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Asami sat at a table, feeling rather annoyed. The table in question was that of a restaurant on the edge of Republic City, its ceiling-high windows showcasing a spectacular view of the ocean and the Air Temple across the water. Normally, Asami wouldn't care for such an affair- back when she and her father were on better terms, formal events were things she attended more often than she liked- but Mako had insisted just this once, saying that he needed to take her on a 'real' date sometime. What that made their other outings, Asami wasn't sure, but part of her was sure that it was just his ego talking and not real concern. Of course, being late wasn't the best way to impress her.

Tapping her fingers to a rhythm, Asami looked out the window for the hundredth time, the sight of the sea easing her frustration, if not her boredom. As she looked up at the Temple, she vaguely noticed something flying from its spire, but she couldn't tell what it was and glanced elsewhere. Eventually, her gaze flicked to the clock. Fifteen minutes. Asami frowned and set her head in her hands. Patience was not, and never was, a virtue she possessed.

A minute or two later, the door of the restaurant opened and a rather grumpy Mako walked in. His eyes alighting on his equally frustrated companion, he made his way over to Asami's table and sat down in a huff. Eyebrows raised, Asami waited silently for the inevitable explanation. Within seconds, it came.

"Sorry I'm late- Bolin and Korra pranked me and hid my pants somewhere while I was showering. I looked for them, but eventually I just got dressed and left. At that point, I was already behind." Mako's voice sped angrily. Frowning, he shook his head in frustration. At his words, Asami said nothing. His explanation appeased her slightly, but not by much. With a sigh, she looked out at the water, diverting her eyes from Mako, who looked about ready to blow a gasket. Her eyes glancing at the Temple again, she could still see the foreign object waving from the very top. Squinting in the light, she stared at the spire, trying to make out what it was. It was a few seconds before Asami realized with a mixture of horror and strange delight that she knew where Mako's disappearing pants had ended up. She had to hand it to Korra; only this could be her work. With a stifled chuckle, Asami turned to Mako.

"You may want to take a look at that," she said, gesturing to the Temple across the bay. His brows furrowed, Mako followed her lead and looked at the Temple. It took a minute or two for Mako to realize what she was pointing at. His face turned from annoyment to utter disgust as he turned back to Asami, apparently too angry for words. If he was mad before, he was far beyond that now. His eyes flashing, he pounded a fist on the table, the empty glass in front of him clanking on the surface. A few patrons turned their eyes to the infuriated man, but Mako didn't seem to care.

"I can't believe them! Bolin is bad enough, but he just had to drag Korra in with him! This is ridiculous!" Mako's voice hissed with rage as he scowled. Asami tried her best to hold back her smirk as she watched Mako squirm, his reaction exactly what she- as well as Bolin and Korra, she guessed- would have expected from him. She shrugged her shoulders.

"At least they were original," she replied. Mako said nothing, his frown deepening. With an air of suspence, Asami leaned back in her chair. She stared at Mako with an inquisitive gaze as she spoke, looking very much in her element.

"We'll just have to think of something better, won't we?" Asami asked, her voice quiet. Mako looked up slowly. As the two locked gaze, Mako smiled, his face shifting from anger to intrigue.

"I guess so."