Final chapter. As usual, I'm ending on a kinky Klainefest. It's the last chapter, so it should be expected.

Chapter 19


Regular meals.

Nurturing time.


With all questions of ownership settled, Kurt and Blaine fully relaxed and fell back into their normal routine. They were grateful to have their lives back on track. Blaine happily served Kurt every morning before Rick arrived to work on the musical, and Kurt left for rehearsal. They spent their weekends hanging out with friends, and their nights making passionate love. Their bond felt stronger and tighter than before. Being forced apart had made them realize just how much they loved and needed one another, and they knew they were lucky. Most masters and slaves, torn apart, were never reunited. They cherished one another with a renewed love and appreciation.

But things weren't perfect.

Blaine often had bad dreams.

Several nights a week he relived his removal from Kurt. He could feel the huge man's arms wrapping around his waist, tearing him from Kurt's grasp. He could feel his collar and bracelets being torn from his neck and wrists. He would wake up thrashing around, screaming Kurt's name, his eyes wide and terrified. Kurt would hold him and reassure him that no one would ever take him ever again, as he stroked his purr spot and kissed him softly until he fell back asleep. Blaine's dreams broke Kurt's heart. How long would he be haunted by what had happened?

And then there was Blaine's renewed fear of masters.

Neither of them were really aware of Blaine's fear until their first trip to the grocery store. Initially Blaine was excited about finally getting out of the apartment, but as they approached the store he felt increasingly nervous and jumpy. He tightened his grip on Kurt's arm and glued himself to his side. As they walked through the store, he grew increasingly frightened. What if someone tried to take him? Every time a master passed a little too close, he would tense up and dig his nails into Kurt's arm. If a master looked at him a second too long, he started to tremble.

Kurt was surprised.

" have nothing to fear. Why are you scared? You're collared and you're wearing bracelets. I'm right here. No one will bother you."

"What if someone tries to take me?"

"No one is going to take you, Blaine."

"Sebastian did."

Kurt burned with anger. He would hate Sebastian Smythe for the rest of his life. Thanks to Sebastian, Blaine's submission was back to its overpowering strength. Just like their first year together, it would take Kurt's patience, encouragement and training for Blaine to regain his strength, and confidence, and the ability to look other masters in the eye. It would take time.

Time Kurt didn't have. Not right now.

With the show starting, Kurt would have review rehearsals in the morning, rest time in the afternoon, and performances at night. The first seven shows were already sold out and as Blaine had predicted, the words Kurt Hummel and Tony for Best Lead Actor in a Musical, were already being thrown around. Assuming the show did as well as everyone expected, the schedule could last for an entire year or more with little time off.

Kurt was full of guilt. He felt like he'd done nothing all year but fail his slave. His father tried to reassure him.

"Come on, kiddo. You're being way too hard on yourself. This entire thing was beyond your control, but you know what, Kurt? You fought it. You fought hard and you won. You didn't let them get away with it. You went after them and got Blaine back. That's impressive."

Kurt shook his head. "Not really. I really didn't do anything. Puck did all the hard work, and Cooper finished the job. All I did was cry and waste time doing appeal paperwork." And cheat on Blaine with another slave.

Burt shook his head. "Not true. You did exactly what you were supposed to do. You stayed out of the way, you stayed out of jail, and you never gave up on Blaine. And when the time came, you marched right into another master's home and took him back. Trust me, Kurt. That's more than a lot of masters would have done. Don't beat yourself up. In time everything will return to normal, including Blaine."

Kurt sighed in resignation. He knew his dad was right, but it didn't make him feel better.

A few days before opening night, Kurt set up a Skype date with Tristan. They hadn't communicated since Michael Smythe signed the papers. They set the time for midnight in New York, 6:00 am in Paris. Both Blaine and Sebastian would be asleep.

Kurt was a bit stunned when Tristan's smiling face appeared on the screen.

"Hi Kurt!"

Tristan was positively glowing. His smooth brown skin looked silky and bright. He looked fresh and healthy. Kurt was amused by the long, thick ponytails on either side of his head. But what really sparkled was his collar. It was made completely of diamonds. Rather large diamonds. Kurt was sure it cost a fortune.

"Hey Tristan. How are you?"

"I'm wonderful, fabulous and everything in-between." Tristan laughed a genuinely happy laugh that made Kurt smile.

"So, I take it things with Sebastian are good?"

Tristan's eyes shone with love and submission.

"Yes. Better than good. Things are...I can't describe it. It's like it was before everything happened, but even better than that. I feel his love for me in a way I never felt before. Even on our claiming day. It's as if I finally have all of his love. All of it. His entire heart. And he's finally in a place to accept all the love I have for him. He's determined to make everything up to me. He always spoiled me, but even I have to admit that it's a bit ridiculous." Tristan held up his wrists. On each wrist were several diamond, and silver bracelets. "He gives me gifts constantly. I have so much diamond jewelry, I feel like Elizabeth Taylor."

Kurt laughed. He could see the change in Tristan's eyes. Full submission. It was strong and complete thanks to having a collar again and the care of a master. Kurt was thankful that Tristan was finally being cared for and loved the way he deserved, but he wondered if Sebastian had punished Tristan for serving him.

"Tristan, you mentioned in one of your texts that you told Sebastian about our helping each other. How did he take it?"

Tristan's eyes darkened. "He punished me for a week. 5 days for you, 2 days for Royce. A week of brutal bondage. The most brutal bondage and sex he's ever put me through. We even went to Maitres...the fifth floor."

Kurt racked his brain. Maitres? Blaine had mentioned eating there. Wasn't it a restaurant?

"What's Maitres?"

"A private club for masters."

"Is the fifth floor the top floor?"




Everyone knew what the top floor of master's clubs were reserved for.

"Are you okay?"

Tristan smiled and nodded. "Yes. I deserved it. All of it."

Kurt bit his lip and dug his nails into his hand. Okay. That wasn't true. Sebastian released Tristan. Tristan was free to seek out other masters. He didn't betray or disobey Sebastian. Everything that happened was Sebastian's fault, not Tristan's. Kurt decided to leave it alone.

"So, now things are good?"

"Outstanding. How is Blaine?"

"He's good. He's working on his musical again. He's mostly recovered."


"He has bad dreams and he's scared of masters again, but...for the most part he's great. It just takes time."

Tristan looked sad. "I'm so sorry, Kurt. I'm sorry Sebastian caused so much pain...for all of us. I promise you he's better and will never bother you again. We're going to stay in Paris permanently. We're moving to a new place, and Sebastian's father is giving him JacqueLeTech. It will be its own, stand alone company, solely owned by Sebastian. No ties to his father's company or interests. He's excited and we're happy. Really happy. Everything is going to be fine from now on."

Tristan's bright smile and strong conviction made Kurt believe him. "Okay. That sounds perfect. Just...take care of yourself, Tristan, and if you ever need me..."

Tristan nodded. "I know. Thank you. For everything, Kurt. And break a leg opening night. I wish I could be there. I know you're going to be amazing."

After a final goodbye, Tristan closed the lid of his laptop and climbed the stairs to the bedroom. He removed his clothes, pulled his hair loose, and slipped into bed. Sebastian rolled over and threw his arm over him, pulling him close.

"Mmm...where did you go?"

Tristan couldn't lie. "To talk to Kurt."

Sebastian's eyes flew open. "What? Why?"

"I wanted him to know I'm okay. That we're okay. And I wanted to check on Blaine."

Sebastian relaxed and reached over to caress Tristan's hair. " is he?"

"He's fine." Tristan wasn't going to feed Sebastian's guilt.

Sebastian stared into his eyes. "And you and are we doing?"

Tristan smiled. "We're perfect, master. Simply perfect."

Kurt didn't consider himself superstitious, but he did have certain rituals for the day before and the day of opening night. They mostly involved fucking away his nerves in Blaine's ass.

Something Blaine was looking forward to.

They were sitting in the living room watching TV. During a commercial break, Blaine's eyes wandered over to the fucking table. They hadn't used it since his return.

"Sir?" Blaine looked at Kurt with big, gorgeous, puppy dog eyes. Kurt sighed.

"Yes, cutest slave ever?"

"When are we going to use that?" Blaine nodded towards the table.

"Oh...I suppose we'll use it to prepare for opening night. Is that okay?"

Blaine nodded enthusiastically.

"Blaine...are you feel up to our normal opening night routine?"

Blaine looked at him in confusion. Since when did Kurt ask something like that?

"Of course. It would be bad luck to change our routine."

"I know. I just...with everything that's happened, I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I accept any and everything my master wants of me. The decision is always his, not mine. I submit, accept and obey every command of my master. I am his to do with as he wishes. I live to serve and fulfill his needs. Indulging him, indulges me."

Kurt's cock grew hard at Blaine's words. He recognized them. It was an old slave creed that used to be taught to slaves on their 18th birthday.

Blaine reached for Kurt's hand. "I look forward to helping you get ready to give a Tony award winning performance. Not that you need my help. You'll be amazing no matter what."

Kurt nodded. "I look forward to enjoying your ass."

Blaine smiled a slow, sexy smile that made Kurt want to jump him right then and there, but there was something he wanted to take care of.

"I need to tell you something."

Blaine's expression changed to concern from the seriousness in Kurt's voice.

"Yes sir?"

Kurt sighed heavily. He wasn't sure how Blaine would take what he was about to say. He hated the idea of hurting him. Sure, masters could do whatever they wanted and their slaves had no say, but Kurt had never been that type of master. He loved Blaine and he'd always been faithful to him. Up until a few months ago.

"Um...while you were gone...for the first time ever I struggled with my need to dominate. I've never had that problem. At least not since high school. I've always had you. But...while you were gone...things...things were hard."

Blaine nodded understandingly. "Did you go to a free club?"

Kurt was shocked. "What? A! No, Blaine! No! I would could you ask me that?"

"You look so serious and guilty."

"I am guilty, but not of that. I never went to a free club. I would never do that. Those places are horrible."

They sat in silence for a moment before Kurt started again.

"I didn't go to a free club, but I did...I was with someone."



"Tristan?" Blaine was surprised.

"Yeah. We met, and...we became friends. We didn't know who each other was. I didn't learn he was Sebastian's slave until right before we came to get you, and he didn't know Sebastian had you. It was purely coincidence."

Blaine was silent. When he finally spoke, it was with a very quiet voice and sad eyes.

"Did he serve you?"


"Did you sleep with him?"

"Yes. I mean no! Not sex. Just...he would sleep next to me at night. Being near a master makes it easier for a slave to sleep."

"Yes, I know that, sir."

Kurt leaned back a bit. Well damn.

Blaine looked sad and...mad? No. Disappointed? Yes, disappointed and something else. Kurt felt awful.

"Why Tristan?"

"Why Tristan?" repeated Kurt.

"Yeah. Why him? Why not some other slave."

" just happened. We just happened to meet. I mean, in the end, I'm glad we met. It made finding you easier."

"Why did it take so long for you to find me?"

Kurt was a little thrown off by the question.

"Well, we didn't know where to start. Once we found out you weren't with your mother, it was like you disappeared into thin air. It took Puck awhile to gather clues and put it all together."

"And while Puck was putting it all together, Tristan was serving you?"

Kurt frowned. "No...that's...that's not what happened. I mean...Tristan and I were just friends at first. Nothing happened until later."

"And then you became more than just friends?"

"No! I mean...when you say it like that it sounds like we had a relationship."

"Didn't you?"

"No! We were just friends helping each other survive. That's all. Nothing more. I don't love Tristan. I never loved him. I only love you. Always you."

Blaine stared at Kurt with the strangest expression. An expression Kurt had never seen before.

"Did Tristan love you?"

"He loves Sebastian just like I love you. We just...used each other."

"You would never just use a slave."

Kurt felt thoroughly confused by Blaine's strange expression and reaction. He felt like he was missing something.

"Okay. Poor choice of words. Not use. Help. We helped each other survive. That's all. Do you understand?"

Blaine shrugged.

Kurt felt exasperated. "Blaine, why are you upset about this? You and I were both put in situations where we had to do what we could to survive."

"You had a choice. I didn't."

Kurt was speechless. He had no idea how to respond. It had never dawned on him that Blaine would be upset about Tristan. The arrogance of masters.

And then it all became crystal clear.

"You're my master. Not his. Mine."

"Of course I'm your master, Blaine."

"I don't wanna share you."

"You don't have to..." Suddenly Kurt understood Blaine's strange expression.


He'd never seen Blaine jealous before. Of course, he'd never given him a reason to be jealous.

"Blaine, my involvement with Tristan was just a one time thing born of this summer's nightmare. You have no reason to be jealous. I love you. I want you. Only you. You are my slave. My beautiful, wonderful, sexy ass, amazing endurance, can take everything I dish out and more, obedient, beautifully submissive slave. Mine. And I am your master."

As he spoke, Kurt flipped Blaine on his back and climbed on top of him. Blaine closed his eyes and gave himself over to Kurt's powerful dominance. Kurt bit and sucked Blaine's neck, leaving dark red marks and tiny bites. He worked his way down Blaine's chest before working his way back up to bring their mouths together in a hot, demanding kiss. He hovered over Blaine and stared into his eyes.

"I only love you, Blaine. Only you. You are the only slave I will ever want."

Blaine nodded. "I just...I missed you so much. I struggled so hard waiting for you to come find me."

"I know, my love. Please don't think our separation was easy for me. Just ask Seth. I was paralyzed for weeks. I didn't eat, I didn't sleep. I didn't even shower."

Blaine arched an eyebrow. "You didn't shower?"

Kurt smiled. "That should tell you something."

"It does. It definitely does."

Kurt laughed and kissed him again before turning serious. "Do you understand, now?" Blaine nodded. "Do you forgive me?" Blaine smiled.

"There's nothing to forgive. Only to forget."

Kurt came home at Noon the day before the show opening. He sent Rick home, removed Blaine's cock cage, ordered him to take a shower in the small bathroom, and to then go to his cage. Blaine eagerly obeyed. He could feel Kurt's tension along with his control and sexual lust. It was strong, hot and hungry.

Blaine waited anxiously in his cage while Kurt took a long shower. He couldn't wait for Kurt to fuck him. They'd only been making love since their bondage sessions. While he loved the gentle sweetness of their lovemaking, his body was craving the consuming dominance of Kurt's cock slamming into him. Capturing him and making it clear who he belonged to. He was also hungry for more bondage and punishment.

Kurt emerged from the bathroom smelling fresh, clean, and purely Kurt. Blaine closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He loved Kurt's smell. He opened his eyes and watched Kurt comb his hair into sexy spikes. Kurt removed his towel and Blaine stared at his perfect, tight, peachy pale ass. He trailed his eyes down Kurt's legs. They were strong and muscular from years of dance. Kurt turned around and Blaine quickly lowered his eyes. Kurt's dominance rose as he stared at his beautiful Blaine. Blaine's overwhelming submission and obedience was so intoxicating. Kurt planned to devour him. He walked over to the cage and unlocked the door.

"Crawl to the living room."

Kurt had moved the fucking table to the center of the room. Blaine released a small moan when he saw it. His cock hardened to the point of being painful. Kurt smiled.

"Up, Blaine. Hands behind your back."

Blaine quickly stood up and placed his hands behind his back. Kurt bound his wrists with heavy iron shackles. He also bound his forearms with a tight, leather armbinder and led him to the table. He gently kissed along the back of Blaine's neck and whispered in his ear.

"Will you submit to your master, Blaine? Will you submit to my demands?"

"Yes sir. Always sir."

"Good boy. You will not come. Do you understand?"

Blaine's voice trembled. "Yes sir."

Instead of having Blaine climb on top of the table, Kurt pushed him down so he was bent at the waist, his head and chest resting on the table. Blaine turned his head to the side as Kurt locked a wide, iron bar across his neck. It was so tight, he couldn't move his head. Kurt kicked his feet wide apart and shackled each ankle to the legs of the table. He also bound Blaine's calves as well. Blaine groaned. He was completely bound to the table and unable to move. His ass was dripping wet, ready for Kurt's cock.

But Kurt had other ideas.

Blaine was surprised when Kurt slid a tight cockring on to his achingly hard cock. Not coming was something Blaine was always expected to control with sheer will power and submission. Kurt carefully wrapped rope around his cock and tied each end to the table. Blaine was now groaning loudly. His cock was in agony and the need to come was burning hotter and stronger. He fell deeper and deeper into his submission as he struggled to maintain control of his orgasm.

Kurt hung a heavy ball weight from Blaine's balls, causing Blaine to let forth a moaning scream as his body shook. Kurt took out a ball gag and placed it in Blaine's mouth, locking it behind his head.

"I love listening to you scream, but we have so much further to go. I don't want you to lose your voice."

There was more?

Blaine squealed around the ball gag as Kurt slid three fingers into his ass. He worked Blaine loose for just a moment before sliding his fingers out and gently placing small, soft kisses all the way up Blaine's back.

"Now that I know how much you enjoy electricity, I thought I'd indulge you since you've been such a good boy."

Blaine could feel a butt plug being slowly pushed into his ass. felt so good to finally be full, but the plug felt different from the ones Kurt usually used. It was tight and filling, but felt

Blaine's body twitched and convulsed violently as he desperately screamed around the gag.

It was an electric butt plug.

The strong, hot waves pulsed through his ass at a steady rate, gently fluttering against his prostate. Blaine kept screaming around the gag. He was going to come. The cockring didn't matter. He was sure his entire body was going to shatter into tiny pieces.

Kurt removed the ball gag and Blaine screamed. He was breathing hard and sweating. It was all too much. He needed to come. He had to come. He would die if he didn't come.

And then the whip cut across his back.

Blaine's screams filled the apartment. He alternated between loud, wailing screams, to cries of frenzied pleading. Tears rolled down his face as his mind broke. The pleasure was too much. The pain was too much. He was floating aimlessly, completely lost in a haze of intense, erotic, sensations racing through his body until Kurt's demanding voice brought him back.

"Blaine...Blaine, my love...are you enjoying your master's use of your body?"

"Yes...yes...always. Please...master...more...more..."

"You may not come, Blaine. Will you come without permission?"

Blaine answered with a scream.

Kurt whipped him for a few more minutes before stopping to remove the cockring, but he didn't give Blaine permission to come. Blaine wasn't sure if the cockring being removed was relief or just more torture, especially when Kurt removed the butt plug and replaced it with his cock.

Kurt was unforgiving. He pounded Blaine's ass until he exploded with a high pitched scream. Blaine couldn't take anymore. Kurt's scream pushed him over the edge and his cock shot hot bursts of cum on to the floor.

"When I finally release you, you will clean the floor with your tongue."


"But you don't have to worry about that for while. Since you have disobeyed me, I have no choice but to keep you here all day. I'm going to keep your ass full all day. Between my cock and the electric plug, you are going to spend the entire day being fucked, my love."


Hours later they lay in bed, showered, fed and exhausted. Blaine's ass was wrecked. He couldn't walk and could barely keep his eyes open, but he felt fantastic. And reassured. Kurt loved him and only him. No one else. No one else got to enjoy Kurt's delicious, brutal punishments. Only him.

As they lay in bed, Kurt thought about their Tristan conversation. He felt a little silly for never thinking of it before. For as possessive and protective as he felt about Blaine, Blaine felt the same way about him. Master and slave titles aside, more than anything, they loved each other and belonged to one another. Yes, Kurt was in charge, but that didn't mean Blaine's feelings for him weren't as strong and as powerful as his feelings for Blaine. Of course Blaine would be hurt and jealous. Slaves wanted and needed to be claimed. Another slave in the picture was a threat. Kurt shook his head. Why hadn't he ever thought of that?

He stroked Blaine's hair and watched him sleep.

"Don't worry, Blaine. You are the only one for me. I love you and no one else. No one but you."


Kurt woke up excited and nervous. Tonight was it. All of his months of hard work would come down to tonight's performance. His performance needed to be beyond outstanding. He had to be incredible. Initial reviews of the show needed to be strong and positively glowing in order to ensure a successful run. The first seven shows being sold out was a great start, but Kurt wanted to make sure their good luck continued.

He and Blaine spent the day relaxing, answering break a leg calls, emails and texts, and discussing the opening night after party at The Celestial. Blaine sat on the bed and watched Kurt lay out their outfits for the evening.

"Oh, no!" Kurt smacked his forehead.


"I have to be at the theater at 5:00 pm. Rick's not coming to pick you up until 7:00 pm. You'll be here alone."

Blaine laughed. "It's okay, sir. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. I need to start getting used to it. With the show finally starting, you're going to be gone a lot. I'll be alone most evenings and nights."

Kurt closed his eyes and shook his head. How could he have forgotten this? Sure, Blaine had stayed alone in the past, but with everything that had happened, Kurt didn't want him alone.

"Let me get through tonight and I'll figure something out. Maybe you could switch between going to Chandler's and Rachel's. Or maybe Finn could come stay with you. I think Rachel's show doesn't open for awhile."

Blaine shook his head. "I don't need a babysitter. I'll be fine."

Kurt let it go. He couldn't worry about it right now. He needed to focus on tonight.


It took Kurt forever to actually leave the apartment. He was supposed to be at the theater by 5:00 pm, but he really hated to leave Blaine.

"Don't leave until Rick arrives. If you need to call me, then call me. Maybe I should see if Chandler can..."

Blaine leaned over and kissed him. "Sir, please stop. You're getting yourself all worked up over nothing. I'm fine. I'll be fine. I'm going to take a shower, rest and then get dressed. I won't leave until Rick arrives. I promise."

Kurt was about to protest when his cell phone rang. Troy.

"Hey, you really need to come on if we're going to get there by 5:00 pm."

"Sorry, sorry. I'm coming." Kurt hung up and looked into Blaine's eyes.

"Your submission is mine and mine alone. You have no reason to fear anyone because you clearly belong to me, and I love you."

Blaine nodded. "I love you too. Break a leg."

Kurt kissed him and reluctantly left. Blaine stood in the middle of the living room for a moment, listening to the silence. It was the first time he'd been totally and completely alone in a very long time. Even when he was with Sebastian, he was never completely alone despite feeling lonelier than ever before in his life.

He walked into the Broadway Room and sat down at the piano. He played for awhile, eyes closed, feeling the music drift over and into him. Music was always his second safe place. Kurt's arms were first.

He made a sandwich, ate, showered and got dressed. He had just finished combing and gelling his hair into place when the buzzer sounded. He couldn't remember a time when he had ever answered the door himself.


"Hey, it's me. You ready?"

"Yeah. I'll be right down."

Rick was standing at the bottom of the steps wearing a strange purple suit with a very loud, yellow tie. Blaine smiled. He and Kurt loved to debate Rick's sexuality. Rick had never said, and Blaine had never asked. Kevin told Kurt he thought Rick was gay. Kurt refused to believe this given his fashion choices. Like the one for this evening.

"You look great, Blaine. Very dapper."

"Thanks. You look...colorful."

Rick laughed.

The show was amazing.

The standing ovation was long and loud.

Blaine felt so proud, he couldn't help the tears that rolled down his cheeks. Despite the worst months of their lives, Kurt had managed to prepare for, and give an award winning performance. Even Brad was outstanding. The audience buzz was energetic and positive. Burt beamed as a few people who knew he was Kurt's dad, stopped to congratulate him. Even Rachel was all compliments and praise.

After a quick visit backstage to give kisses and hugs of congratulations, everyone headed to The Celestial for the after party. Blaine stayed close to Seth and Chandler since Rick had disappeared to speak with someone he spotted. Blaine wearily eyed the other masters in the room. Several approached him to sing praises about Kurt. Blaine struggled to smile and nod, and control the fear bubbling inside him. They don't want you. You belong to Kurt, and they know that. It's fine. Burt could see his stress. He walked over and gently placed a hand on Blaine's shoulder.

"You okay, buddy?"

"Yeah. Just...I get nervous."

Burt nodded. "Understandable. It's okay. You're safe. I promise."

Blaine nodded and smiled. Carol came hurrying over, a huge smile on her face.

"Guess who's here?"


Carol stepped aside to reveal Quinn and Noah headed their way. Quinn looked absolutely fabulous in a sexy, black dress and high heels. Noah looked very handsome in an Italian cut suit. He also looked very submissive.

"Blaine!" Quinn rushed towards him and threw her arms around his neck. Blaine was totally caught off guard. He froze, but Quinn didn't seem to notice.

"Oh, Blaine. I'm so happy to see you. I know its been awhile, but I feel like you've been an important part of my life these past few months. I'm so glad you're home."

Blaine nodded and tried to remember what Kurt had told him about Quinn helping to get him, but he was more intrigued with Noah. He'd never seen him look so submissive. He was standing close to Quinn, holding her hand. He gave Blaine a quick smile and nod which Blaine returned. He was grateful when Carol quietly asked Burt exactly what Blaine had been wondering.

"Noah's a half stain, right?"


"So, him and does that work?"

"Well, Quinn doesn't seem to mind. Noah is mostly submissive when he's with her, but when his dominance flares up, it doesn't set her off. She says she actually likes the challenge. They've agreed to go slow and see where it leads."

"Do they want Beth back?"

"No. They would never uproot her life like that. Assuming it all works out, Beth will stay with Shelby and they'll just continue to visit."

Suddenly there was loud yelling and applauding as the cast of the show arrived. Kurt made his way straight to Blaine.

"Hi sir."

"Hello. Are you okay?"

Blaine smiled. "I'm fine."

The party grew loud and boisterous as everyone enjoyed the bar and the buffet. Blaine stayed close to Kurt, smiling, laughing, and talking. It felt like old times. Normal. Natural. The way things should be.

Later in the evening, a journalist for an online Broadway show review site asked Kurt if she could have a few minutes to ask him a few questions. Kurt's mood was so good that he agreed instead of being annoyed at her for interrupting the party. Blaine decided to get some air. Kurt asked Rick to go with him.

Once outside, Blaine took several deep breaths. He felt great. He was so proud of Kurt and so glad he was home. He never wanted to leave home again.


Blaine turned around.


He looked very handsome in a classic black suit, but he was visibly nervous and his eyes were sad and frightened.

"What are you doing here?"

"Um...I...I went to the show. I wanted to see it. I heard you talk about it for so long..." He trailed off and stared at the ground. Blaine glared at him.

"Well, that was nice of you. I suppose it was the least you could do."

Tears slowly rolled down Kayden's cheeks. "I...Blaine...I'm s-sorry. I'm s-so sorry. He tricked me. No...that's not true. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. I never thought they would really take you away. Everyone knows how much Kurt loves you. I thought...I thought it would all go away, and he would claim me and...I'm sorry, Blaine. I'm so sorry."

Blaine just looked at him. What was he supposed to say?

Rick stepped forward with a bright green handkerchief. "Here. Stop crying." Instead of just giving the handkerchief to Kayden, Rick started gently dabbing at his cheeks and around his eyes. Their eyes met and locked. They stood there, staring at each other. Finally Rick exhaled a breathy, "Hi." Kayden blinked. "Hi."

Blaine stared at them. He had a feeling he was watching love at first sight. The way they stared at each other reminded him of the first time Chandler and Seth laid eyes on each other.

The three stood there in silence, Kayden and Rick still staring into each others eyes until Kurt came out.

"There you are! I was looking for..." Kurt stopped when he spotted Kayden.

And lost it.

"You! How dare you! What the hell are you doing here?"

The spell was broken and Kayden looked at Kurt. "Oh...I...Hi. Um...I came to see the show...and...I wanted to apologize to Blaine...and to you."

"Apologize? You want to apologize for betraying us? For betraying, Blaine? He was your friend! He was always worried about you, and this is how you repay him?"

Kayden started crying again. "I..I'm s-sorry. Please...I..."

"How dare you show up here after what you did!"

Blaine laid a hand on Kurt's arm. "Sir...please, it's okay."

"No it isn't!"

Rick stepped back from Kayden. "What exactly did you do?"

Kayden was now sobbing too hard to speak. Kurt was happy to answer.

"He sold us out! He's the one that went to the Ministry! He's the one that told them I was an abuser! He's an asshole!"

Rick looked at Kayden in surprise that slowly morphed into disappointment.

"I'm sorry! I didn't...he made..." Kayden turned and ran.

Blaine called after him but he kept running. Rick stood there looking like he'd just been punched. Kurt was still angry. "Let him go. I don't ever want to see him again. I can't believe he came here. Come on."

Blaine slowly turned and followed Kurt back inside.

Rick just stood there, staring in the direction Kayden ran.

The next morning, Kurt and Blaine lay in bed and read the rave reviews. It was official. The show was a smash success.

Kurt closed his eyes, laid his head back against the headboard and exhaled. Everything was perfect. He had Blaine back. The show was a successful. Tristan was happy. His dad was doing well. Even Quinn and Noah seemed to be making a go of it. Everyone in his world was happy and settled.



"About last night?"


"About Kayden..."

Kurt remained in his relaxed state with his eyes closed. "I know. I can't believe he had the nerve to show up there. How did he even know we would be there? I'm sure he wasn't invited."


First name usage. Kurt opened his eyes. "What?"

"I think Rick's in love with him."


"I think Rick fell in love with Kayden last night. Before you came out they were just staring at each other. Staring like Chandler and Seth stared when we had them over for dinner to meet."

"But...Kayden betrayed you! He's a spineless traitor who sold out someone who cared for him. Rick can do better."

"Maybe, but...I don't know. Maybe Rick would be good for Kayden. Kayden needs someone strong and loving. Someone who won't abuse him. Someone who will take good care of him."

"I'm sorry, but are you forgetting what happened to us because of the lies Kayden told?"

"No, but Kayden has always been weak. He's gone through a lot of heartache and abuse. I'd hate for him to miss out on a good thing just because Rick feels a sense of loyalty to us. Kayden didn't lie about you out of malice. He did it because he was pushed into it. Yes, he should have refused, but...Kayden doesn't have that kind of strength. His past has left him damaged and desperate. Rick would be good for him."

Kurt slowly shook his head. How was it possible that with everything he'd been through, from his heartless mother, to this summer, that Blaine still had a heart of love, kindness and forgiveness? He reached over and took Blaine's hand.

"Okay. What do you want to do?"


Rick arrived 15 minutes early. Kurt opened the door and took a few steps back simply because of the outfit. Rick was wearing a hideous green and black shirt with red squiggly designs all over it. His pants were a dark green and he had on blue loafers.

"Hi. I know I'm early. Sorry. I was just too nervous to stay home."

Kurt smiled. "No, it's fine. Come on in."

It was two days after the show opening, and Kurt and Blaine were hosting lunch for Rick and Kayden to officially meet. It had taken some convincing to get Kayden to agree. He was terrified of Kurt's wrath, but Blaine assured him that Kurt was okay. He just needed to get that initial outburst out of his system.

Once he settled Rick in the living room, Kurt walked into the kitchen where Blaine was finishing the salad.

"Are we sure Rick's gay?"

"I would think so. He's into Kayden. Why?"

"The clothes. The clothes throw me every time."

Blaine laughed.

Kayden arrived right on time looking nervous and terrified. Blaine pulled him inside.

"Hi. Relax. Everything's fine."

Kayden grabbed Blaine's arm. "I'm so sorry, Blaine. I really, really am. I'm so glad you're okay, and I'm just...I'm so sorry. Please...can you forgive me?"

"I already forgave you. Now come on. Rick's a great guy and he won't try to convince you to sell me out."

Kayden's face fell. "Oh, God, Blaine."

Blaine laughed. "Relax."

The moment they entered the living room, Kurt and Blaine ceased to exist. Rick and Kayden locked eyes and it was over.

One month later, Rick claimed Kayden.


Royce parked his car and hopped out. He never used valet. Didn't trust them not to scratch his Maybach or take it for a quick joy ride.

He entered the main doors of Maitres and swiped his access card to enter the actual club. The light remained red.


He swiped it again.


He did this two more times, growing more and more irritated. Suddenly, Mimi, the club manager, stepped out into the entryway. Behind her was Karl and Hans, two of the security guards.

"Ah, Mimi. Hello beautiful. I'm glad to see you. Something seems to be wrong with my card."

Mimi didn't smile. "No Monsieur. Your membership to the club has been canceled."

"What are you talking about? My membership fee is paid. I pay it in full every January."

"Yes, I'm aware of that. The prorated amount of your fees for this year will be returned."

"Returned? Why? What's going on?"

"Your membership has been revoked."

"What? Why?"

"I can't comment further. You will receive a letter from the club board of directors within the next day or so." Mimi turned to leave. Royce reached out to grab her arm.

"Wait a minute..."

One of the security guards stepped forward and grabbed Royce, practically lifting him off the ground. He effortlessly threw him out the door. Royce sat on the ground in shock for a moment before jumping to his feet. He contemplated going back in, but decided not to risk it. This had to be a mistake. He pulled out his cell phone and called two board members he knew personally. Straight to voice mail. He left messages as he walked to his car.

What was going on?

He ended up having dinner alone in a small cafe down the street. He called several friends to see if they knew what was going on, but reached no one. Where was everybody?

Irritated and alone, he drove around aimlessly until he decided to check out a free club right outside the city. He'd been there before, but it had been awhile.

The moment he walked in he felt better. Yes, this was what he needed. A good fuck to relax him. Maybe several good fucks. Since he hadn't claimed a slave, his dominance was always hungry. His body was always ravenous. It wasn't a healthy state to be in, but he had no interest in settling down. He'd rather feed his hunger with a buffet of beautiful men and the occasional woman.

He sat down at the bar, ordered a drink and turned to watch the dance floor. It was early, so the place wasn't crowded, but there were still about 12 slaves on the dance floor putting on a show for the few masters present. Royce zeroed in on a short, slim slave with curly, black hair. His ass was a perfect, tight bubble shape. Royce's dominance growled. That was exactly what he needed.

He ordered another drink and continued watching the slave dance seductively, switching his hips back and forth and rolling his body. His eyes were closed and he had his arms in the air, losing himself in the music, hoping a master would approach him.

Royce finished his drink. He was about to make his move when he spotted Daniel.


He swung around to face the bar, hoping Daniel didn't see him. Royce had met Daniel at a bar early in the year. Daniel was delicious. Blonde hair, blue eyes, flawless skin and very, very submissive. Royce screwed around with him for a month. The fact that Royce kept him around longer than a few days had led Daniel to believe Royce would claim him. It had taken Royce months to get rid of him.

Royce glanced over his shoulder. Daniel was staring straight at him. Shit. Royce thought about making a break for the door, but Daniel was suddenly standing right in front of him, his eyes full of hurt and longing.

"Hey Royce."

"Hi Daniel."

"Um...where have you been?"


"Oh. Um...I...I was looking for you."


" know...I guess I thought...that maybe...with some time and uh...distance between us you had...changed your mind."

Royce frowned. "No, I haven't changed my mind. I'm never gonna change my mind. It was just sex. All I wanted to do was fuck. I'm not claiming you, so get over it."

"But...I thought..."

"You thought nothing. It was just sex. If you're looking to get claimed, then you need to look elsewhere. I'm not interested." Daniel was quickly entering stage one of a meltdown.

"But...I...I love you, and maybe if..."

"You don't love me, Daniel! We just had sex! Like a hundred times! That's not love. That's fucking!"

Daniel slowly shook his head and blinked back tears. "I'd be a good slave for you. I really would. I'm very obedient and...maybe if you just gave it a chance..."

Royce had had enough. Could this day get any worse? "Leave me the fuck alone! I don't want you!"

"Why won't you at least give me a chance!"

A few people glanced over as Daniel grew louder and more visibly upset.

"Look. I don't need this shit. Go home, Daniel. Forget we ever met."

Daniel shook his head. "No!"

It all happened at once.

Royce stood up.

Daniel smacked the side of his own face and screamed.

"He hit me! He hit me!"

Royce looked at him. "What? No I didn't!"

Daniel screamed and cried. "He hit me! Why are you so mean to me? Why do you beat me?"

Royce's eyes grew wide as a crowd started to move in on them, murmuring and shaking their heads.

"I didn't hit him! He's lying!"

Daniel was hysterical. "Yes, he did! He hit me! He doesn't want me! He slept with me and promised to collar me! Now he doesn't want me!"

The crowd grew louder. The bartender picked up the phone.

Royce started moving towards the door. Just as he reached it, a short man with white blonde hair and steel blue eyes walked in. His skin was a waxy pale color. His lips were thin and blood red. He wore a black suit with beige tie. On his lapel was a small gold pin of an M with two whips across it in an X. Behind him was a huge man, 7 feet tall with muscles bulging from all sides.

He provided a backdrop for the smaller man.

The little man sneered.

"Looks like we arrived to catch you right in the act. Seize him."

The huge man stepped forward and grabbed Royce, dragging him out of the club and towards a white van.

"What the fuck! Get off of me! Who are you?"

The small man smiled an evil, wicked, sick smile.

"My name is Perlson. I'm with the Masters Ministry of the United States. I'm here on a best practices exchange trip with the French Masters Ministry."

Royce started shaking. The Masters Ministry?

"Look, I didn't touch that slave! I did not hit him! I didn't!"

Perlson's smile broadened. He looked maniacal. "Oh, I'm not here for that, although you can rest assured that we will address that as well. I'm here because we received a credible report that you brutally raped a slave a few months ago in the United States."

"What? No! I didn't! I didn't!"

Perlson shrugged. "Nevertheless, the report was credible. We have no reason to believe it's false. But don't worry. You won't be extradited to the United States. The French have perfected some very interesting corrective training tools that I would like to witness in action in order to determine if they would be useful in the American program. You can assist. I prefer to practice on live masters. Scream levels are a very important indication of a tools usefulness."

Royce was shoved inside the van and the doors slammed shut.

Daniel watched the van drive away. His boyfriend wrapped his arm around Daniel's waist.

"That was a great performance, honey. You were wonderful."

Daniel smiled. "Thank you." He turned to the beautiful young man standing on the other side of him. "What did you think?"

Tristan smiled. "I thought you were great."

He sent a quick text to Kurt.

"Mission accomplie."


"Carmen, are you sure you want to walk down the stairs? There has to be a ramp around here somewhere." Carmen waved her hand, dismissing the concerned looks of Wes and Blaine.

"I'm fine. I'll go slow. Actually, slow is the only speed I go these days."

Carmen held on to the railing and Wes took her other hand while Blaine came down behind them, ready to grab Carmen the second it looked like she might fall.

It was a beautiful October Saturday and everyone was gathering for a belated Kurt and Blaine birthdays/Blaine is back/Wes & Carmen baby shower celebration. With everything that had happened, plus the start of Kurt's show, the boys had failed to celebrate their birthdays or Blaine's return. Kurt decided they should take advantage of the final warm days of fall to have a picnic party in the park.

It was a gathering of everyone they loved. Burt, Quinn, Cooper and Wes talked politics, while Rick and Rachel argued about Broadway. Carol and Lisa talked babies with Carmen, while Blaine, Seth, Kayden, Noah and Finn argued about superhero video games. Kurt fussed over the buffet before joining Rick and Rachel's conversation. Everyone ate, drank, laughed and of course, being Broadway people, sang. As everyone relaxed and chatted, Kurt sought out Cooper. The two went for a walk.

"So, have you heard from Michael Smythe?"

Cooper smirked. "Several times. It took him awhile to figure out that he'd been duped, but you know...I'm not really sure that's true. I have a feeling that he knew all along what I was up to and just wanted to stick it to my mother."

"But why? I thought they were friends."

"I don't know. I sometimes wonder if the Smythes were really as okay with her giving Blaine to you as they claimed. They didn't say it at the time, but I think they were insulted."

"What about the money Michael Smythe gave your mom? Is she paying it back?"

Cooper laughed. "That did turn into a bit of a mess. Once he realized I wasn't coming to work for him, he definitely got pissed off. No way he was going to accept a total loss on his investment, so he is now a 10% shareholder of Ramken Industries."

"A shareholder? I thought Ramken Industries was a privately held company. I thought it all belonged to your mother."

"It did. Now 10% belongs to Michael Smythe."

Kurt shook his head. "Well, 10% is not bad. That's not much."

Cooper laughed. "Try telling that to Victoria. She's outraged. She tried offering him the money, with interest, but he refused. Either 10% of the company, or he would sue her in court and make their entire deal public. Bad publicity, corporate secrets revealed, plus legal fees. She caved."

"But you could have threatened to make Smythe's illegal business activities public. Does he know about the thumb drive?"

"Nope and I have no interest in helping my mother. Those files are insurance for you and Blaine to make sure Smythe and his serial rapist son stay away forever. If they ever breathe in your direction, you can use those files for protection."

"Thank you, Cooper. Thanks so much."

"Don't thank me. I thank you for loving my brother more than our family ever did, me included. I'm grateful he has you. He belongs with you. Just promise me that you'll never let him go."

Kurt nodded. "Never."

The sun was just beginning to rise as Kurt groaned softly and tangled his fingers into Blaine's curls, pulling gently. Blaine growled and pushed a little further into Kurt's ass. Kurt gasped and tried to arch his hips up, but Blaine had him bent over completely, Kurt's feet by his head. Kurt's dancer body was flexible and limber, so the position wasn't uncomfortable. Blaine rocked forward gently and fell into a smooth rhythm, thrusting deep, and despite being on top, falling into the warm essence of Kurt's dominance as it wrapped around him while Kurt whispered in his ear.

"You are my greatest love. My only love. You honor me with your submission and your obedience. I promise to always control and dominate you, but you must never submit to another, Blaine. Never again."

Blaine pressed forward. "Never master, never."

Blaine thrust deeper and a little faster as he felt the burning need for release, coil tighter in his belly.


"Come Blaine."

Blaine came with a loud cry that dissolved into a long moan. Kurt brought his legs back down and wrapped them around Blaine's body. His fingers found Blaine's purr spot and began to stroke. Blaine purred quietly. Relaxed, warm and happy.

They rested for 30 minutes before taking a long, hot shower together, soaping each other up and washing each others hair. Once they were clean, they threw on shirts and boxers and headed to the kitchen.

"Can I have cookies for dinner?"

"Cookies for dinner? What are you, five years old?"

"Can I?"

Kurt shook his head. "No, Curious George. You may have two cookies after dinner. Do monkeys even eat cookies?"

Blaine grinned. "Your monkey does." Kurt rolled his eyes.

Blaine sat down at the kitchen table and watched Kurt moving around. He didn't really want cookies for dinner. He just wanted Kurt to tell him no.


After dinner they debated on a movie.

"White Christmas? It's not Christmastime. We haven't even had Thanksgiving."

"Doesn't matter. I want to be inspired as I finish the final few songs for the musical."

Kurt agreed. They settled under a blanket on the couch with a plate of cookies and milk.

Kurt suddenly leaned over and kissed Blaine softly.

"I love you and I'm so glad you're mine."

"I love you and I'm so glad I'm yours."

"And I promise to never let you go."

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