"There's no easy way for me to say this, but Goku, we can't be together, and I think it's best if we just stayed friends…No, that's not good," Chi-Chi told herself as she stood there in front of the movie theater waiting for Goku.

She was trying to come up what to say to him and not upset him. She received her composure and said, "Goku, we can't see each other any longer. It is not you, it's me." Then she sighed, placing a palm on her forehead. "How am I going to this?"

She really did not want to do this, but it was her father's problem. If only he was understanding and let her date Goku, everything would be fine, but no. He had to be over-protective and strict about grades. Her father even questioned her earlier about where she was going on a Saturday night.

"I'm going to Bulma's," Chi-Chi lied as she opened the front door.

"Well, you know your curfew, and do you have your cell-phone?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Call me if there's an emergency. I am on speed dial, right?"

"Yes, and Dad don't worry. It's just Bulma's house." Chi-Chi was growing a little impatient with her father. He then walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulder.

"I know sweetie, but a father could only be so worried over his daughter that it kills him to see her leave." He then gave her a hug and let go. "Alright, go have fun, and I trust you." All Chi-Chi could do was give her father a half-heartedly smile and a nod before walking out the door.

"'I trust you.'" Chi-Chi repeated under her breath, staring at her feet. She felt guilty after remembering what her father said.

"Hey, Chi!" Goku greeted from behind with his hands in his pockets. Chi-Chi turned around which made the hem of her dress twirl slightly.

"Hello, Goku," she blushed, smiling. "Um, Goku," she swallowed, nervous about what she was going to tell him as she held her hands.

"What kind of movie do you want to see?" he asked pointing at the listings, not hearing what she last said.

"Oh," Chi-Chi blinked, forgetting about the predicament. "I was thinking maybe Breaking Dawn." she shrugged it, knowing it was not the best movie to see considering Goku was more interested in action movies and comedy.

"If you want to see it. I thought you and Bulma were going to watch it tomorrow or something," Goku responded, not caring about the movie itself.

"No, I don't think we are." Chi-Chi spoke sadly. "Um, but if you think there's a better movie we could watch instead."

"Hmm, I really don't know. You wouldn't mind if we watch a scary movie?" Goku said, putting on a convincing smile. Vegeta and Raditz told him that a scary movie was probably the best kind to watch on a date with a girl.

"No," Chi-Chi lied. "A scary movie would be fine."

She hated scary movies. The only time she would watch one was if she stayed at Bulma's, because she was spending the night, so she had someone to sleep beside her. In addition, she had her eyes closed most of the time, so it would be difficult to watch a full-length scary movie.

Goku smiled, "Okay," before they walked up to the booth to pay for their tickets.


They eventually sat down in the theatre room to watch the movie. Goku bought two buckets of popcorn and two large sodas for himself. Chi-Chi did not feel like buying anything, but Goku insisted on sharing. She was slightly shaking at the thought of watching this scary movie. It dealt with the paranormal, and it based on a true story! Goku noticed her shaking and assumed she was cold.

"This would help," he whispered caringly to Chi-Chi as he wrapped his orange jacket around her. She looked up at him and smiled with a blush before wrapping her arms around herself.

Goku already had his right arm around her when he placed the jacket over her and left it there, but with a firmer grip with his palm cupping her shoulder. Chi-Chi's cheeks reddened when she felt his arm over her shoulder. She had forgotten about the situation about her not being able to have Goku as a boyfriend. She liked him a lot, and she would not let anything stop her from going out with him. Even if it did meant sneaking behind her father's back to do so

They sat there on the comforts of a theatre seat as the lights dimmed, signaling that the movie was about to begin. Even though it barely started, Chi-Chi grew goose bumps. Scary movies frightened her very dearly. She knew she could have backed out of it and said no, but she did not want Goku to sit there bored watching something else. Chi-Chi glanced at Goku with her peripheral vision and noticed him content with the movie so far. She smiled to herself as she tugged Goku's jacket close to her. Feeling a bit hungry, she reached over to the popcorn on Goku's lap.

Her heart jumped when she felt fingers, other than her own, and looked over to see them entwined with Goku's fingers. He also looked down at the bucket of popcorn and noticed his hand touching Chi-Chi's hand, then moved his eyes to her, blushing. She could not help, but blush as well. Hesitantly, she moved her hand over the edge of the bucket, but it appeared that Goku stopped her from doing so. He curled his fingers in-between hers gently. Her cheeks darkened when she saw this and her hand around his as a response. She looked up at Goku who smiled his pearly teeth.

Chi-Chi smiled back before turning her attention back to the movie, which was a bad idea.

Something horrible popped out of nowhere and screeched loudly as terrifying music played. It felt like Chi-Chi's heart skipped a beat when she flinched from the scene as she screamed shortly. She covered her eyes with her free hand.

Chi-Chi was spooked. She did not seem to notice it sooner, but she was squeezing Goku's hand tightly after she uncovered her eyes. Quickly, she removed her hand from his clasp and moved it over to her lap with her other hand. Goku slightly frowned by her actions. It did not bother him.

Chi-Chi's hand felt somewhat oily when she rubbed her fingers against her palm. Either one of them was sweating through their palms or it was the butter from the popcorn. It must have been the popcorn.

The movie was going very smoothly. Goku finished his drinks, and it didn't take long for him to feel it kick in. His face squirmed, but he tried to hold it in. Leaving Chi-Chi alone in the theater would not be a good idea, but he had to go so bad.

"Um, Chi," Goku whispered. Said name turned her attention to him. "I have to go," he jerked his thumb over his shoulder.

"Can't you hold it in?" Chi-Chi asked, hinting that she wanted Goku to sit by her through the whole movie. Goku shook his head frantically.

"Fine, but be quick about it, okay?" she sighed as he made his way to the restroom.

Along the way, Goku walked into the restroom quickly to do his business. He sighed with that goofy smile as if he released a waterfall that once been held by a beaver dam.

"Funny meeting you here."

Goku, looked over to his side from the familiar voice, and smiled. "Turles! How have you been?"

"Fine," he replied before zipping up his pants. "So what are you doing here anyway?"

Goku zipped his pants as well before he replied and walked over to the sinks. "I'm here with Chi-Chi. You?"

"Cauline," he replied calmly, drying his hands. Goku did the same. "It's the last day of the week, so why not." Then Goku's face turned questionable.

"Why do you have popcorn in your hair?" Goku asked, reaching for the piece in Turles' hair.

"What? Oh," he chuckled, "I let Cauline have the popcorn. Bad idea. She was so frightened at this one part of the movie that she jumped from her seat causing part of the popcorn to fly out. I guess some got on me."

"Wait a minute," Goku smiled while they walked out of the restroom, "Were you guys sitting in the front or something?"

"Yeah, why?"

They both stopped at the same entrance of the movie room they were both going in. "Because, I saw popcorn flying everywhere."

"Huh, weird," Turles commented while they stood there. "Who knew that we would both be watching the same movie?" Goku nodded his head in agreement as they both walked in and proceeded to their seats going separate directions.

"What took you so long?" Chi-Chi asked as Goku sat down with a grin.

"I bumped into Turles along the way, and we started to chat. Sorry," he whispered. "Did I miss anything good?"

"No, not really. Nothing scary hasn't -AH!" she spoke too soon. Goku silently chuckled.


"Is it over yet?" Chi asked, quietly, hugging Goku's arm and covering her face against it. Goku stared at the screen as credits rolled up.

"Yes." Chi-Chi slowly looked at the screen, realizing it was. She stood up along with Goku still holding on to his arm.

She blushed as they walked out of the theatre. Chi-Chi also saw Turles and Cauline walking out of the place. She then felt content that she also had a boyfriend. She checked the time on her phone. It was an hour before her curfew. Goku called Raditz to pick them up.

After waiting ten minutes, Raditz's car came around the corner of the street. Goku opened the door for Chi-Chi and let her go in first before himself like a gentleman.

"So how was the movie?" Raditz asked as he drove off in the direction of Chi-Chi's house.

"It was good," Goku replied. "What did you think of the movie Chi-Chi?"

"It was horrifying. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight," she sighed. Then Goku grabbed her hand and placed it between his hands.

"No problem. I will call you tonight, and talk to you until you fall asleep." Goku said soothingly. Chi-Chi blushed as a response. "And don't worry. I'll be by your side no matter what even if I'm not there. Like I've always had been." Goku then gave her a side hug.

"Thank you, Goku," Chi-Chi quietly spoke wrapping her arms around him.

"Hey, calm down you two," Raditz said sarcastically, watching from his rear view mirror, "It's not winter yet, so don't start heating up." Chi-Chi gave him a scowl about what he said which caused him to look away. Goku still hugged her, smelling her hair.

Soon enough, Raditz drove in front of her house and parked. Goku got out of the car and held her hand as she got out as well. He walked her to her front door when she opened it with her key. Before walking in, she thanked Goku with a hug.

"You're welcome," Goku replied, squeezing her a bit tighter before letting go. She stepped inside her house, but stopped forgetting something. She turned around and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Bye," she waved before walking into her house and closing the door. Goku softly glazed his fingers over the spot she kissed and blushed with a goofy smile. He soon got his feeling back in his legs and began walking to his brother's car, and they drove off.

Chi-Chi smiled to herself as she strolled inside the living room.

"Who was that boy?"

Her father's voice scared her as she jumped from her feet and turned around to see her father. "Oh, um, that was Goku."

"Goku? And where were you with this Goku?" the Ox King asked as he crossed his hands with concern. He knew the real reason, but he wanted to hear the truth from his daughter's mouth.

"Dad, I was at Bulma's, and he stopped by at her house and he decided to take me home," she lied.

"Well, then explain to me why when I called the Brief's household, since I couldn't get a hold of you through your phone, to talk to you, they said you weren't even there, and you never arrived at all."

"Dad, I can explain."

"Explain me what?" he asked sternly walking closely to her, "A bunch of lies? Chi-Chi what's going on?"

"Dad, I was," she swallowed, "On a date with Goku, and at the movies. We didn't do anything else, but watch the movie."

"How am I supposed to believe you? You've been lying to me."

"Dad, I'm not like that! I really like Goku, and I wasn't going to let you stop me from going to my first date."

"Well, this wouldn't be happening if you obeyed me, and did not go out with that boy tonight. That's it. Give me your phone. You're grounded for deliberately disobeying me."

"But, Dad!" Chi-Chi shouted, holding her purse back. How would Goku call her tonight?

"Give it!" he said, putting his hand out for her to put the phone in his hand. Chi-Chi then forcefully slammed the phone on his hand and pushed to the side as she ran to her room.

"Chi-Chi!" her father shouted by her actions. She locked the door before plopping down on her bed and grabbing her pillow, crying. She wanted to muffle her cries so her father did not hear them.

The Ox King sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose from the scene that happened earlier. "If only her mother were here," he said to himself as he sat down on the couch.


The Ox King noticed Chi-Chi's phone ringing in his hand. He flipped it open to answer it.

"Hello? Who is this?"

On the other line, Goku heard a deep voice. It must have been her father.

"Oh, um this is Son Goku, sir."

"Goku, huh? Well, I don't want you seeing my daughter anymore, k?"

"Excuse me?"

"Don't ever call this phone again either."

"Sir, I don't understand what you're trying to say?"

"Leave my daughter alone, and you can't be her boyfriend anymore."


That was the last thing Goku heard before he closed his phone in shock. You can't be her boyfriend anymore. That made him very upset. His heart drowned in poison from hearing that.

"I can't be her boyfriend? What did I do?" He sunk down on his knees on his bed. His whole night was ruined. He soon jumped off his bed, ran out of his room, then out the door quick before flying off to the skies.

"I have to go see Chi-Chi myself and ask what's going on."

Eventually he came across Chi-Chi's window and knocked on it. He could not look through it since she had curtains. He kept on tapping it, hoping Chi-Chi would open, but she didn't. He tried again and no answer. He sighed angrily. His next choice was to pry the window open himself, which was not so difficult.

Slowly, he opened the window and went through it quietly. To his confusion, it was not Chi-Chi's room, but her father's.

"Shoot!" Goku said to himself as he went through the window again and flew outside. "Good thing her father wasn't in the room." He then flew to the next window and knocked on it. As he expected, Chi-Chi opened the window.

"Goku!" Chi-Chi exclaimed quietly, hugging his neck. "What are you doing here?" He floated inside her room with an upset face.

"Am I your boyfriend?" he asked, sitting on her bed.

"Of course you are. Why?" she asked with concern, sitting next to him.

"I called your phone and your father answered. He told me that I couldn't be your boyfriend. Can you explain to me why?"

She sighed, "He's just being a dad. He tells me I cannot have a boyfriend until college. However, I just think he thinks you're like every other boy."

"I am not, right?" Goku asked with a grin.

"No, you're like the sweetest boy I have ever met. He just hasn't gotten to know the real you, yet." Chi-Chi replied, smiling hugging his arm.

"So I'm still your boyfriend?" Goku asked, hugging her.

"Yes," she replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek, "My father just has to face that you're not like everyone else."

"That's good," he replied calmly as he nuzzled her neck with his forehead. "I was worried there would be no resolution to this." He then yawned which Chi-Chi did the same. He laid his back on her bed and pretended he was snoring.

Chi-Chi quietly giggled, "What are you doing?"

"What? You think you could still fall asleep and not think about the movie we watched." He asked as he sat up.

"No, but you can't sleep here. What if my father walks in on us in the morning? I think he has the key to my room."

"Alright," he replied getting on his feet, and walked over to the window. He then opened it and floated out.

Chi-Chi placed her arms on the windowsill, and smiled. Goku neared her face and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Goodnight, Chi."

"Goodnight, Goku."

Chi-Chi watched him fly off dreamily. It felt great to Chi-Chi to see him one more time. She would not let her father dictate her love life. She needed to prove him that dating Goku was okay.

However how was she going to do that?

She shrugged it off and walked over to her bed, and decided to go to bed. Maybe an idea would come up in her dream, or maybe her father would soon to grow and understand.

Either way, it would not be easy.

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