Erin: This is just some cute fluff that takes place sometime in the distant future of Common Law. God I just love them.

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Sleeping In

Travis reached out in search out his bedmate to snuggle. Instead his hand found nothing. Annoyed he rubbed his hand along the spot like that would suddenly make them appear his hand only coming in contact with cold air. Cracking opened an eye he groaned frustrated closing it again when his suspicions where confirmed. His bed was empty. He could have sworn when he passed out that this had not been the case. Leaning up he squinted at the morning light attempting to search the trailer to find the missing person.

The sound of paper caused him to shift in the direction of the kitchen table. The said missing person was sitting there reading the paper drinking coffee. Travis glanced to the clock to find it was barely six in the morning.

He groaned loudly this time as he buried his face into his pillow. "It's our day off. Get back into bed."

A soft chuckle sounded. "Who knew you'd be the snuggler."

Travis glared. "Wes!" he growled out. "Get back in this bed now! You are forbidden from leaving until nine!"

Smiling widely he placed down the paper making his way back over to his partner crawling under the covers. Wrapping his arms around him he buried his face in the crook of Travis' neck placing a kiss there. Travis pulled Wes' arms tightly around his body moving back into him. He could feel Wes smile into his skin.

"Hmm, I love you you know," Wes confessed.

"I know and I love you too but you better stop this damn early morning wake up. I barely get any sleep as it is," responded Travis.

"Hey that's not my fault. I wanted to go straight to bed. You wouldn't let me, remember?" retorted Wes.

"I don't remember you complaining," countered Travis.

Wes laughed again shaking his head. "No, no complaining here. Now go back to sleep."

Travis didn't need to be told twice now that he was able to slip back into a deep sleep. Now that his love was back in bed.

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