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I learned my lesson from the previous stories so here are my warnings.

I am a dark Klaine fan fiction writer with a kink for slave/master, BDSM themed stories. While I enjoy the fluff, I prefer to write the dark, so please, please, PLEASE heed the warnings.

This story is rated M (really higher) for gay sex, non-consensual sex, smut, language, and very strong BDSM themes and toys.

Warning for hardcore Klainers: this story features semi non-consensual Seblaine smut. Klaine love remains throughout and is always the center of the story, but there will be serious Seblaine smut.

Chapter 1

Blaine opened his eyes as the timed lock on his cage clicked and the door slowly swung open. He rolled on to his back and stretched his legs and arms. Sleeping in his cage was never a real punishment. Kurt's tastes were too expensive and high class for that. The cage was made of the finest sterling silver and the mattress was more comfortable than most beds. The real punishment was being away from Kurt. Blaine hated sleeping away from the warmth of his master's body and the soothing sound of his breathing. He was glad his punishment was only for one night. He would definitely be more careful when dancing around the house.

He crawled out and walked to the bathroom. Every morning he had 20 minutes before he had to take his place on his knees by Kurt's bedside. He kept an eye on the clock as he used the toilet, showered, brushed his teeth and mentally ran through his schedule for the day. At exactly 6:58 am he kneeled on the floor and waited. This was his favorite time of day. He loved Kurt's restful and peaceful expression. It was one of the rare times Kurt looked fully relaxed and beautifully serene. Especially these days.

At 7:00 am the alarm clock rang loudly. Kurt groaned and reached out blindly to smack the off button. He rolled over and reached out, his hands seeking Blaine's body to pull towards him. Feeling no one he opened his eyes. It took him a moment to remember that it was Friday not Saturday, so Blaine would be on his knees, plus he had made Blaine sleep in the cage last night. He sighed. Who was really punishing who?

He rolled over and smiled at the sight of Blaine kneeling on the floor, his hands folded in front of him, eyes downcast as he waited to be acknowledged.

"Good morning, Blaine."

"Good morning, sir." Blaine's eyes met Kurt's, a shy smile spreading across his face. Kurt reached over and tangled his fingers in Blaine's still damp curls. Blaine closed his eyes and sighed contentedly.

Blaine didn't move as Kurt stood up, stretched and walked to the bathroom. He returned a moment later. Blaine licked his lips in anticipation.

Kurt smiled down at him as he held his thick cock in his hand and pressed it to Blaine's lips. Blaine moaned as he opened his mouth to accept and suck. Kurt's morning blowjob.

Kurt closed his eyes and threw his head back as he gripped Blaine's hair. Blaine's warm mouth sucked him perfectly. Down and up five times, three swirls of the tongue, slightly pull off, tease the head, repeat. Kurt pulled Blaine's hair tighter as he felt himself getting closer. Blaine recognized the signs and prepared himself. He knew every sign, every cue, every reaction of his master. He knew Kurt's body better than Kurt, and better than his own.

Kurt came with a long, drawn out groan. Blaine swallowed and kept still, holding the soft, sensitive cock in his mouth. He would never dream of releasing it on his own.

Kurt pulled out and fell back on to the bed, eyes closed, breathing slightly rapid, but slowing. Such a wonderful way to start the day. He lay there for a few minutes before speaking.

"Toast, fruit and yogurt. You will wait for me."

"Yes sir."

Blaine rose from the floor. Kurt pushed himself up on to his elbows and ran his eyes up and down Blaine's naked body. He's sure Blaine was hard during the blowjob, but not anymore. He knew the rules.

"Put on your boxers."

"Yes sir."

Blaine walked over to the dresser, slid on a pair of boxers and went to the kitchen. Kurt showered and stood in front of his closet trying to remember what scene they were going to rehearse today. They weren't doing dress rehearsals yet, but Kurt liked to choose his outfit based upon what he imagined his character, Jonathan Jollaway, would wear. In the end he settled for a white shirt, gray vest and black jeans. Simple was best since it was probably going to be a long day. He picked out Blaine's clothes and laid them on the bed.

He arrived in the kitchen to find Blaine sitting at the kitchen table, scribbling in his writing book. It was the one thing Blaine was allowed to do anytime he wanted. Kurt understood how quickly a lyric could pop into the mind and then disappear in an instant. He wanted Blaine to always capture his thoughts.

Blaine stopped writing when Kurt walked in.

"Finish your thoughts, Blaine."

Blaine smiled and returned to scribbling. Kurt poured the coffee, prepared it to their individual tastes, and sat down at the table. He took a bite of toast and watched as Blaine continued writing, his eyes scrunched up, forehead wrinkled in deep concentration. Kurt couldn't help but smile and feel grateful that Blaine belonged to him. He hated to think of Blaine belonging to someone who refused to encourage his writing.

Lyrics captured, Blaine closed his book and began eating.

"What scene are you rehearsing today?"

Kurt groaned. "The argument. Brad seems to think that arguing means screaming, not using voice inflection, or I don't know...acting to get the point across."

Blaine laughed. Kurt shook his head. "You think I'm kidding, but I'm serious. The man cannot act. I will never understand why Kevin cast him. If I didn't believe so strongly in the show I would totally quit."

Blaine smiled. Kurt would never quit a show. He'd worked too hard to reach this point. This was his second Broadway show and it was destined to put Kurt in the running for a Tony nomination.

"Will you be at the studio all day?"

Blaine nodded. "I need to finish that song for Rachel."

"Okay. I will pick you up at 4:00 pm because Chandler and Seth are coming over tonight."

Blaine grinned. "Is Seth bringing his guitar?"

"I'll ask Chandler if he can."


Kurt laughed at Blaine's boyish exuberance. He really was a big kid at times.

"Go get dressed."

"Yes sir."

Kurt cleared the table and checked his bag to make sure he had all the script changes he'd reviewed last night. He walked into the bedroom where Blaine was waiting, dressed but with his boxers and jeans down around his ankles. Kurt walked over to the dresser and took out the custom-made, hand-crafted, stainless steel cock chastity cage. He carefully placed Blaine's cock inside and locked the small padlock. He placed the key on his dresser. He had a second key on his keyring. Blaine pulled up his boxers and jeans. Kurt patted his crotch lovingly. Blaine closed his eyes and willed away the erection he couldn't have anyway.


"Yes sir."

"Do you have enough money for lunch?"

Blaine nodded

"Okay. Let's go."

They walked outside just as Troy was pulling up in the Lincoln Town car. Blaine's stop was first. When they pulled up in front of the building, Kurt reached over and ran his finger lightly along the beautiful collar he'd designed for Blaine.

"Have a creatively productive day."

"Try not to be too hard on Brad. It's not his fault he's not as talented as you."

Kurt grinned. "And for that lovely comment you may have pizza tonight. I'll even let you and Seth order."

Blaine's boyish grin returned. "Thank you, sir."

Kurt leaned over and kissed him softly. "Have a good day."

He watched Blaine enter the building. As the car pulled away from the curb, he felt grateful for a second time that morning that Blaine belonged to him.

Kurt Hummel first laid eyes on Blaine Anderson during a visit to Dalton Academy. While being gay wasn't the huge issue it used to be within society, there were still those who took issue with it. Unfortunately for Kurt, they all seemed to attend McKinley. He'd grown sick of the bullying and harassment he experienced on a daily basis. He wanted to spend his last two years of school in peace.

As he and his father toured the school, the bell rang for the class change and they found themselves being swept into a meeting hall for an impromptu performance by the Warblers. The admissions director looked noticeably nervous about a potential parent seeing this slightly rowdy display, but Burt was amused and Kurt was mesmerized and shocked that a glee club was actually popular at an all boys school. As he watched the performance he couldn't take his eyes off the handsome lead singer. Kurt felt something stir deep inside, but he quickly squashed it. This boy was the lead singer which meant he was mostly likely a master. Masters were not allowed to claim other masters. Plus Kurt had no idea if the boy was gay or not.

At the end of the performance, as the boy laughed and congratulated his fellow Warblers on a job well done, Kurt was surprised to catch a glimpse of the thick, black ink stain around his left wrist. The boy was a slave. Burt noticed it too and looked at the admissions director in surprise.

"Dalton prides itself on allowing slaves to participate and sometimes lead certain activities. For many slave students, this will be their last and only time to do these types of things."

Burt nodded his agreement and approval. It was true. While some slaves were claimed by masters who encouraged them to pursue careers, many were not. Most slaves remained happily at home under the care and servitude of their master.

On his very first day at Dalton Kurt sought out Wes, head of the Warblers council. Once they were done discussing Kurt auditioning for the Warblers, he asked about their lead singer, Blaine Anderson. Was he gay? Was he seeing anyone?

Wes was hesitant. As a master and good friend, he was protective of Blaine. Extremely protective. Blaine's submissiveness ran stronger and deeper than most slaves due to his inherent nature and years of emotional neglect and abuse by his master mother. While most slaves only feared displeasing their masters, Blaine lived with the fear of displeasing any master. He struggled to resist submitting to every master who gave him a command, making him an easy target for those with a mean streak. Thanks to Dalton's anti-bullying policy he was relatively safe at Dalton, but Wes worried about who would eventually stake a claim for Blaine.

The one thing slaves wanted more than anything was to be claimed. To be claimed and dominated by a master was a slave's greatest desire, but the trick was being claimed by the right master. Parents of slaves tried to manage the process, but it wasn't easy. In a best case scenario, a slave and master would meet, date, fall in love and the master would stake a claim for the slave with the parent's permission. Sometimes slaves agreed to be claimed by masters their parents didn't like. In these cases, the parents were helpless to stop the claim from taking place. In a worse case scenario, a master would stake a claim against both the slave and parent's wishes. Rare, but not unheard of.

Once a master claimed a slave, the slave was captured unless the master decided to release them. The only recourse was the Eight Year Rescind Rule. If a slave was unhappy or the slave's parents wanted their child released, they had eight years from the initial date of the claim to request nullification by the Masters Ministry. After eight years the claim could only be broken by the master.

After a few Warbler practices and eating lunch together for a few weeks, Wes decided he liked Kurt. He seemed genuine and kind, yet with a strong, dominate nature. The perfect combination for Blaine. He'd also observed Blaine sneaking glances at Kurt. When he asked him if he was interested, Blaine smiled shyly and nodded.

One Thursday after practice, Wes held the two boys back and made a formal introduction. They already knew each other from practice, but Wes carried on as if they were meeting for the first time.

"Dom Master Kurt Hummel, allow me to present sub slave Blaine Anderson. Unclaimed."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Seriously, Wes? It's been a month. We know each others name." Blaine giggled quietly, eyes on the floor.

Kurt was intrigued by the intense submissiveness of Blaine. It was such a contrast to the confident, beautiful boy he'd seen perform. He was also bewildered by the feelings Blaine stirred inside him. He'd never felt such a strong pull towards someone before. He'd had inappropriate crushes on slaves who were straight, or masters who were gay, but never the deep, aching desire he felt for Blaine. With Blaine he felt the first longings for ownership and the need to dominate.

Blaine felt just as overwhelmed by the feelings Kurt created. He'd spent most of his life trying not to get swallowed alive by the submissiveness that lived inside him. He considered being gay a blessing because it ruled out almost 80% of the masters who roamed the halls of Dalton. The masters who were gay and didn't already have their eye on someone were always approaching Blaine, attracted to his sexy good looks and deep submissiveness. If Blaine made it clear he wasn't interested, Wes and the rest of the Warblers made sure they kept their distance.

But Blaine liked Kurt. Something about Kurt's eyes and gentle, yet firm voice told Blaine he could trust him. That Kurt wouldn't abuse him or take advantage of him. At the same time, Blaine was turned on by Kurt's masterful presence. Kurt was strong and demanding, but his dominance rippled through Blaine versus falling on top of him and crushing him. Something about Kurt's tone ignited Blaine's slave nature. He didn't obey Kurt because he had to. He wanted to. His entire body buzzed with the desire to serve and be dominated by Kurt. It took every ounce of his willpower not to throw himself at Kurt's feet every time he entered the room.

They moved slowly spending most of their junior year becoming friends. At first it was hard for Kurt to draw anything out of Blaine regarding his tastes or interests because he was so wired to want whatever Kurt wanted. But eventually he managed to learn that Blaine's favorite cereal was Apple Jacks. He loved Star Wars and the Matrix movies, but also Broadway. And of course, music.

Music was Blaine's passion. His first love. His safe place. As a child he would sing himself to sleep every night. When his mother would scream and berate him in disgust at his submissive slave nature, he would retreat into the safety of the songs in his head; eyes squeezed shut, singing silently to himself to drown out her voice. It was why he could stand up in front of an audience and sing his heart out. Music made him feel confident and strong and safe.

Once Kurt realized just how much Blaine loved music, he sought ways to indulge him. They attended concerts, operas and the symphony. When Blaine admitted his hope to one day write songs for Broadway musicals, Kurt bought him a writing book and encouraged him to put his thoughts and lyrics on paper.

By their senior year it was pretty clear to everyone that Kurt would stake a claim for Blaine the moment Blaine turned 18. They were in love. A strong, deep love made richer by the way they perfectly complemented each other. Blaine's deep submissiveness was perfect for Kurt's strong, demanding nature. Kurt needed someone who would give themselves over completely, and Blaine needed someone who would completely dominate him.

Their love and affection was obvious despite the strict state rules governing master-slave interaction prior to claiming. Hand holding was allowed along with rubbing the middle of the back and five second hugs. Kurt was allowed to wrap one arm around Blaine's waist and Blaine was allowed to lay his head on Kurt's shoulder. Anything additional was considered a violation, but that didn't keep Blaine from sitting so close to Kurt that he may as well have been in his lap. His body was always curled into Kurt's, his eyes full of love and the desire to give himself to Kurt completely, totally...


But there were rules about that too.

It was illegal for masters and slaves under the age of 18 to have sex.

Even after reaching the age of 18, masters were strongly encouraged to wait until they had either staked a claim, or were 100% sure they were going to stake a claim. To have sex with a slave and then not claim them was considered mental abuse. Sex is a connector between a master and slave. It deepens the slave's submissiveness and desire to serve the master and creates a bond between the two. When the master simply walks away after creating this bond, the slave is left feeling lost and confused, desperate for the safety and comfort of a master. This led some slaves to fall prey to the worst types of masters. Masters who captured lost slaves and abused them or pimped them out to other masters for sex.

Burt could see the deep longing for capture in the way Blaine stared at Kurt. He could also sense Kurt's strong feelings of possessiveness and ownership. He constantly reminded Kurt of the rules, much to Kurt's annoyance.

"Dad, please stop. I know the rules."

"I know you know the rules, Kurt. Doesn't mean you want to follow them."

"Of course I don't want to follow them, but I will." And jerk myself raw.

"I hear ya, kiddo. But why don't we go over chapter 8 in the state rule book just one more time?"

Burt had good reason to be concerned. Masters hit their full sex drive at age 18. Kurt was four months away from his 18th birthday. He would be teeming with hot sexual energy and desperate for relief, but he was 3 months older than Blaine. He would have to wait until Blaine turned 18 and could be claimed.

There was something else besides Kurt's self-control that worried Burt Hummel.

Why hadn't he heard from the Andersons?

When a master and slave have been dating and a claim is imminent, the slave's parents usually ask for a meeting with the master's parents. Usually there are several meetings over lunch, dinner and the holidays as a way for the slave's parents to make sure the claim is the right one for their child and one their child truly wants.

"I don't get it. With as deeply submissive as he is, I would think they would want to put you, me, Carol, Finn and even Rachel under a microscope to make sure we're not abusive."

Kurt frowned and felt the familiar pang of anger and hurt that always accompanied thoughts of Victoria Anderson's treatment of Blaine.

"Blaine's parents don't care about him, Dad. They really don't."

"I'm sure that's not true. Yes, some parents are disappointed when they have a slave versus a master, but it's just like having a boy or girl. You can't control it. You just love them when they get here."

"Trust me dad, Victoria Anderson doesn't see it that way. She loves Blaine's brother, Cooper because he's a master, but with Blaine...she spent years trying to force Blaine to go against his nature and be more master than slave. According to Wes, Victoria would scream at him and tell him he was weak and worthless and needed to dig deep to find strength and command. She taunted him mercilessly, trying to force him to stand up for himself and fight back. She thought it would make his less submissive. Of course, it didn't work.

Instead of fighting back, Blaine fell deeper inside his submission. He never found the strength to fight back. Eventually she gave up, but the mental abuse left Blaine submissive and fearful of all masters. She's a horrible master and a terrible mother."

Burt was undeterred. "Maybe I should reach out to them."

"Please don't."

"This is important, Kurt. I don't want you accused of not following the rules. We need to make sure they know you want to claim Blaine. It's best if you have their permission."

Kurt knew his father was right, but the thought of dealing with Victoria Anderson worried him. He was hoping she would continue to care less about Blaine and just allow Kurt to claim him.

Especially since Sebastian Smythe couldn't seem to leave Blaine alone.

Like the Andersons, the Smythes were an old money family. They ran in the same social circles and belonged to the same clubs. The Smythes had spent the past five years in Europe, but returned to the states so Sebastian could graduate from an American high school.

Sebastian first spotted Blaine during the summer at a cookout given by his parents to celebrate their return to Ohio. Blaine was sitting alone in a gazebo in the corner of the huge backyard, writing in his music book.

"Whatcha writing, sexy?"

Blaine looked up and then immediately lowered his eyes. His body tensed under Sebastian's lecherous stare.

"Answer me."

Blaine kept his eyes focused on his book. " ideas."

"Really? That's actually interesting."

Sebastian sat down next to him. "Look at me."

Blaine looked up. Sebastian licked his lips. "You're pretty."

He glanced at Blaine's neck and then laid his hand on Blaine's thigh.

"I see you're not claimed. When do you turn 18?"

Blaine was nervous and scared. No, he wasn't claimed but he definitely wasn't available. He belonged to Kurt.

"August of next year."

"Next year, huh? I guess I can wait. You look like you might be worth it."

Blaine wanted to run.

"But perhaps while we're waiting you can..."

"Sebastian, what are you doing?"

Both boys looked up to see Cooper Anderson standing there, his eyes fixed on Sebastian's hand stroking his little brother's thigh. Sebastian quickly snatched his hand away.

"Just having a chat. Blaine was telling me how much I'm going to love Dalton."

Dalton? He was going to be at Dalton?

"Yeah. Whatever. You know the rules. Keep your hands off before you end up in trouble...again."

Sebastian frowned. How did Cooper know about that? He stood up.

"Like I said, we were just chatting. See you later, Blaine."

Cooper looked at Blaine. "Are you okay?" Blaine nodded. Cooper sat down beside him.

"Listen. I know you spend a lot of time with that Kurt guy, but you shouldn't get your hopes up about him claiming you."

Blaine looked up, his eyes full of surprise. "Why not?"

"Let's face it. His family is not a part of our world. I don't think mom is going to let you get claimed by a mechanic's son."

"Mom doesn't care what happens to me."

"Yeah, that's true, but only to a point. You're still an Anderson. What happens to you will reflect on the family, and with the Smythes back in town, and you and Sebastian being about the same age..."

Blaine gasped.

No. No. No. No.

Cooper gave him a sympathetic look. "I could be wrong, but you should be prepared."

He stood up and walked back towards the party leaving Blaine scared and shaking.

The moment he was home he called Kurt.

"Please...can I come see you...I need you..."

"Leave now. I'll be waiting."

Blaine arrived on Kurt's doorstep at 10:00 pm. He was shaking and blinking back tears. Kurt pulled him inside and held him far longer than five seconds. Blaine started babbling.

"You, Kurt. You. I want you to claim me. I only want you. I wanna be with you. Not him. I don't like him. I love you. You. Only submit to you."


"Shhh. It's okay, Blaine. Tell me what happened."

Kurt worked hard to mask his anger as Blaine told him about Sebastian's advances and Cooper's theory. By the time he was done, Blaine was crying and shaking. Kurt held him tight.

"Don't worry. If I have to I'll claim you without your parent's permission." Kurt knew his father would have a fit, but he didn't give a shit. Blaine belonged to him. No way he was giving him up.

Blaine spent the rest of the summer trying to avoid Sebastian at summer parties and social gatherings. Whenever he had the chance, Sebastian would corner Blaine and scare the hell out of him with illegal touches and talk of claiming.

"Come on, Blaine. It would be perfect. Think of how happy our parents would be. And trust me, I can make you happy. I'm quite good at...everything." Sebastian stood as close as possible to Blaine without actually pressing his body into his, but it was enough to make Blaine shake uncontrollably, his heart racing with fear as Sebastian whispered in his ear.

"I will fuck you so good, Blaine. So fucking hard. I will fully dominate your submissive ass. You will be begging for my cock and if you're a good boy, I'll let you have it."

" don't want..."

"It's not about what you want. It's about what I want, and I want you."

Blaine slid down the wall to the floor. He was trembling and tears were running down his face. He rested his chin on his knees and wrapped his arms around himself. Kurt. Kurt. Kurt. Kurt.

Sebastian stepped back and laughed.

"Damn, you're so fucking submissive. It's super hot."

After these episodes Blaine would flee to Kurt's house and Kurt would spend the rest of the evening erasing Blaine's fears with illegal touches of his own.

"It's okay, Blaine. I love you and I will claim you. You're mine. All mine. Don't worry."

By the end of the summer Kurt couldn't wait for school to start so he could confront Sebastian. He wasted no time finding him on the very first day of class.

Sebastian smiled his sexiest smile when he saw Kurt walking towards him in the cafeteria. Wow. First day of school and he was already attracting hot as hell boys.

"Well hello, gorgeous. I hope you're the welcoming committee."

Kurt held up both wrists. Sebastian's smile dimmed a bit when he saw Kurt wasn't a slave.

"Sebastian Smythe."

"Kurt Hummel."

Sebastian's smile disappeared completely.

"Sorry, but my mother has already filled all the household staff positions in our home. However, if my dad's Jaguar breaks down I'll be sure to have him call your dad. Assuming he's qualified to work on such an expensive piece of machinery."

Kurt refused to take the bait. He had more pressing matters than getting into an insult match with this meerkat.

"Stay away from Blaine. Don't talk to him, don't look at him, don't even breathe in his direction. And you touch him again and I'll have the Masters Ministry on your ass before your Axe body spray evaporates."

"Oh, so Blaine belongs to you, does he? Funny. His parents never mentioned your name when I brought up claiming him."

Kurt steeled himself. "Blaine doesn't want you."

"Like that matters. Look girlfriend, you're out of your league. Blaine is way too good for you. If anyone's going to claim him it's me, so I suggest you fuck off and stop filling his head with promises you can't keep. Victoria Anderson will never give her son to a grease monkey's offspring. But I tell ya what? My maid has a son and I happen to know he's gay. How about I hook the two of you up? The two of you are from the same level of low class. You should have plenty to talk about."

Kurt stepped forward, his calm voice masking the fury raging inside him. "And how exactly do you know he's gay? You haven't been breaking the state rules have you? Screwing a slave you have no intentions of claiming? Better be careful, Sebastian. Wouldn't want you to get reported for abuse."

The color drained a bit from Sebastian's face. He stepped back. Kurt smirked in satisfaction.

"Stay away from Blaine." He turned and left, entered the first bathroom he came to and promptly threw up his entire breakfast.

He was shaking with anger and a possessive rage he never knew he had.

Blaine belonged to him. No one else. Him.

He would have to convince Victoria Anderson to let him have Blaine. There was no way he was going to let Blaine end up with that asshole.

Kurt splashed cold water on his face and dried off with a paper towel. He stared at his reflection.

Fuck Victoria Anderson.

He would claim Blaine without her permission. His father wouldn't approve, but so what? He would just have to get over it.

He was claiming Blaine and no one was going to stop him.