Hello again fellow fans, yes I am doing another story. I have decided to do a rewrite of a favorite of mine. The author has decided to leave behind the story and not finish it but I just couldn't leave it there unfinished. So with permeation from the original author I'm re writing this story. I'm going to keep to a lot of the chapters, however I will be using the English names due to the fact I'm not familiar with Japanese or spellings I hope you guys like this one just as much.


"Why are we here again?" Jack asked frustrated grabbing a small flashlight that he found hiding up above his head.

"It's the twins birthday remember Jack. Crow wanted to throw them a party and we promised him that we would help out." Yusei reminded the blond haired man who now pointed the flash light in his direction.

"Then why are we hiding in a tool shed?" He asked watching him as Yusei tried to move. The somewhat crowded shed made it difficult for two grown adults to play man hunt and not be found by two rambunctious pre-teens, but somehow Jack and Yusei managed it.

Yusei moved himself back but he felt his left hand getting prodded by something sharp and did not like the feeling at all. He grimaced lightly and bit his lip in protest against the pain. Jack smiled lightly when he saw the way Yusei reacted to pain. How he bit his lip slightly made Jack move forward closer to the black haired boy. He lightly brought his hand around the boy's waist and pulled him close taking him away from the sharp annoyance.

Yusei looked up at Jack with a stunned look. Jack brought his hand across his face and proceeded to lean down and kiss Yusei's warm lips. The two craved the taste of one another as there kiss got heated and passionate. Unfortunately for them they needed to breath and Yusei pulled away reluctantly from the kiss.

Jack looked to the door that was closed behind them. The two boys were in a corner when Jack pulled Yusei closer to him so they two were inches away.

"It has to have been close to an hour and no one has found us" Jack said looking at Yusei with a keen look in his eyes he only got when he wanted something.

"Why don't we occupy our time" Jack asked running a hand smoothly down Yusei's spine. Yusei gasped at the sudden feeling and could not resist the opportunity. He nodded lightly unable to make a sentence in Jacks embrace. Smiling at his inability to speak Jack started trailing butterfly kisses down Yusei's neck. He bit softly in places he knew Yusei loved witch made Yusei mew softly.

Jack continued by remove clothing from the boy. Starting with his gloves and jacket and ending with his red and black shirt. Running a hand down the boys toned abdomen made Jack want Yusei more with every second. He kissed down the younger boy's stomach making Yusei grab at Jack's coat.

"Uhh..Ja..ck" Yusei voice cracked slightly knowing what his body really wanted, however, he was trying to keep quiet knowing that it was very possible that ether of the twins, Akiza, Crow or even Bruno could find them if they were not carful. If Jack and Yusei were caught, they wouldn't live it down.

Jack smiled loving the fact that he was the only one that got to see Yusei so venerable. He always kept up a serious brave look for everyone else but Jack melted Yusei's cool exterior away with one touch. Jack felt his pants grow tight as Yusei bit back another quite moan that sounded like his name. Foreplay was driving the two of them crazy and that was when Jack decided Yusei was getting fucked right here.

Toying with Yusei's belt buckle for a while he eventually undid it and unzipped the boy's pants, stripping the boy of the rest of his clothing. Jack the proceeded to undo his pants releasing his large erection. Jack then placed three fingers in front of Yusei's mouth requesting that he coat them in his saliva. Yusei did this without having to be told. When the three digits were coated enough to Jacks satisfaction he proceeded to slip one… two ...three of his fingers inside his lover. Yusei winched lightly as Jack stretched his entrance but soon relaxed.

After Jack was satisfied and felt Yusei was ready he pulled his fingers out and positioned himself to enter Yusei. Yusei however stopped him and looked up at Jack with worry written on his face.

"Do you have a condom?" Yusei asked worry laced within every word. Jack smiled lightly and came down kissing Yusei's forehead.

"Don't worry my little Koi, I promise you will be safe" Jack reassured Yusei nudging him lightly. "I would not do this if it were not safe."

Yusei nodded slowly allowing Jack to continue where they were. He pushed into Yusei slowly allowing him to adjust. Yusei soon after gave Jack a light squeeze telling him he was ok. Jack then continued to thrust into the smaller duelist moving first at a slower pace but gradually gaining more momentum as they went.

"Ja..ck.. uhh.. .Faster" Yusei panted getting a bit louder almost forgetting about the possible danger of being found. Jack continued getting faster pleasing Yusei as he hit his prostate making him scream loudly in pleasure.

"Shh, Koi, You don't want to be found" Jack shushed his lover as he to bit back making too much noise as well.

Jack kept hitting that one spot over and over driving Yusei into bitter sweet bliss. However Jack could feel himself getting close as his lower abdomen began to swirl with warmth. Reaching down he began to stroke Yusei's hard member making Yusei pant desperately for a release. Soon after Yusei, came all over Jacks stomach and Jack followed suite filling Yusei with his warm seed. The finished slowly as Jack grabbed Yusei into a warm embrace and kissed him ever so lightly on the lips. Jack rested his head in the nape of Yusei's neck taking in the black haired boys unique sent. So unique that Jack could never quite pinpoint what it was. It was feminine at times but he would never say that to Yusei. He was a kind and gentle boy when he wanted to be but he could have an attitude when he needed it.

Yusei, enjoying the warmth instinctually wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling the older blond boy closer. Comfortable in his arms his breathing steadied and his eyes fluttered shut and before he knew it Yusei was sleeping soundly. Jack laughed lightly picking the smaller male up as a groom would to his bride and brought him to his room. The last thing they needed was to be found a messy and naked.

After getting to Jack's room, he placed Yusei down on his bed coving him with the thin blanket as he soundly slept on. Jack crawled in beside the boy. At first he just watched him sleep soundly. The rise and fall of his cheats and the way Yusei fisted his hands in his sleep. Quickly however Jack also felt sleep start to take over. He wrapped a protective arm around his boyfriend and as his eyes fluttered shut he wisped the worlds. I love you Yusei.

Okay Chapter one end, again mostly the same a few edits here and there a few things said differently but mostly just a few minor edits it will hopefully start to change a bit more. Thanks again to the author Taoret for allowing this I hope I make you proud.

~KaiFudo …aka the author~