Chapter 1 – New Life

His golden eyes watched as she walked around the room. She'd only been there for a few days and she'd been super quiet. "How are you holding up pip squeak? Are you settling in ok?" Emmett asked with a smirk that brought out his dimples. He was really hoping Lily was adjusting to Forks. After the ordeal she'd been through with the Volturi it would have made any vampire go from civility to animalism in two point three seconds.

Her amber eyes turned towards him with a hint of a smile on her face. She liked that Emmett called her pip squeak. She hadn't been living with the Cullen's but for a few days, but she'd gotten to know each of them quite well. They had all gone through a recent confrontation with the Volturi and it wasn't pretty; as one of the Cullen's distant Alaskan cousins Irina ended up losing her life for lying to them. It was bad enough she'd had to bear witness to her own parents being killed by the Volturi. Lily nodded. "I'm okay Emmett. I'm just not quite used to so much sunlight and fresh air; all the space in this house. It's so beautiful." She'd been locked away in the Volturi's layer or castle whatever they wanted to call it for six months.

Technically Lily had been dodging the Volturi for most of her hybrid life, they'd advised her to take their offer and join them in Volterra Italy, but she had refused several times. They finally abducted her and her parents and threatened her with the lives of her parents. It was unheard of for a male immortal to impregnate a female mortal. Her father knew her mother would NEVER survive the birth of Lily, once Lily was born he changed his wife immediately. It had been her request and both of their happy decision.

When the Volturi found out about the second Vampire Hybrid (half vampire/half human) child to be born; the birth of a baby girl to the Cullen's in Forks Washington, well it was all the encouragement they needed. Deciding they didn't need Lily anymore or her parents, they murdered both of her parents and tried to set her as a slave servant to them. When they went to Forks to try and take Renesmee Cullen, they made the mistake of taking their slave servant with them. All the Volturi lied and pulled Irina into it and said she'd told them the child was changed by the Cullen's; which was against their vampire laws. This is what led to the demise of Irina.

Emmett was quite proud of Lily for the way she'd handled herself with the Volturi. For someone who was actually just seventeen, she was quite intelligent and when Jane tried to force the Cullen's to submit to her and the rest of the Volturi, Lily had attacked Jane ripped both of her arms from her body and tossing them. Jane was so pissed and distracted that Emmett and Edward were able to get Bella to include Lily in her force field to save her. The Volturi said they didn't want to mess with an immature half breed vampire and let her stay with the Cullen's who had graciously taken her in. Most of the Cullen's laughed and giggled as they watched Jane's brother Alec retrieving her lost limbs from the forest floor where Lily had thrown them.

The first night was spent with them sitting in the living room listening to Lily's story from start to finish. Apparently her parents had put her through some of the best schools in America and Italy. Emmett walked further into her room as he touched her shoulder slight. All the Cullen's were trying to show Lily affection, just letting her know she could trust all of them to be a rock or leaning post. Alice had even tried getting Lily to go shopping for the most insanely priced clothing, but Lily wouldn't go for it. She requested jeans, t-shirts, a couple of jackets, she got a couple of dresses and a couple of skirts, and no matter how much Alice tried to steer Lily to the higher side of fashion she wouldn't do it.

Lily never shied away from any of them. They were all very nice and welcoming. Alice, Esme and Bella were big huggers; Rosalie not so much but Lily could feel a sense of protection coming from the blonde bombshell. She could tell why Emmett loved her so much, even if she didn't show affection to anyone in the house with the exception of Renesmee and Emmett; and occasionally Bella. She would still protect anyone in her family no matter what. And now that Lily was a part of the Cullen clan she could feel the protection covering her as well.

Emmett, Jasper and Edward were like any regular brothers, with the exception of them all being vampires. They joked around and got into wrestling matches and fights, messed with the their female counter parts until the girls would wise up and give each of them a good smack in the back of the head.

At the head of the family there was Carlisle and Esme. They were definitely the most down to earth married couple in the vampire world. When they were out grocery shopping everything was so normal for them. When Carlisle was at work; it was all about saving lives. Every life saved counted in his book. Every LIFE counted; whether it was mortal or immortal.

Emmett cleared his throat. "Are you sure you're doing okay?"

Lily smiled softly as she nodded. "Absolutely; just missing mom and dad that's all." She turned to look up at Emmett as she moved some of her things off the window seat so he could sit down with her.

Emmett took his cue as he sat down. "I can only imagine. I've been like this for a while. It does get easier after a few years. At least with most of us it did, but we've all been like this for a few decades."

Lily nodded. She knew Emmett was just trying to help her. "Do you know why my mother named me Lily?" Emmett shook his head negatively. "Well do you remember the 1964 TV series The Munsters?"

Emmett chuckled. "I used to love that stupid series."

Lily giggled. "Well apparently my mother had a sense of humor. She knew long before she had me that I was going to be a hybrid vampire, she named me after the vampire mother Lily on the show."

Emmett held his stomach as he began to chuckle hard from the back of his throat. He chuckled harder when Lily growled slightly and punched him in the shoulder. Emmett couldn't help notice how much Lily seemed to fit in the Cullen family and he loved every minute of it. Renesmee was his niece, but to him Lily was like a little sister. She took her fair share of the teasing that him, Jasper and Edward dished out. She whooped on them just as much as the other females in the house.

After Lily had been at the Cullen's for a couple of weeks, they'd decided to take her out hunting, before Emmett would catch something for her and then take it to the Cullen's back yard for her to eat because she hadn't been exactly ready to go running through the forest looking for food. She had on her jeans, white sneakers and a white form fitting t-shirt. Her chestnut hair with the blonde highlights actually went down to just below her rear end.

They had all spread out throughout the woods. They wouldn't hunt all together because it was less likely they would find a heard of deer passing by. They usually hunted in pair of two or three. Bella, Nessie (Renesmee had so fondly been nicknamed), Lily and Emmett all hunter together. For some odd reason the friendship between Nessie and Lily was a tight bond. Maybe it was because they were both hybrids; whatever the reason it was hard to separate them for anything.

Emmett and Bella stayed just behind Nessie and Lily as they were challenging each other to see who could run the fastest with their vampire speed. Even if Nessie looked like she was nine or ten she had the same miraculous speed that Lily had and could hold her own in their races against each other. They began challenging each other to bounce over streams and bounce off trees with ease and agility.

Suddenly both girls came to a ravine at least 100 feet wide with a rushing river below them and they both ran and jumped across.

"RENESMEE! LILY! NO!" Bella screamed. Bella swallowed hard and she was suddenly aware that the two were on La Push territory.

Lily giggled along with Nessie as she looked back over at Bella and Emmett who were at the edge across the ravine from them. "We're okay Bella! It was just a bit of a jump for both of us." Lily shouted so that both Bella and Emmett could hear.

Bella shook her head. "No you don't understand you both must come back over here immediately."

Lily's head snapped around when she heard the deepest growl that shook the foundation her very body stood on. Lily's eyes widened as a russet colored wolf came into view. He was gigantic. He stood at least five to six feet tall. Lily grabbed Nessie and pulled the girl behind her as she held her arms out to protect Nessie. He might have been beautiful with all that reddish brown fur, but that warning growl he gave meant he was not going to be friendly. Lily gave him a warning hiss through her clenched teeth.

Bella and Emmett saw the familiar wolf as they both jumped over the ravine. Bella slid to a stop in front of both the girls. "JACOB NO!"

Lily watched as the giant wolf disappeared behind a nearby tree and a few seconds later a rather late guy walked out from behind the same tree. "Damn it, Bella what the hell are they doing on our territory?"

Bella frowned. "Jake please…Lily is new to the Cullen's; this is the first time she's left the house in weeks to hunt with us. She didn't know; she and Nessie were teasing each other about racing and they both jumped by accident."

Jake growled as he raked his fingers through his hair. "You should be damn lucky I was on patrol and not Paul; he would've ripped them to shreds and asked questions later."

Bella glared at Jake. "Yea well Paul's a bully." Silence encased everyone standing there. "How are you Jake?"

"You mean since you turned into a bloodsucker? Fabulous." He snapped out bitterly.

Lily scoffed. "That was kind of a pricky thing to say. I thought Bella was supposed to be your friend?"

Bella turned and saw that Lily and Nessie's hands were joined. That meant Nessie had sent all the information about Bella and Jake's past to the newest Cullen member.

Jake walked over as he glared down at the stranger holding the little girls hand. Suddenly his eyes locked onto hers. Everything started spinning in his head his whole world was spinning out of control as he growled deeply so deep he watched the stranger shiver slightly from fright. "Stay out of La Push or the next time I'll snap your head off your neck."

Jake's eyes turned to Emmett. "Get them back across the ravine; NOW!" He watched as Emmett nodded.

"C'mon girls." Emmett got their attention and took them back across.

Bella looked at her once best friend. "Jake, did you just…" The question seemed to of died on her lips as Jake turned his intense brown eyes towards her and nodded stiffly. That was all the confirmation she needed as she nodded back. "Sorry about the mix up; it won't happen again. Bye Jake." She whispered slightly, she knew he heard her as she turned and jogged back to the edge of the ravine and jumped back to the Forks territory. Bella couldn't help but thing; life was definitely going to be interesting in the next few weeks or possibly months for Lily.

Lily stood on the edge of the ravine; she turned to go back into the trees, but stopped and looked back at the hulking guy across who was staring at her intensely. She blinked a few times and flinched physically as he he changed back into the beautiful russet wolf and let out a snarl and tore off through the trees on his side.