"Some days, I wish we'd done things differently," Kaddar mused. At Kalasin's raised eyebrows, he grinned, and amended, "Not those things. Meeting. Marriage."

Kalasin pinched one of his pillows to set on top of her pile, and leaned back against them. "Now strikes me as an odd time to say you wish you'd never met me, husband dearest."

He swatted playfully at her bare arm. "I think you know that's not what I meant either. And if you always insist on an extra pillow in the mornings, let me have one brought in for you. Then we wouldn't need you to resort to theft in the early hours."

"You are confusing my wanting more pillows with wanting your pillows," Kalasin replied.

That elicited a groan from Kaddar. "Fine. I shall have more pillows brought in for me, and then I won't find myself having to lay my head on the bedding because you have decided to build yourself a pillow fort."

"Will you tell me now what you meant?" asked Kalasin, the tips of her fingers skimming down his forearm.

He stilled her hand before it could transfer to his hip. "Either we can talk, or you can have your fun, but I am afraid I do not have the concentration for both." Stalemate ensued for a few moments as dark eyes stared down blue, and then Kalasin removed her hand. "I thought so. I suppose I meant that I wish I had had the freedom to choose this life; to choose you."

"You wish we had taken different paths to the same place?" Kalasin asked, her brow furrowing.

"It sounds much less romantic when you put it like that."

Kalasin chuckled, and stretched her arms out in front of her. "I am not entirely sure that was worth stopping me."

"Me neither," he murmured, in the low tone which always sent a shiver down her spine. Kaddar brushed a hand along her cheekbone, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She kept very still, allowing him to come to her, and eventually, he moved across to plant a hot, sweet kiss on her lips.

And she stole his last remaining pillow.

Kaddar jerked back, aware of something having gone wrong. As he focused on the pillow, he shook his head. "Did I really say I would have chosen the same wife? I'm beginning to think otherwise."

Kalasin smirked, and put the pillow with her collection.