So here's the last chapter for this Jake Story. I really hope everyone loved and enjoyed it. I do have another Jake story on the way and no worries I'm still working on both my Embry and Paul stories so don't panic they are just coming along a little slower. This story was inspired by the song: I'd Rather Be In Love by Michelle Branch.



Chapter 20 – Rather Be In Love

Warmth; it engulfed her like an electric blanket as his arms wrapped around her waist gently. Amber eyes softly watched as the sunset quietly behind the ocean water in La Push Washington. She let her bare toes dig into the sand and giggled softly as one of the hands around her waist tickled her side. She felt a bump against her stomach and laughed as she grabbed Jake's tickling fingers. "Stop that; you're son doesn't appreciate you disrupting the calm balance inside my body."

Jake chuckled against her neck as he kissed it and his hand slid to the small football sized bump that invaded her stomach. "Sorry Jr. I like to play with mommy and make her laugh." Jake's arms tightened around his wife as he nuzzled her neck some more. "So what were you doing standing over here all by yourself; the party is over there."

Lily smiled softly as she ran her hands along Jake's arms and down to his hands. "Just thinking how lucky and happy we've been the last three years." They'd been married for three years. As it had turned out the pack and Jake were fighting for more than just their own lives that day the Volturi showed up with Jane. Lily had gotten pregnant on her birthday which simultaneously moved up their wedding to almost immediately after her finding out Jake had good aim.

Jake had been nervous all through Lily's pregnancy because he'd seen what Renesmee had done to Bella and he wasn't sure he could go through another birthing like that. Lily reassured him she was just fine and that the baby wasn't hurting her in any way, she also had to remind him that she was still a hybrid and Bella had been completely human. His nervousness and fear slowly ebbed away with each passing month.

As it turned out Lily was only five months along when she went into labor. Apparently that was the norm for a half vampire/half human/half shape-shifter baby; after a little pushing and some cussing and worried looks all around Jake and Lily were the proud parents of Sarah Annabelle Black their beautiful brown eyed daughter. She just happened to be happily named after Jake and Lily's mothers. Jake didn't even realize that Lily had picked his mother's name for their child. They'd made a deal she could name their daughters and he was to name their sons; depending on how many they ever had.

Sarah had been the highlight of their marriage and now she was going to be three in a few months; even though she already looked like she was six or seven but had the intelligence of a grown adult. A few months prior Jake was ecstatic when Lily had found out she was pregnant for a second time; their son wasn't planned but he was an extremely welcome surprise. She was already into her third month and could tell their son was going to be a fair bit bigger than his sister was. Carlisle would help as he did with bringing Sarah into the world and his help was definitely much appreciated when it came to the imprints in the pack giving birth.

Gaby had gone into labor two months prematurely; Paul had nearly LOST it big time. Her pregnancy hadn't been hard on her, but because the baby was so big and she was so tiny, a C-section was the only option. Paul Michael Lahote Jr came into the world at a whopping 10 pounds 3 ounces and 25 inches long. Yes; yes he was definitely Paul's son. Paul couldn't have been prouder. Soon after the birth of their son they were married. And had apparently been an extremely busy couple, who couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other because they were already working on baby number three. She was only a few weeks along, but the pregnancy glow had already bitten her and Paul's smile never faltered.

Embry and Leah had worked through their issues and where already working on baby number two after Leila their first daughter turned two a few months back.

Jake wasn't thrilled when Brady had imprinted on Sarah, but Lily was more go with the flow and calmed him considerably before he had a chance to rip Brady's head from his body. Brady's best friend Collin on the other hand imprinted on Renesmee and Bella flipped out like a thirteen year old girl on her period. After some talking with Lily and Jake both she calmed down as well; wasn't the happiest about it, but grew fond of him once she saw how gentle he was with her and how well he took care of her.

Jake was snapped from his thoughts as Lily moved his hand on her belly so he could hear his son's thoughts. It was completely insane that she had that sort of connection with their daughter first and now their son. He loved every second of both her pregnancies so far; he would lay in bed at night and keep his ear to her stomach and would speak to the baby in Quileute after a few nights of it, the baby started speaking back to him in Quileute and he nearly had a heart attack. Lily laughed at him and had to remind him yet again that the baby was learning from him and her when they were touching. So he wasn't all that surprised when Sarah bounded into their room one night and kissed Lily's belly and then whispered against the belly in Quileute how much she loved her baby brother and couldn't wait to see him.

Today was a beautiful day, Lily and Jake had sat through yet another wedding ceremony. Which was nothing new for some reason everyone in the pack were just getting married left and right. Today was no different as Lily and Jake watched as Lucy and Seth exchanged vows on the beach. It did Lily's heart good when she watched as their brother watched Lucy down the aisle and gave her away to Seth. Paul had actually done the same thing for Lily and her ceremony to Jake.

Jake laced his fingers with Lily's as he tugged on her arm gently. "C'mon I want to twirl my wife around the dance floor before she gets tired." Lily nodded as she let him pull her back to the beautiful tent that was set up and the beautiful wooden dance floor that Emily had the guys making for weeks before the wedding. Jake pulled Lily into his arms and wrapped her up securely and felt her wrap her arms around his neck.

Everything for Lucy and Seth's wedding was relaxed, everyone was barefoot; the guys were all in khaki cargo shorts with short sleeve button up shirts most of the shirts weren't buttoned up all the way because of their body temperatures. The girls were all in lightly colored short dresses. It was the complete opposite of Lily and Jake's wedding, but then again it was at the Cullen's house and the pixie had planned the whole thing. They didn't have thousands of guests, just friends and family. It was about thirty people with a formal wedding.

"Hey can I cut in?" A deep voice asked from next to Jake and Lily.

Lily smiled softly as she looked over her shoulder and saw Paul standing there with a smirk on his face. "Don't you have your own wife around here somewhere to bug?"

Paul chuckled as Jake relented and handed over Lily to her brother. "She's taking Jr and Gigi to the blanket Emily has set up for some of the smaller ones who are pooping out early."

Emily and Sam volunteered to watch the younger crowd since Emily was nearing her ninth month and extremely tired and uncomfortable. Sam stayed by her side the last month because he was worried about her. After he'd seen what some of the others had gone through he didn't want Emily to feel overwhelmed, scared or alone.

Lily laughed as Paul gently wrapped one arm around her waist and took her free hand in his. "So big brother two sisters down your brotherly duties are officially over, does that mean we're not going to see you as much anymore?"

Paul smiled as he shook his head. "Hell no; I got you two in my life now I'm not letting either of you ever leave it again. I don't know what Jr and Gigi would do without their favorite Aunt Lucy and Aunt Lily."

Lily smiled softly as a couple of silent tears slid down her cheeks. "I never thought we would get to this point. I thought you were going to hate us forever. But I'm really glad you don't."

Paul nodded as he brushed her tears from her cheeks as he softly kissed her forehead. "Me too sis; me too."

Jake stepped up. "Okay that's it you made Seth's imprint cry and you made my imprint cry you're relieved of your brotherly duties for the evening bro."

Lily let out some watery giggles as she swatted Jake's chest. "They are happy tears as I'm sure Lucy's are as well." She felt Jake pull her back into his arms as they looked over when they heard a familiar squeal.

"Brady!" Sarah let out in a giggle.

Brady chuckled as he lifted Sarah from the dance floor and spun her in circles. A smile adorned his face as her giggles bounced across the dance floor.

Lily laughed, "Can we walk?" Jake nodded as he took her hand and they walked over towards the water's edge.

Jake wrapped his arm around her waist as he kissed her temple softly. "What's on your mind beautiful? Are you feeling okay?" His free hand came up and touched her belly softly.

Lily smiled up at Jake as she pushed up on her toes and kissed his lips softly. "Nope I'm good I just enjoy our alone time."

Jake nodded. "Well head home after they cut the cake. We don't have to stay out late."

Lily's smile morphed into a grin. "You know me so well. What – What would have happened had you not met me or if we couldn't fix things between us? Would you rather of been alone?"

Jake shook his head negatively as he smiled down at her. "Nope, I'd rather be in love with you; for eternity."

There really was no better feeling in the world for either of them and it would be that way forever.

The End