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Criss Cross

"Wow, is this what passes as good cinema these days?"

Ratchet said aloud as he left the holo-vid Cineplex. He and a crowd of robots as well as organics left the theater, voices ringing out with opinions about the film. The lombax's large ears twitched as he heard all of them. Most shared his own opinion. Let's just say that "My Big Fat Angorian Wedding" isn't going to be winning any awards.

"I thought that the film was quite riveting." A gentle metallic voice spoke up from beside him.

Ratchet looked down and gave the owner a bewildered look. "Seriously Clank? I've seen Qwark in better movies than that."

"I found that it was delightful in its romantic and comedic tones." Clank replied, weaving between the legs of the other movie patrons.

"What romantic and comedic tones? It was an hour and a half of two Angorians screaming and punching each other in the face!"

"It was merely symbolism for their feelings for each other." His robot friend stated. Ratchet rolled his eyes and stuck his hands into his classic green cargo pants as the duo made their way out into the warm Meridian City night.

Hundreds of hover cars and cabs zoomed back and forth beside the streets and above and below them. Bright neon lights of the city flashed in the sky, reflecting off the tall skyscrapers that often caused newcomers and tourist to be momentarily blinded. Ratchet let out a yawn as they waited for a cross walk bot to give them a go ahead to cross the street.

"This place sure has picked up the business again since we blasted Tachyon's sorry mug into Dimension A2-66." He mused to Clank.

"Indeed," The tiny bot concurred. "It is rather remarkable how quickly they were able to repair the damage."

Ratchet just nodded as he and Clank crossed the street. An orange and blue neon sign flashed above them, advertising a new restaurant that would be opening soon. The lombax felt his stomach growl and he looked down at it. Clank let out his trademark giggle.

"It would appear that you are quite hungry." He said. Ratchet snorted in reply. "It doesn't take a super intelligent robot to figure that out Clank."

"Perhaps we should eat at one of these many establishments." Clank suggested, referring to Meridian City's vast restaurant strip. Ratchet peered down the strip, dozen's of lights and signs trying to attract customers of all shapes, sizes and species.

"I don't know Clank. This is a pretty ritzy part of the city and I'm not made of bolts." He said.

"Maybe you should not have spent over a hundred and fifty thousand of them on that hyper drive last week."

"Hey! The Sky Ripper needs the extra boost otherwise we won't be able to clear Veldin Gorge!" Ratchet defended. Clank put his hands on his hips and narrowed his bright green eyes.

"And the extra four thousand for tail fins?"

"…Well I have to look cool doing it."

Clank shook his head and waked past his companion. "I will cover the expenses Ratchet. Let us find some place adequate."

"Thanks pal. I'll spot you on the next one." Ratchet said with a goofy smirk. "You still owe me a 'spot' from the last six times." Clank reminded him.

"It's in the mail! I swear!"

The intergalactic duo prowled the strip looking for a restaurant that would suit both their tastes. Ratchet wanted Blargian Beast Roast and Clank wanted Electo-Static Curry. Unfortunately it was quite difficult finding an establishment that served both organic and robotic food. They wandered around for almost forty five minutes until Ratchet finally burst out,

"I'm so hungry! Clank, I don't care. I'll eat whatever you eat! I just need some damn food!"

"As much as I appreciate the offer Ratchet, it would be ill advised. Almost all robotic food would have a lethal affect on you." Clank pointed out.

"As long as my stomach is full I'll die happy." Ratchet grumbled. Clank looked around and he spotted a rather large sign that advertised something called "The Nebulin Chateau". He wandered over to the sign and read the fine print and found the location.

"Hmm. It seems there is a restaurant that serves both organic and robotic food and it's only a few blocks in that direction." Clank told the lombax, pointing his finger down another side of the strip.

"Hot damn! Let's get on that!" Ratchet exclaimed and grabbed Clank's outstretched hand. He took off like a shot, the small robot hanging on for dear life. Ratchet ran past tourists and residents of the city muttering small and quick apologies if he bumped into them. He skidded to a stop in front of a rather large building.

A giant neon sign flashed above them, "The Nebulin Chateau". Before Clank could readjust his antennae, Ratchet yanked him into the revolving doors. The two heroes stood in awe at the scene in front of them.

A huge dining hall littered with well decorated tables were scattered around as far as the eye could see. There were floor tables and even an upper level of more dining tables. An enormous aquarium stood in the middle of the room with hundreds of beautiful and unique species swimming back and forth. Dozens of waiters in tuxedos made their way from table to table, some taking orders, others delivering gourmet styled foods. The customers were even more eloquent as most were dressed in expensive suits or extravagant dresses. And to top it all off, suspended high above the ceiling was the biggest chandelier the two had ever seen. It sparkled with a purple shine indicating it was made out of rareitanium.

Ratchet let out a loud whistle. "Swanky." He said.

"That is one way to put it." Clank agreed. Ratchet walked up to the host desk and leaned an elbow on the edge.

"Excuse me good sir but could you please book us a table for two." Ratchet called out to the host who had his back turned to them. The host, a tall silver robot wearing a rather shiny tuxedo that had lights where the bow-tie and cufflinks should be looked down at them with an unamused look. He wiggled his robotic mustache at them.

"Name?" He asked with a rather uppity tone.

"Uh, Ratchet?"

The robot's eyes faded from his standard blue glow to a dark yellow and he stayed that way for a few moments. His eyes turned back to their original color and he spoke to them again.

"I'm sorry...'sir', but my booking files have no such reservation with that name."

"Well, that's because we don't have one." Ratchet said, scratching the back of his head, a somewhat silly grin on his muzzle. The host cocked his eyebrow up in interest.

"So...you thought you could just walk in and be seated?" He asked.

"Not exactly but..."

"You thought you could just stroll in to the most expensive and renowned restaurant in the entire system, where royalty and highly established political icons wait months in advance to get a table?"

Ratchet and the robot stared at one another for a moment until Ratchet shrugged his shoulders, saying, "Yes?"

"That's what I thought. If you have not already guessed, we are full at the moment. Please try again next time." The host said, waving him off. The furry space ace narrowed his eyes and growled. "Hey! Just because we're not royalty or some sort of big wig doesn't mean you can just turn us away! There are plenty of tables open!"

"We?" The host asked. He looked beside Ratchet and noticed the small robot he had not seen at first. When he saw Clank, his expression did a complete turn around and he clasped his hands together with glee.

"Oh! You're Clank! Oh my word! Secret Agent Clank is my favorite show! It's such an honor to meet you sir!" He gushed.

"The pleasure is all mine sir." Clank responded politely.

"Please Mr. Clank, come right this way. A table just opened up." The host explained, bowing to the smaller bot. Ratchet's jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

"What the hell? You just said you were full!"

"Oh and you can bring your...cat." The host said dryly, completely ignoring the lombax. Ratchet grumbled a few curses under his breath and trailed along, his long ears flattening against the back of his head. They were lead through the dining hall and up a series of stairs until reaching a table that overlooked the main floor. Ratchet and Clank took their seats opposite of each other and the host's chest compartment opened up and pulled out two menus.

"Here you are. If you need anything Mr. Clank, don't hesitate to ask. I'll send a waiter up to take your order right away." Clank thanked him and turned to his partner who sneered as the host returned back to his post.

"Lousy walking junk heap," Ratchet hissed, "How come everyone recognizes you but I'm just some stranger? I was broadcasted all over the galaxy for the DreadZone games for crying out loud!"

"Maybe they just are not game show fans." Clank replied, chuckling. Ratchet stared at him but soon found himself returning the laughter. They looked over the menu and found that they had a rather large and expensive items list. When they read the prices for Blargian Beast Roast and Electo-Static Curry, their eyes met and seemed to read each others minds.

"Gork's House of Intergalactic Pancakes?" Ratchet asked with a dead pan expression.


They dropped their menus and left their seats. Upon heading towards the stairs that lead to the lower level, Ratchet barely had time to react for suddenly a woman tripped and fell into his arms out of nowhere.

"Woah! Easy there. You don't want to break anything in this place otherwise you'll be paying them back for at least a hundred years." He joked.

"Thank you. These are new heels and...Ratchet?"

Ratchet's eyes widened to the size of Big Al's Captain Qwark collectors plates when he realized who he had caught.

At first he wasn't a hundred percent sure it was her. But he soon recognized her gold sandy colored fur much like his own. Those steel blue eyes that he had not gazed into for almost five years. Her hair was down, a rarity for her as she always preferred the pony tail but she still looked amazing. A silky red dress covered her athletic and slim frame from the top of her chest which showed just the tiniest hint of cleavage(she was always so shy when it came to that), right down the top of her ankles, a large slit in the side showing off a sleek and long leg. There was no mistake.

"Angela?" He asked dumbfounded. The other lombax pushed her self out of his arms and fixed a few bangs that had fallen into her eyes.

"Yeah. It's me." She replied awkwardly.

The two stood there in silence, staring at one another, trying to find the words that would make this less uncomfortable. Clank looked between the two and decided that maybe he should say something.

"It is good to see you Ms. Cross. It has been a long time."

Angela snapped out of her trance with Ratchet and smiled sweetly at the robot. "Hi Clank. It's good to see you too. Still letting bolt brains here tag along with you?" She said giving Ratchet a small frown. He didn't notice as he was still too struck at the sight of his ex. She gave him an odd look and looked back to Clank.

"Did he get brain damage or something? Like, more than he already had?"

Ratchet shook his head and gave her a large smile. "Angela...wow...it's great to see you." He mumbled. Angela let out a sigh and nodded, giving him a forced smile.

"Nice to see you too Ratchet. You...got taller." She said. It took her a while to actually notice it but Ratchet had indeed increased in height since last she saw him. He was practically at eye level with her now.

"Heh, yeah. The interplanetary hero business seemed to have stretched me out." He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"You look...amazing by the way." He gushed out, cheeks turning red under his fur. Angela rolled her eyes and gave another forced smile.

"Thank you. I see that even in an establishment as classy as this you still insist on dressing like a Kerchuian grease monkey."

Ratchet looked down and saw that she was referring to his attire which was smudge with a few oil stains, from his pants up to his orange and green garage shirt. There were even a few smudges on his hands and up his arms. He grinned sheepishly and waved it off.

"Ah you know me. Never was one for the fancy stuff."

"I know Ratchet. Believe me I know."

Again the two stood in silence. Angela looking uncomfortable and Ratchet looking like he had just discovered a weapon more powerful than the R.Y.N.O. V.

"Well it was...nice seeing you two but I really should get going." She said in an impatient tone and walked passed them. Ratchet sped in front of Angela to block her path.

"Wait! It's been forever Angela! Sit down and we'll catch up. Order something. Clank said he would cover the bill."


"See! Come on Angela." Ratchet pleaded giving her a set of puppy dog eyes. The female lombax glared at him and gently shoved him aside. "I stopped falling for that a long time ago Ratchet." With that, she made her way down the stairs and disappeared around the corner.

"It would appear that she is still mad at you." Clank stated.

"You think?" Ratchet said sarcastically, his ears lowering slightly. Clank saw the change in his friend's demeanor and felt a pang of sympathy. He more than anyone knew the history the two had.

"Come Ratchet," He said, "I would like to see if you can break your pancake record of fifteen."

"Yeah, okay pal." Ratchet said, sounding despondent. "You know it would have been eighteen if I hadn't puked."

"I know."

Clank and Ratchet made their way down the stairs and headed towards the exit. As the two were crossing a few tables on the main floor, Ratchet had another stranger bump into him.

"Oh sorry! Didn't see you there." The stranger apologized. He was a rather tall markazian wearing one of those suits that you see CEO's or board chairman's wearing. It was a navy blue color with a white dress shirt underneath and a red tie. There wasn't a wrinkle to be seen. His jet black hair was slicked back and pair of tinted eye glasses rested upon the bridge of his nose. He held a cell phone in his right hand which seemed to be the reason as to why he collided with the lombax.

"No worries. Wouldn't be the first time today." Ratchet said with the wave of his hand. The markazian turned to leave but did a double take at Ratchet.

"Wait...your Ratchet the lombax!" He exclaimed with excitement. Ratchet was taken back as there were few times in his life that someone would actually recognize him. The purple skinned humanoid grabbed his hand and shook it firmly.

"I'm a big fan of yours! I saw all of your fights on DreadZone."

Ratchet snapped out of his shock and returned the shake saying, "Uh, thanks! I always like to meet a fan."

"Wow this is pretty amazing. Hey! You have to meet my girlfriend! She would absolutely die!" The markazian pleaded.

"Sure why not?" Ratchet agreed, giving Clank an excited smile. The little robot merely shrugged and let the other alien drag them through the dining floor. They zigged and zagged pass tables, some of the customers recognizing who they were, others turning their noses(or smelling sensors) up in the air at such low class civilians. Finally they came to a table where they were introduced to the markazians date.

"Ratchet and Clank I'd like you to meet my girlfriend..." He started but was cut off by Ratchet who nearly shouted out the name at the top of his lungs.


Angela, who sat at the end of the candle lit table for two gave a confused look between her former flame and her current one. The markazian made a surprised face and looked to her.

"He knows you?" He asked.

"Uh...yes Ethan. Ratchet is an old...friend of mine." She replied uneasily. Ratchet just stared, his jaw hanging open. Ethan looked to her than back to him.

"Does he have brain damage or something?" He asked Clank. Ratchet shook his head and pointed a finger at her. "You're dating him?" He asked bewilderingly.

"Yes Ratchet. This is my boyfriend Ethan." She said referring to the markazian. Clank peered up at him and put a finger on his mouth plate.

"Would that be Ethan Drokks of Drokks Inc?" He asked curiously. The suited humanoid chuckled and fixed his glasses. "The very same my little friend. It's good to know that even the galaxy's greatest heroes know who I am."

"I recognized you from the picture I saw in the Polaris Print last week. You made a very generous donation to Stygia when their defense shield needed dire repairs."

"Ah that was nothing. Plus I do a lot of business there so I got to make sure they're safe right?" Ethan said with a laugh.

Ratchet ignored him and continued to stare at Angela in disbelief who cleared her throat to get her boyfriend's attention. "I think Ratchet and Clank were on their way out honey so we shouldn't get in their way."

"Are you kidding? These guys are gonna join us!" Ethan announced excitedly.

"But Ethan..."

"Take a seat guys! It'll be all on me!" He said ignoring her. Angela frowned and sank a little in her seat. Ratchet noticed and frowned himself.

"That is very kind of you Mr. Drokks but we would not want to disrupt your dinner with Ms. Cross." Clank interjected. Angela gave Clank a grateful smile. But it soon dissipated as Ethan waved the comment off.

"Nonsense! Angie doesn't mind! Why I'm sure she's ecstatic she gets to catch up with an old friend! How come you never told me you knew them Angie?" He said picking up Clank and dropping him in a seat he brought over from another table. Ratchet sat down as well and saw her wince at the sound of her pet name.

She always hated pet names.

Ethan didn't wait for her to respond as he started to gush again over the two. "What was it like when you were fighting Chainblade? What's Captain Qwark really like? Do you have a license for all those guns?"

Ratchet's tail flickered in annoyance. He didn't mind someone asking questions but the way he just waved off Angela really hit a nerve for him. He was about to stand up and 'insist' that he and Clank take their leave but he was interrupted by a high pitch ringing noise. Ethan looked down at his pocket and pulled out his cell phone.

"Oh, sorry fellas but I really need to take this."

"You said no calls tonight." Angela said sternly.

"This is really important Angie, it'll only take a sec. You order and Ratchet can regal you with his most recent adventure."

"Ethan..." She started but the markazian was already leaving the table, cell in one hand and his thin purple tail trailing behind him. Once he was gone, Angela shook her head, sighing loudly. She rubbed her shoulder in embarrassment and ire. She noticed Ratchet staring at her with sympathetic eyes.

"You can go now guys. You don't have to entertain him." She mumbled, fixing her hair.

"You can't be serious about that guy." Ratchet responded. Angela rolled her eyes at yet another man ignoring her input tonight. "Go Ratchet." She said pointing to the exit.

"Come on Angela," He said leaning forward in his chair, "Be honest with me here. How can you put up with that?"

"I'm very happy with Ethan Ratchet." She defended. "Who are you to judge him?"

"Really? You hate pet names Angela. You never would have put up with me waving you off like that otherwise you would have kicked my head in. And what's with your hair?"

"What's wrong with my hair?"

"You always wear it in a pony tail. You hate having the hair in your eyes because you fall around enough without it making things worse. He wanted you to wear it down didn't he?" Ratchet wanted to know.

"No..." She answered, her eyes looking away from him making it clear that he was correct in his assumption. "This guy doesn't even know you Angela." Ratchet finished, crossing his arms across his chest.

"And you think you do?" She hissed.

"I knew you well enough to never treat a woman as beautiful, smart, warm, kind and special as you like that. I wouldn't have planned a romantic dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the Polaris Galaxy and yak away to complete strangers or piss off on my cell phone. There would have been nothing too important to take my attention away from you."

Angela was surprised when she felt the heat rush to her cheeks. Ratchet always did have a way with words when he really tried. She cleared her throat and gave him a stern look once the heat had faded away.

"So you think you're better than Ethan?" She asked slowly.

"Please, a half blind Tyhrranoid with Irritable Bowel Syndrome is better than Ethan." He said with a huff, leaning back in his chair.

"Like you're any better." Angela practically whispered.


"Nothing. Just go."

"No. What were you insinuating?" Ratchet demanded. "Ratchet, I think we have overstayed our welcome." Clank pitched in, knowing where this was going.

"You really want to know Mr. Big Hero?" Angela growled, anger rising in her blood. "Yeah, I do. " Ratchet growled back.

"Ethan may not be perfect but at least I know he's not just going to drop me like a bad habit and mess around with other girls in other systems."

Ratchet was silent as the words left her mouth, his eyes no longer narrowed and his shoulders becoming stiff. Clank sighed inwardly as he remained silent, Angela continuing.

"Tell me Ratchet, how's Ms. Phyronix doing? Or is it Hydro Girl? Or the Apogee girl? Or did you all leave them feeling as stupid as I did and move on to your next conquest?" Angela spat, trying to keep her voice down but finding it difficult.

Ratchet's shoulders sagged and his ears almost dropped past the back of his head. Angela almost regretted saying what she did as she could see how it affected the other lombax. But she was still so mad that she didn't care.

"Ethan has some issues that yes, I don't much care for but he's been good to me. I trust him and that's more than I can say about you." She finished quietly.

Ratchet said nothing. The three individuals were silent as the sounds of the restaurant echoed around them. Ratchet opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He stood up out of his chair and looked to Clank with sad eyes.

"Let's go Clank. I'm sorry we bothered you." He said, almost a whisper to Angela. With that he turned around and left. Clank gave Angela an apologetic look and followed his partner.

Angela watched them leave and suddenly had a feeling of guilt wash over her. She had been pretty harsh on him. But she shook her head and straightened out a crease in her dress.

"Don't feel sorry for him. He left you and went and screwed around with other girls. You don't owe him a shred of sympathy." She thought. But as true as she felt that was, there was a small part of her that was happy to see him after all these years. Despite the fact that Ratchet didn't do her any favors at the end of their relationship, he was by no means a bad boyfriend. In fact, Angela thought that they were going to be together for a long time.

But that was obviously not to be.

Angela leaned her elbows on the table and watched the flame from the candle flicker and burn the wax as she waited for Ethan to return from his call.

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