Ok even though it pains me to finally do this, I am writing the final chapter of A fathers sin T~T. I know it's a really sad thought for a lot of you but don't cry, I have a special surprise at the end of this chapter. So read and we shale find out what awaits you!

It has been six months since Jack and I have been blessed with our beautiful child Iara. She reminds me so much of Jack. When she opened her eyes for the first time my heart fluttered with joy to see violet instead of blue. She was just learning to walk and we made sure that she tried that only upstairs. The garage we found out quite quickly was one of her favorite places to be, only because there were so many things she could get her hands into. Finding this out we bought he a play pen for when I was down in the garage. Jack and I started to make sure the place was free of anything a child could choke on. When you live with a mechanic like me, there are many things that a child can choke on. The other thing was she loves was to watch me work. I had to take some time to work on our bikes, being pro-dullest, and it was our main way of transportation, among many other things, they had to be in top shape. I was the only one, besides Bruno, who touched them. Although Bruno was amazing and could do what I did with his eyes closed I couldn't help but love to work on our runners.

The day Iara managed to crawl down the stairs past her Uncle Crow, and next to me made me laugh. I hadn't noticed her there until I felt her pat my jeans a couple times. I had been working for a while and was covered in grease. When I looked up to see her I had noticed she had managed what I had in seconds. She didn't move and it made me smile. I just let her sit there and be messy why I finished my work. I reprimanded Crow later because she could have gotten hurt and the gate should have been up but ever since then I would let her sit in her side car while I worked.

Having a child was even good for Jack, after two months of being around her and taking care of her when I couldn't, he decided to go out and try once more at a job. He was hired at a daycare center in the room for kids from 5-12 and he taught them all how to play duel monsters. They all loved him and for once he could keep it. He came home with a smile almost every day and when with Iara, it only made his day that much brighter.

It was a sunny morning and I was getting Iara ready for the day. I had the day off and I was thinking about what to do with her. I had her in the adorable racing outfit that matched Jacks, because personally the white dress with purple looked better than the black and blue with orange. I laugh at the thought of me being the only one who could possibly pull something like that off. As I packed the baby bag with her bottles and some extra clothes and dippers, I started to put her in her car seat. That's when my phone rang. I looked down to it and answered.

"Hello Yusei Fudo," I answered as I finished getting Iara in her seat.

"Yusei, Its Martha," Spoke the happy voice of Martha over the phone.

"Hi Martha, is everything okay?" I asked knowing Martha only called if there was something serious going on.

"Can you come down today dear?" She asked bypassing my question which worried me more.

"Sure I was just packing Iara up, it's just me and her today," I replied finally getting her buckle.

"Ok, I'll see you when you get here, please drive carefully," Martha replied always worried about Iara getting in her car seat with Jack and I ridding the bikes.

"Don't worry Martha I always am," I smiled closing the phone and putting it back on my waist I looked down to baby Iara and kissed her forehead.

"I guess we are going to visit Grandma Martha today," I said to her as I straddled my bike turning her on. Iara giggled lightly as me. Sometimes I swore she enjoyed ridding as much as I did.

I pulled into Martha's house pulling my helmet off and getting Iara out. She had passed out in her seat over the bridge. I placed her on my cheats since my jacket had the pads on it. I grabbed her bag and went to walk inside. I was immediately mobbed by the kids and I had to quiet them so Iara wouldn't be woken.

"Yusei what brings you here today," asked the doctor who helped me through my birth.

"Martha asked me to come over today," I replied breaking through the wall of kids.

"Oh well she is in the dining room waiting with you, looks like she contacted Jack too, must be important," He replied. Helping me to too the dining room. I saw Jack and Martha there conversing as I sat down in the chair next to Jack.

"Yusei… looks like you have your hands full, need some help," Jack asked reaching for Iara. I willingly gave her to him as he slowly put her in his arms. She was getting big but she still looked so small in his arms. I placed down all of the things I had in my hand and tossed my keys in my pocket taking a seat once more.

"Looks like you're multitasking like a mother, how are you doing Yusei?" Martha asked laughing lightly.

"I'm well, what about you, you have me worried Martha. Avoiding my questions on the phone and calling Jack out of work, this has to be important." I replied getting right to the point. I loved Martha but I was looking forward to spending some time with Iara today.

"Well there were two things I wanted to discuss with you boys today. The first one starts with that Team Waru from back when you were taken to the facility for being framed." Martha started. I cringed at the mer thought of it. It was a bad time and my daughter was put in danger just by being there.

"At ease Yusei, this is good news, the mayor and the police went in there yesterday for a check in, to make sure things was going smoothly. Coming to find out the director in charge of the place was mass murdering inmates there, he was arrested along with his allies who were team Waru, they are being taken away to another Jail and are being locked up for life." Martha explained. I took a big sigh, a relief and a weight off my shoulders.

Iara started to squirm in Jacks arms and started to cry. I giggled lightly and grabbed one of the bottles in the bag.

"She might be hungry, I gave her a half a bottle earlier but she normally drinks a whole one" I replied handing Jack the bottle. He happily took it and started to feed her holding her up. I turned my attention back to Martha and she continued.

"The other matter pertains to the little angel Jack is holding." Martha started.

Jack looked up almost dropping the bottle and Iara, My eyes widened at her and blinked a few times.

"Is something wrong?" I asked worried about my daughter's health more than anything.

"Everything is fine; it's more towards how she even exists. Why you were able to have her Yusei. When we all realized that this was naturally impossible for you to have children Blister and I went to one conclusion. Your parents."

I looked down to the table. "I had the same thought" I admitted.

"Well Blister and I went and dug up some old files back from your father's research and we found something. Your father was a wonderful man and a huge supporter of woman. After having you he felt horrible about the woman who couldn't have children. So by the looks of it he was working on a syrum that would help woman have children. He eventually made one that worked to a degree at some point before he died." Martha explained handing me the file. I opened the old manila folder and looked through the work. It was defiantly my fathers. I sighed seeing were this was going and it was the only reason any of us could see this being possible.

"Martha, it's nice to know why I was able to have Iara, but I really don't care anymore. If my father did testing on me as a baby for his research, than that's what he did. Was it right, no but if he didn't I would not have had the chance to have such a beautiful baby girl with the man of my dreams. So now that I know, I just have to be a bit more carful than I was. That's all, and I should thank my father, for giving me this chance." I replied handing the folder back to her.

"I am glad to hear that," Martha smiled lightly at me. She went and placed the folder away. Jack smiled lightly as Iara finished her bottle and was sucking on air. Jack took the bottle and slowly turned around to burp her. It was so adorable watching him take care of her. After putting the bottle away he placed her small blue binky in her mouth. She took it with pleasure as she took Jacks finger into her tinny hands. He smiled.

"I would love to keep holding you but I have something to do Iara," he smiled slipping his finger out of her hands and looking to Martha.

"Do you mind taking her for a minute," Jack asked holding Iara up to her.

"Come here cutie," She cooed running her finger down her face. I looked to Jack confused.

"I have to admit Yusei, I have been meaning to do this but I haven't had the time or the courage to confront you. We have known each other since we were kids and dating since our satisfaction days. I think it's time I take this one step further. Yusei, Your handsome, intelligent way beyond my dreams and really good with your hands, so I ask you out of years of knowing and loving you.." He paused and got down on one knee opening a box ever so slowly. My heart raced quickly.

"Yusei Fudo, will you marry me?" Jack asked. He was proposing to me.

"I...I will Jack, yes I will!" I exclaimed running down to him knocking him to the floor below. He smiled as I looked down at him. He took the ring from the box. It was small with one little sapphire that looked like my eyes. I wanted to cry but I couldn't.

"I am so happy for you two, my little boys are getting married, and I have a granddaughter, what more can I ask for?" Martha replied happily as Jack and I got off one another.

"Nothing Martha nothing at all," I replied Tippy toeing to kiss Jack. He smiled into the kiss. This was worth the world.

So there is the end, obviously I am not going to leave this at just that, so I will be doing another Story for Fathers sin, it will not be coming anytime soon you will have to be patient with me due to the fact that I have other stories lined up. So I hope you enjoyed the end. I'll see you guys and hope you come back for my other stories.

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