Set after Aelita is devirtualized for the first time. JxA and hints of UxY and one-sided SxU(The side showing interest being Sissi, obviously).

Set in the forest. The whole team is hanging out there after school.

Disclaimer—If I owned CL, William wouldn't have been possessed by XANA.


'Jeremie, what's kissing?' Aelita asked.

'What's…what?' Jeremie spluttered, looking up from his textbook.


Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi laughed.

'Jeremie, did I say anything wrong?' Aelita asked, concerned.

'No! Only—.Well, what put this into your head?'

Well, I heard Sissi tell Nicholas and Herve that she'd make Ulrich kiss her somehow or the other.

Ulrich groaned. 'When will that brat learn that I don't like her?'

Yumi glowered at a tree.

'Jeremie! You're not answering my question.' Aelita tugged at his arm.

'I—it's… Jeremie gazed at the others beseechingly.

Fortunately, Yumi stepped in. 'It's something two people—a boy and a girl most of the time—do, usually when they like each other.'

'Like you and Ulrich.'

Both turned red and stared in opposite directions.

'How is it done?' Aelita continued.

There was a silence. Everyone looked at Jeremie.

He sighed. 'When people kiss, they, err, usually put their lips on other people's skin, hands and cheeks most of the time, and, more commonly, on their, err, lips.'

'Like this?' Aelita enquired, kissing Jeremie full on the lips. He slumped against a tree, in a trance. The other giggled.

'Did I do anything wrong?' Aelita asked.

'Err…no, not really.' Jeremie replied, still dazed.

'Then why is everyone laughing?'

'Well, you usually kiss a person when you really like them.' Jeremie turned pink.

'But I like you—you're my best friend!'

'Not in that way, Aelita.'

'Then…what other way is there?'

'When you have a crush on someone. Or when you're in love.' Jeremie's blush deepened.

'Oh!' Aelita said, her eyes wide. 'Like Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama?'

'Not exactly the perfect example, but, yes.' Jeremie nodded vigorously, trying to think of a way to change the subject.

'But why does Sissi want to kiss Ulrich?'

'Because she likes him.'

'So—Ulrich likes Sissi too?'

'No, no, no!'

'So why does Sissi want to kiss Ulrich?'

Jeremie sighed. 'She thinks that she can make him like her.'

Ulrich wrinkled his nose. 'Not in a million years.'

'Why not?'

Ulrich turned pink. 'I—I like someone else.'

'Who? Yumi?'

'Aelita!' Now Yumi was blushing too.

'But—.Oh, never mind. Jeremie, whom do you like?'

Jeremie became as pink as Aelita's hair. 'I can't tell you now, Aelita.'

'Can you tell me later?'

'I will…someday.' Jeremie sighed, regaining his normal color. 'Now let's go get some ice-cream.'

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