Chapter 1: "Adventure Frame"

"Adventure!" I yelled as I grabbed the club girls' hand. I raised our hands and indicated that I wanted her to twirl. She did, giggling. Women loved to twirl.

I pulled her through the club, every time I felt her hesitation I would twirl her again, aware that she was unaware of our destination.

"Where are we going?" she asked over the loud beats that had every woman's hormones racing.

"Adventure!" I yelled so that she could hear me, bending down and lightly biting her neck. We were close to the bathrooms, so close.

She looked at me, calculating, now aware of my intentions. I pulled her close to me and danced in a silly way, making her giggle. Being suave and chill is the fastest way to get a woman to lose interest in you. If you want her to go home (or into a dirty club bathroom) with you, you have to show her that you're a real person.

There was still hesitation in her eyes, "My friends…" she trailed off.

Take the blame off of her.

"Will never know," I said, finishing her sentence and backing her into the bathroom with the use of my silly dance.

Adventure indeed.


Twenty minuets later I was coming out of the bathroom after helping her fix her dress and putting her number in my phone, aware that I would never use it, but still wanting to be polite.

I gave her a quick, friendly hug and with a smile that was designed to look regretful I said, "Hey I have to go meet up with my friends, but I had a great time getting to know you!"

"Text me!" she yelled as I made my escape.

I went back to our reserved table in the crowded club and was met with envious looks one of the men that was here to learn from the best.

"How the fuck did you do that, man, she was a ten and it took you less than fifteen minuets?" Eric asked me, awed, as I sat down, reaching for my water to wash the taste of cigarettes out of my mouth.

"Adventure frame technique," I told him, aware that he knew what I was talking about because I had gone over it in the seminar, earlier in the day. "But more importantly, you do realize that you aren't going to get anywhere by sitting at this table, right"

"I was talking to this set, she said she'd come right back…"

"How long ago?"

"Ten minuets," he said.

"No man! No, no, no!" I stood up and motioned for him to do the same. "See that girl in the pink?" I asked, pointing to a random girl, he nodded. "Now, while I'm sure the set you were talking to was very nice, unless you feel as if she was the love of your fucking life, I think you should go for the one in the pink. Open with a different technique this time!"

"But…" he started, eying the hot girl. I could already tell what was coming, having dealt with a countless number of men with inadequacy issues.

"No 'but's', man, you got this! Look at me," I said; he took his eyes off of the redhead who would intimidate most men. Not my men. "No one is too good for you, dude. You got this!" I repeated, and gave him a fist bump before I gave him a nudge in the red heads direction.

Realistically, I wasn't surprised when she refused to give him much more than the time of day, but I was pleased to see him amble further into the crowd instead of returning to the table. I had learned long ago that after attempting to open with a ten (model hot), a seven or eight was easy. It was all a matter of building up calluses to rejection and learning not to give a fuck.

Two of the other men that were with our group came back to the table for some water and to tell me that they had gotten a few numbers. I appropriately congratulated them and sent them off to try to find a set to close the night with.

I stayed at the table, and started going through emails on my phone and going over the next day's seminar.

I stretched my arms above my head to let out a yawn, and that was when I saw her.

One of my "boot campers" was trying to talk to her by the bar and for a second I felt a burst of satisfaction when I realized he was being ridiculously persistent and refusing to back down even though she was throwing off every sign of "not interested" in the book.

I wasn't usually into stealing my guy's sets, but her resistance was just too good to pass up.

It might've been sleazy, considering my earlier rendezvous, but she was giving off such a strong "don't talk to me!" vibe that I couldn't resist.

I was a strong believer in reaching for the seemingly unobtainable, and by the looks of it, she was the definition of "unobtainable".

Instead of waiting for my trainee to give up and move onto another set, which is what I usually would've done, I placed myself in front of him and put on my most charming smile.

I was still in "adventure" mode from earlier, so I decided to open with: "You! Adventure! Now!"

I expected her to do what the typical woman did, look at me with a quizzical expression that would invite me to lay out an interesting plan that would entice her. Women loved adventure.

I was already plotting how to get her out the door, while I waited for that quizzical cue.

She surprised me.

She didn't even look at me.

A challenge indeed.

I decided to change tactics, and went with "She hates me already! How is that even possible?" Asking in an exasperated way, hoping to earn a denial from her, or even acquiesce. Nope. No reaction.

I wasn't one to accept defeat however. I persisted for several more minuets, trying to get some reaction out of her. Anything I could go on. I was starting to flounder however; the complete lack of response wasn't something I encountered very often.

The men who attend my seminars ask all the time "when should you give up on a set?" My response has always been: "when she pulls out the pepper spray, although even then, I wouldn't say it's completely hopeless."

I could see several of my men watching me, and I was grasping for straws. I reached for her hand to perform the "grab the bull by the horns" technique when she surprised me again.

She punched me.

Now in my profession, slapping was common, I had learned to expect slaps like a beekeeper expects to be stung.

But in my five years of work I had never been punched.

And man, did she know how to punch.

I was in love.

Too bad she was such a bitch.

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This is based on a real man who has completely changed the way I look at men haha I did get my content (terms/ideas) etc from him, his colleagues, and his website ( )

And as always, Mrs. SM deserves credit.