cranky. He usually is when he's been so long without a proper dissection. He fingered his favorite scalpel, which he always kept clean.

"Your future test subject is pretty powerful. I'd rather her be properly defenseless before you attempt to test her." Libra purred.

Then Cer decided to butt his logical head in. "She's right, Can." Cancer said aloud. Libra didn't even react. This usually happened when Can and Cer were debating with each other. Half the time, it was about dissection. The other half was about her.

"Can, we need a plan. Libra knows who your test subject is, and I believe she has a plan. Just be patient." Cer explained.

"Then she better hurry, or she'll be by subject... again..." Can said, a glint of insanity in his eyes.

"You'll do no such thing!" Cer said angrily.

"What's wrong? Afraid I'll replace her eyes with another animal's again? Or remove another one of her... qualities?" Can eyed Libra's figure in an ungentlemanly way.

"Watch it, Can, or I won't get you another test subject again." Libra threatened.

Can's eyes grew wide. "You wouldn't dare!"

Libra's yellow eyes were steely. "Try me!"

Can sighed. Cer smiled. "What's the plan?" he asked.

Libra told Cer her plan, including the identity of Can's new guinea pig.

"Will you be able to pull it off?" Cer asked worridly.

"I'll be fine, Cancer. I promise." And, with an uneasy smile, Libra left Cancer's laboratory.

Cancer stood alone, memories filling his mind. His favorite one of Libra and him, when she was four and he was six, playing in the middle of a flowering field. This was before the Zodiac recruited them, when they had no cares, and when Cancer's name wasn't Cancer, and when Libra's name wasn't Libra. Before experiments changed their lives forever. He can remeber as if it were yesterday. The soft wind flowing through her shiny brown hair, and her eyes a smiling blue when he handed her that rose...

The perfect beginning to the slightly darker sequel to 'Trial of Dark Shadows'. I apologize, young kids, for Can's... Can-ness... But dont worry! He should be less like that as the story progresses.