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Wait, What Happened?

Sitting in their couples counseling group Travis and Wes couldn't even look at each other. They had barely said three words the entire season. Angling their bodies away from one another neither could process the events from the night before.

Dr. Ryan was having none of that. "Travis, Wes, you two haven't talked much, actually you can barely even look at each other. Why don't you tell the group what's wrong?"

The glanced to each other for the first time all day. They swallowed hard.

"No, no we're good," they quickly spoke together.

"Obviously something has happened. Something that's bothering you?" Ryan countered.

Wes and Travis made a silent exchange wondering if maybe they should just come clean.

Travis' teeth ran over the skin of Wes' throat nipping softly. Arching into his touches Wes' body trembled beneath him. Sucking harder Travis made sure he left a teasing mark before letting his caresses travel lover. His hand brushed over Wes causing a moan to sound. Parting his legs his body ached with need.

Wes' arms wrapped around his partner his nails scrapping along his back. Moans of pleasure where the only sounds that filled the trailer.

The only thing Travis saw when he looked to Wes was his body shinning with sweat panting underneath him. That face of pleasure as he came was something he'd never forget.

Wes rubbed the mark on his throat trying not to think about how incredible it had been when Travis had taken him. A blush crawled up his face and the more he tried to stop it the worse it got.

They weren't gay. Were they?

"Um," Travis coughed. "We, um, we, I can't!" He threw his arms up in the air. The words would not leave his mouth.

Wes tried to help. "What Travis is trying to say is last night we," the words stuck in his throat, "we…" He gestured to the two of them. "God." He ran his hands over his face.

The group looked to them curious and confused.

"What did you two do last night?" Dr. Ryan pushed.

They sat up straight fidgeting in their chairs.

"We had…" Travis started.

"Sex," Wes blurted out. "We had sex."

The entire room was silent.

"I beg your pardon. You two had sex?" Dr. Ryan repeated in complete disbelief.

"Yeah we did," Travis answered more confidently.

She opened her mouth to comment but for once she was stumped. "Well this is something else."

The two partners glanced to each other. Well this wasn't awkward at all.

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