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Prologue: The Warning From An Old Friend


A mystery that haunts us all and cannot be escaped.

Within it, lies our fears, secrets, and horrors that are hidden for a reason.

These are insignificant compared to what created darkness in the first place.

Deep within the glistening white Disney Castle, the home of King Mickei and Queen Minnie, the sound of one boy's shoes walking down the long corridor along with two anthropomorphic chipmunk leading him.

"How long has it been?" thought the Keyblade wielder as he walks down the hallway as his feet walk upon a red carpet. He had been in the castle before, and even saved the Queen here, but he never knew when or if he would return here and see his friends again. However, he knew if he did, it wouldn't be for fun. Not that it would have mattered.

The keyblade wielder's name is Sora. He is teenaged boy with spiky brown hair, large black and yellow shoes, black shorts, black gloves, a black and silver overcoat, red jumpsuit underneath, black with white gloves, and crown neckless around his neck. He used to a boy who lived with his best friends, Riku and Kairi on Destiny Island. Now he is a Keyblade Wielder, who went on journeys to other worlds to save them from being corrupted by the Heartless. That is why he is there.

Not to long ago, the Gummi Ship had arrived on Destiny Island. The ship was on autopilot and the only beings inside it were two chipmunk named Chip and Dale. They were sent to make sure the ship arrived safely and that Sora was brought back to the Castle.

Now the three were walking to the Audience Chamber to meet the King. Sora had to restrain himself when he saw Donald and Goofy again. As much as he wanted to catch up with them, he knew that this was business. He had to be serious.

The doors opened and Sora walked in. On the otherside of the room, King Mickey sat on a red throne, while Goofy, the Captain of the Royal Guards, and Donald, the Royal Magician, stood beside him. Goofy is a tall anthropomorphic dog with two buck teeth, three hairs on his head, white gloves, and is currenltly in his suit of armor with red pants. Donald was an anthropormorphic duck with white feathers, a yellow-orange bill and legs, a pointed blue wizard hat, blue wizard outfit, and carried his staff. The two were on their best behavior and didn't react as childish as he expected. The King himself is an anthropomorphic mouse who wore a red and black jacket with red shorts and yellow shoes.

"Sora, thank you for coming on such short notice." Mickey said.

"Um It's my pleasure your Majesty." Sora said. "So, is there something wrong?"

"I'm afraid so." he answered soberly. " Not to long ago, I received a message from an old friend that you need to hear as well."

"Me?" Sora asked, surprised at what he heard. Sora wondered he it could possibly. "Wait one moment while I go get it."

Sora nodded and watched as the King left him with Goofy and Donald. That's when it happened.



Before he could react, Goofy surprised him with a bear hug as Donald finally made a small smile.

"Ugh, I take it you missed me?" Sora said.

"I think you can tell that he missed you." Donald answered.

"Aww, don't lie, you missed him too." Goofy said.

Donald sneered at the Captain before Goofy brought him into a group hug. Sora chuckled at his friends, he knew they'd never act that serious.

"Glad to see the tensions cleared up." said Mickey as he returned.

Upon hearing the King, Goofy let go and let Sora drop. "Gee, sorry Mick'. I couldn't help it. I know I said I'd be on my best behavior-"

"It's alright Goofy. Besides, I could tell you were about to burst if you kept your act up." joked Mickey. "Luckily, you'll be able to catch up afterwards."

Goofy and Donald perked up when they heard that but Sora was more focused on what Mickey returned with. In the King's hand was a medallion with the letters "CW" on it. Sora had a feeling it was important.

"Now then, what I am about to show you is top secret. No one must no about this." Mickey warned.

"Dangerous?" Goofy asked. Neither of the King's most trusted friends knew what the medallion was or where it came from. Goofy just found it a few days ago in the garden and thought Minnie had lost some jewelry.

"Yes. If anyone were to get their hands on the information, the fate of all worlds would be at stake." Mickey said.

All three shared a nervous gulp as Mickey raised the medallion. He pressed a button on it and a hologram appeared. On it was a video recording of a creature that appeared to be hovering. The creature appeared to be male, didn't have legs but instead a wavy tail, wore a violet cloak, had a strong build, carried a staff, had a pale blue face, red, pupil-less eyes, and a scar across his left eye.

"G-g-g-g-ghost!" yelled Goofy frightfully.

"It's no ghost." Donald said.

"Greetings Mickey. I hope this message gets to you in time. This is message for you and the keyblade wielder named Sora. If you are playing this for him, then I believe some introductions are in order. I am Clockwork, a ghost with the powers of time." introduced Clockwork.

Goofy was half-scared, half-happy at the sound of that. The ghost part scared a little but made him happy to be right, even though he didn't show it on his face.

"Not one word." Donald said to Goofy, grumpy about being wrong.

"In my world, I can see anything that has, is, and will happen. Normally, I use my powers to make sure my dimension's, or as you would call it "world's", timeline is not altered. However, I have used them to do some research on you, your battles, and your life. I must say, you've impressed me. That is why I am including you in this."

Sora didn't know whether to feel complimented or uneasy that a ghost knew his entire life and secrets.

"Now, before I tell you why I sent this, perhaps we should go back a little. To when this entire situation started. Just so that you can understand how important this is." instructed Clockwork.

His image was replaced by a hologram of the Realm of Darkness. Sora stopped wondering about Clockwork and focused on the new hologram. Sora recognized it as the Realm of Darkness, and one thought came to mind: Heartless. Sora had been battling the Heartless ever since he got the Keyblade and protected thousands of lives as of it. So whatever Clockwork wanted, the Heartless had to be behind it; and the witch controlling them.

"I assume you remember the Realm of Darkness? The home of the Heartless, Kingdom Hearts' location, but the location of one item of importance: The Well Of Darkness." said Clockwork.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy didn't know what the Well of Darkness was, but that didn't they knew it was trouble. The image panned over to a giant, bottomless pit with dark energy glowing from it and a bright barrier covering it.

"The Well of Darkness is the one of the oldest locations in existence and the most dangerous. It is here that the first Heartless originated and formed. This is where it all started. When it came into creation, the destruction it caused was immense. Heartless seemed to be made non-stop as they made their way into other worlds, corrupting others. It was unstoppable, and threatened to destroy all light."

While Mickey's face remianed calm, Donald and Goofy were a little scared and even Sora was a little uneasy.

"However, I, as well as several other powerful being managed to place a seal on it, preventing more Heartless from escaping. We stopped more Heartless from emerging, but we weren't successful. By the time we sealed the Well, the Heartless had managed to survive and produce more of themselves, by corrupting poeple and taking their hearts or taking over others and making them to do their work. Worst of all, despite my the combined powers of myself and my other colleagues, the seal is... faulty." Clockwork admitted.

The hologram showed a keyhole appear on the seal as Clockwork continued. "It seems that the seal had one serious flaw that could not be corrected: it could be opened."

Goofy started to tremble at the thought of the Well being opened and all those Heartless swarming out. Even Donald was a little nervous.

"It seems that in order to unlock the Well of Darkness, it has to be opened by Keyblades of Darkness. It takes a large number of them and they can only be wielded by those with hearts of pure darkness, but they can be used to open the Well of Darkness. Not only could they unleash millions of heartless, but they could possibly harness this pure concentration of darkness, and could become with the Darkness. They would be so powerful that they could smite any enemy, destroy a world in seconds, even get Kingdom Hearts, and nothing, not even a keyblade or any number of Keyblades, could stop it."

All was silent for a moment as the four took in the information they heard. Goofy and Donald had their mouths open in shock while Sora was still comprehending what he heard. The ability to destroy worlds and can resist Key Blade Attacks? That was unimaginable. The hologram changed back to the recording of Clockwork.

"Now the reason I am telling you this is because it is essential to the task I am about to ask you. Someone is trying to open the Well of Darkness." Clockwork said.

Goofy gulped nervously as the three friends looked at each other nervously while Mickey kept a straight face. The hologram to a wasteland filled with piles of Keyblades.

"What you are about to watch is the events that happened a few months ago. Brace yourself."

In the hologram, two people were gazing at a pile of Keyblades that lay in the Keyblade Graveyard. One of them was a large, anthropomorphic cat-like being that wore armor over his red shirt, navy blue pants, blue gloves, and a big belly. His master was a sorceress with fair green skin, a horned headress, a long, tattered black and purple robe, and a staff with a green orb at the tip.

The sorceress' face showed no happiness as she fired a ray from her staff at the pile of lifeless Keyblades. They began to glow brightly and energeticlly.

"Arise, fallen weapons. Heed my call Keyblades of Darkness." she summoned as the Keyblades began to glow with Dark energy. Out of the two, her large assistant was the only one showing any sign of eagerness.


The sorceress and her accomplice turned to where the voice came from. She sneered at Clockwork's arrival.

"Clockwork." she hissed angrily. "Just what do you think you are doing here?"

"I have come to stop you from making the one of the most foolish decision in existence. What you plan to do is beyond your control and comprehension." Clockwork warned.

"Foolish? When I am done, the only fools will be those who resist my power. Pete! Take care of him." Maleficent ordered.

"Sure thing." Pete replied as he smiled sinisterly. Instantly, the ground turned pitch black and tiny creature with beady yellow eyes arose from it. Some of them were short with little antennaes, some were dressed in blue and had helmets on, while others were as big as Pete or had bat-like wings, but they all were focused on one target. "Go get 'em boys. Ah ha ha ha ha!" laughed Pete.

As the different Heartless swarmed Clockwork, he didn't hesitate to attack. He managed to swipe through 5 Shadows and kill them instantly. Three Soldiers jumped at Clockwork but he swatted them all Large Bodys charged at him and were about to flatten him but Clockwork froze them in mid-air. Several Air Soldiers and Air Pirates began diving at him, but he blocked their attacks and brought his staff down on those that weren't lucky. Clockwork was about to face Pete, but he felt a blast of lightning hit him.

Luckily it felt more like static electricity, but he turned to see several floating, limb-less heartless with pointed hats in different colors shooting at him with different elemental powers from beings like Yellow Opera and Red Nocturne. Clockwork twirled his staff at them and deflected the shots so that they each hit one of the floating Heartless until they were eliminated. The second he stopped deflecting the blasts he heard the sound of a dog growling. He turned to see a a shield with a dog's face growling at him. The three Defenders surrounded at him and were about to lash out and him when he said something.

"Play dead." Clockwork quipped as his staff glowed.


Clockwork unfroze the Large Bodys and they slammed down on the unsuspecting Defenders. Too bad his victory was interrupted by more Heartless. As he fought back, Maleficent had finished her spell. The Keyblades of Darkness were glowing with life. She opened a portal and levitated less than 20 keyblades back to her lair.

"Pete! Let us go. Our time is over." Maleficent alerted.

"Sure thing. Let me just wrap things up." Pete said. As Clockwork blasted any remaining Heartless, Pete summoned one last Large Body and watched as it slammed down on the Ghost of Time.


Clockwork was pinned under the large Heartless. As the remaining Heartless surrounded him. All he could see as he tried to break free was Pete join Maleficent as she created a portal back to her domain. Clockwork phased through the Large Body and raised his staff. With one shot, he fired a ray staight at the Sorceress.

"GAAAAH!" she screamed in pain.

"Maleficent!' yelled her crony as she collapsed. Pete couldn't believe it, but the ghost managed to knock out Maleficent with one shot. He quickly grabbed his unconscious boss and went through the portal, which closed the second he left. The remaining Heartless disappeared, leaving Clockwork alone.

Clockwork sighed for letting Pete get away with Maleficent, along with the Keyblades of Darkness they needed. He looked at a pile of Keyblades of Light and had an idea.

The rest of the video showed Clockwork using a spell similar to Maleficent's, but with light energy instead. Once it ended, Clockwork's image appeared again.

"I managed to use my powers to freeze Maleficent in time so that she would be incapacitated long enough for me to learn more about her plans. As you can see, Maleficent is going to use the Keyblades of Darkness to open and harness the powers of the Well of Darkness. If she can get enough people with Hearts strong enough and dark enough to wield these Keyblades, she can unlock the Well and harness the power within it to make herself unstoppable. In order to do so, she will be traveling to worlds that have never dealt with Heartless for eons, giving her the advantage, and try to recruit those that can wield the Keyblades.

"That's why I need you."

"You see while the Keyblades of Darkness can open the the Well of Darkness, the Keyblades of Light that I took can close it for good. However, since I need to keep watch in the event that Maleficent comes to find my world and Mickey has to watch over the Castle, I need you, Sora, to take Donald and Goofy, to recruit heroes of different worlds to wield the Keyblades of Light. Heroes that have hearts that are strong and caring, like yours. if you can find enough then we might have a chance of sealing off the Well of Darkness forever."

"It will be difficult. Maleficent has broken free of my spell and is awake. It won't be long before she leaves to find her warriors. Not to mention that it may be harder for you and your friends to blend into other worlds without attracting attention. However, I have faith that you will not let me down."

"The keyblades will appear before their masters when the time is right. You will know who they are when that time comes. You have to make sure they are safe from Maleficent and her forces, and train them so that they are ready for when the time comes to close the Well. Good luck Sora. We are all counting on you." Clockwork said.

The message ended and the hologram disappeared. The room was filled with silence for the next few seconds as Sora, Donald, and Goofy took in all the information. none of the three knew what to say about the task that was handed to them. Eventually, Mickey broke the silence.

"So Sora, what do you say? Can we count on you to save the day?" Mickey asked.

Donald and Goofy both looked at Sora, waiting for his response.

"... Sure thing, your majesty." Sora said as he smiled.

Everyone else smiled happily, mainly Donald and Goofy because they got to be with Sora again. Mickey was happy too, and hoped that Sora would be okay.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy were in the Gummi Ship, waiting to launch. Goofy and Donald were wearing different clothes, Donald had a blue beret on and a more sailor-like suit on while Goofy know had an orange hat and green sweater, and shorts. The Gummi Ship was in its default setting, and was made twice as big by Chip and Dale, sp that there would be room for all the new Keyblade Wielders.

"Alright everyone, Lift off in 10, 9 ,8-" counted Chip.

"-1!" shouted Dale as he hit the launch button.

The Gummi Ship was launched out of the castle in seconds. It took the three passengers aboard the Gummi Ship to relax and started to fly off on their adventure. From inside the castle, Mickey watched them depart, wishing them good luck and hoping they returned safely.

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