The Prologue

These are my drabbles and one-shots about life in the Avengers mansion. That's all they are, just fluff. There's a line in the Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle, in which the main character is complaining about things always going wrong, to which her companion replies, oh no, there are so many wonderful days full of wonderful things, one after another, slipping into weeks and months and years of happy, peaceful time. I've always been fascinated by the in-between times of all the fandoms I've ever been a part of.

What are normal meals like in the Great Hall, when there's not a Quidditch game coming or some disaster about to strike?

What kinds of things do normal hobbits do in the Shire when the Bagginses aren't stirring up trouble? What was life in Edoras like before Saruman interfered?

Does the Doctor ever have a normal trip without the Daleks or the Silence or whoever trying to destroy the universe?

What's daily life like on the Enterprise, when they're just en route somewhere and no enemies are about?

These ideas fascinate me. So I've taken Marvel's brilliantly rendered movie heroes, stuck them together, and I let the stories flow.

Some warnings: I'm dismally uneducated in the Marvel universe, please forgive my errors. I only (actively) ship canon pairs, mostly because I'm too chicken to try anything else (feel free to read between the lines, though). Loki shows up as an "uneasy ally" for lack of a better term. He is still very much the god of mischief, but he helps the team more than hinders. COULSON IS NOT DEAD. I'm in denial and it's my story, that's why. I take a lot of inspiration from things I see on tumblr – if I use someone else's idea and run with it, I promise to try and give credit to the original author. If that's you and you're not ok with it, please say something nicely and I'll take it down. Insert generic I-own-nothing-and-no-one disclaimer here. Suggestions welcome. Feedback even more so.