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The school bell rang at Black Star High School. It was the end of the month of February, and the sun was shining as usual. Students chatting by their lockers, teachers lecturing at students, and bullies searching whom their next victim will be. From a distance, Goku and Vegeta were talking to each other.

"Hey, maybe after school, we could spar for a little bit at your place," Goku suggested.

They wore their school uniform which consists of wearing a black collared shirt under their white blazer with a red tie. Since they were in 10th grade, they had to wear two black stars pinned to their collar representing their grade in the high school.

"Alright, but I'm going to whip your ass up real good this time," Vegeta responded, smirking.

In the principal's office, Mrs. Lindsey was speaking to a new student. "Okay Cauline, sorry that we don't have a class schedule for you, but you'll have one by tomorrow."

Cauline nodded in response.

"But we do have your locker number assigned to you. Let's look up who's right beside you, so you could follow them around until tomorrow," the principal smiled as she typed on the keyboard.

Cauline sat there messing with the zipper of her loose hooded jacket that reached below her hips and under it was the school uniform. The uniform resembled a black sailor outfit with a red ribbon tied underneath the collar. She had her black hair tied up in a bun with a white ribbon, and her bangs slightly covered her eyes as she looked up when Mrs. Lindsey said, "It says here that your locker is right by..."

The intercom beeped," Sorry for the interruption, but if you are in the building Vegeta, please come to the principal's office. I repeat, Vegeta please come to the principal's office immediately. Thank You!"

"Oooooh, Vegeta! What did you do this time?" Goku mocked.

"Nothing, I hope." Vegeta slammed his locker and walked towards the principal's office, irritated.

In Mrs. Lindsey's office, Cauline heard the door opened.

"Vegeta," Mrs. Lindsey started, " I want you to meet Cauline."


Cauline stood up anxiously. A boy with black, spiky hair flamed upward stood before her. Her heart stopped for a second then she resurfaced to reality and presented her hand out with a slight bow. Vegeta accepted the handshake without much thought.

Then Mrs. Lindsey got up from her desk and stated, "Vegeta I want you to show Cauline around the school while she follows you class to class. The reason why is because she doesn't have her schedule yet."

"Why me?" questioned Vegeta.

"Her locker is right by yours."

"But, so is Krillin's."

"Well, maybe you need to learn how to take some responsibility," Mrs. Lindsey stated sternly," And if Cauline comes to me that you caused her any problems, you will be in big trouble. Got it!"

"Got it," Vegeta groaned, walking out of the principal's office as Cauline followed.

The tardy bell rang for the first period, but Vegeta had an excuse. His only good excuse. Cauline, a bit shorter than Vegeta, walked beside him passing by lockers going to his destined classroom. Along the way, Vegeta would steal a glance at Cauline. It felt awkward for him since she hasn't said a word so far.

Great, Vegeta thought, Just my luck. Well, at least it's just for today. Vegeta looked at her from the corner of his eye one more time.

They arrived at Vegeta's mathematics class, and walked in but were stopped by Mr. Maeko, the teacher.

"Wait, wait, wait a minute," Mr. Maeko pointed straight towards Cauline, "Who might this be?" he questioned Vegeta.

"This is Cauline," Vegeta started before explaining the whole situation to Mr. Maeko.

Mr. Maeko turned to face Cauline, "Is this true, Cauline?"

She nodded.

"Well then, I guess you can sit in the desk at the back left corner," he instructed.

Cauline seemed satisfied as Vegeta proceeded to his seat next to Turles, a boy who resembles Goku so much but differs from personality. Before Cauline took a step, she looked around as Mr. Maeko interrupted her.

"Excuse me class," Mr. Maeko stated, walking up behind Cauline in front of his desk.

"You're excused," Raditz, a boy with long spiky hair, snickered.

Mr. Maeko rolled his eyes and continued," This is Cauline, and she's a new student. Please treat her with respect." Mr. Maeko walked back to his desk as Cauline proceeded to hers.

Cauline didn't talk much as the rest did. A few students gave glances and stares, yet she tried not to mind.

"Ok class, can anybody explain to me what X equals in 3x-6 = -5x(-2+3)?" Mr. Maeko asked, after teaching the process.

A few seconds later, a girl with black, shiny hair put in a ponytail with cropped bangs, rose her hand.

"Anybody but Chi-Chi," Mr. Maeko commented, smiling. Mr. Maeko scanned the room, noticing students avoiding eye contact. He scanned again and saw Cauline's hand half-raised. He sighed in joy.

"Yes, Cauline."

Everybody turned around to see who would answer that quickly beside Chi-Chi.

"Three-fourths," she answered quietly. The whole class shot their heads back at Mr. Maeko at which he nodded his head.

"That's correct!"

Mr. Maeko began to grow fond of Cauline's presence. She participated in class like a regular student even if she spoke in a soft voice.

The bell rang, signaling that class ended. Cauline tagged along behind Vegeta, but Mr. Maeko stopped her by grabbing her shoulder before she walked out the door. Cauline turned around to see Mr. Maeko smiling.

"I was impressed, Cauline. Seems like your past teacher taught you well. I hope you'll be placed in my class. "

Cauline smiled and said, "Thank you," and walked out the door, catching up with Vegeta.

When Cauline walked up beside Vegeta, he looked over to his left shoulder. Bet she's not that smart. Vegeta looked away and thought of his brother, Tarble, and said, "You don't talk much, but you really put an impression on Mr. Maeko."

Cauline didn't respond, but Vegeta could tell she wanted to say something by the way she tilted her head downwards.

Vegeta walked to his locker and greeted Turles, Raditz, and Goku. Cauline stood a close distance from him as Vegeta placed his mathematics book in his locker and grabbed for his biology textbook.

"No Turles," Raditz started, " My hair is the best if you ask me," he boasted, flipping his hair.

Vegeta looked over to see Turles and Raditz arguing.

"Dude, why would I care?" Turles questioned, gesturing his hand to his chest.

Turles and Raditz began to quarrel about hair styles and trends. Goku seemed to take notice of Cauline's existence. Cauline hoped no one paid much attention to her since it would make her feel uncomfortable. Especially the two who were arguing over something silly.

Vegeta grew irritated and shouted, "Shut the hell up!"

Turles and Raditz suddenly stopped and turned to face Vegeta, smirking.

"Someone's in a bad mood," commented Raditz, teasingly as Turles cocked his eyebrow crossing his arms against his chest.

Vegeta looked away from their faces to his locker wishing they couldn't read his. Raditz and Turles then walked away stealing a glance of Cauline, chuckling. Vegeta sighed hoping Cauline didn't catch their drift. He then turned to see Goku still standing there, holding out his hand in front of Cauline.

"Hi! My name's Son Goku."

Cauline took notice of this and shook his hand. "Cauline."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, and I'm assuming you're following Vegeta because you're new. I hope you're enjoying your day so far with this guy!" Goku cheered, wrapping his arm around Vegeta's shoulders and using his free hand to point at his face. Vegeta felt disgusted by Goku's merriment.

"Get the fuck off me, Kakarott!" Vegeta pushed Goku away from him, angrily.

"Let's go, Cauline, before we're late," Vegeta concluded after being attacked by Goku's hugs. Cauline nodded in agreement. She thought it was nice that Goku and Vegeta have a nice friendship. She sighed.

"See you later!" Goku exclaimed as he watched Cauline and Vegeta walk the opposite direction.

In Biology, Cauline greeted the teacher and explained to her the situation as Vegeta sat down to his table.

"Hmm, I see," the teacher squinted her eyes through her glasses and continued," I guess you could sit over there by Penelope. Penelope, raise your hand."

Cauline looked over and saw a girl with blonde hair cropped to about her chin. She seemed annoyed.

"Teach, it's 18. Not that name. Got that and get it right," 18 said, annoyed.

The teacher rolled her eyes and thought, How could a child name themselves a number? Teenagers these days rebelling and walked back to her desk. Cauline walked over and sat down by 18.

"So you're new?"

Cauline looked over to 18 and nodded. 18 examined Cauline and wondered why she wore a big, gray sweater and long, black stockings. Well, it was the end of February with a few chilly days, but not so much to wear that outfit.

"What's your name?" 18 asked trying to start a conversation.

Cauline didn't turn to face 18, but softly whispered,"Cauline."

"Hm, nice," 18, already bored, asked, "So what brings you here to Black Star?"

Cauline hesitated, but answered, "My father and I moved because of a few circumstances." She then rubbed her arm, uncomfortably, "A-and this school is nearby where I live," Cauline nodded, "Yes, that's the reason," feeling content with herself.

18 seemed satisfied and turned to the teacher who began to teach the class. Cauline looked over at Vegeta without him noticing, thinking about the name he called Goku.


Time felt pretty slow before the bell rang.

"Okay class, don't forget about the assignment due tomorrow!" the teacher reminded.

Cauline and Vegeta were walking in the hallway when 18 came up and patted Cauline on the shoulder and said, "Nice meeting you!" and walked the opposite direction.

Vegeta was surprised and looked at Cauline. "So you got on her good side, eh?" Vegeta teased.

Cauline lightly turned pink in the face. "Um, is that a good thing."

"I don't know. It depends if she has a good side." Vegeta smirked.

After putting his book away in his locker, Cauline asked, "Um, so where are we going next?"

"You'll see."

They arrived at the gymnasium. Many were already throwing punches, kicks, and dodging them.

"Mixed Martial Arts class," is what came out of Cauline's mouth, astonished.

Vegeta smiled with his hands on his hips and took a deep breath, "Oh yeah."

He then looked for the teacher and told Cauline to go ask him what shall she do while he went to go put on proper clothing. A few minutes later Vegeta was already practicing throwing punches and kicks on one side of the gym. From the corner of his eye, Cauline was talking to the MMA teacher wearing a P.E. uniform. A large P.E. uniform, assuming they ran out of one in her size. Vegeta then focused on his training, but he couldn't get the image out of his head. He noticed Cauline had bandages wrapped from her palm to her arm. Even on her legs.

"Um, Vegeta?"

Vegeta turned around to see Cauline. "What do you want?"

Cauline flinched and looked away but managed to say, "Is it okay if I observe you compete with the other students. Mr. Tori says I can't do anything but sit by the entrance. And I just wanted to let you know ahead of time."

Cauline didn't hear an answer and looked up. Vegeta at the time was staring at her bandages then glanced away when she stopped talking.

Vegeta nodded."Yeah, I guess so." he grunted.

Cauline then turned around and walked to the chair by the entrance. Vegeta couldn't keep his eyes off her until she sat down. Turles came up to Vegeta and asked," What were you looking at?"

Vegeta denied everything going on in his head and said, "Nothing."

"Then come on!" Turles said with his arms wide open.

Vegeta smirked. "You're gonna learn something new, today, Turles."

Turles laughed in amusement then dodged Vegeta's punch. From the entrance, Cauline watched in awe and by chance studied their technique. However, her conclusion of hearing their names and examining their appearances worried her.

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