"Your mother doesn't like me."

Kalasin spoke into the dark of their bedroom, and for a moment, she thought Kaddar might not have heard her. Then, he sighed. "Kalasin, that isn't true. She told me she loathes you. Now, go back to sleep."

"You're not being very helpful."

"I'm not trying to be helpful. I'm trying to sleep," Kaddar pointed out.

"What happens if I get pregnant?"

Kaddar groaned. "Then she will love you, at least for as long as you are carrying my child. Assuming it is my child and I have not wasted away for want of sleep."


Kaddar's hand found its way across the bedsheets (with an enjoyable detour), and settled over Kalasin's mouth. "You said that when you married me, everything would be perfect. We are married, ergo, by your own words, everything is perfect."

"Your mother was visiting her cousins," Kalasin pointed out, entirely reasonably. "I was not in possession of all the facts."

"Darling, my mother will dislike you exactly the same amount in the morning. The sun is about to get up, and I do not want to be greeting it till much, much later. Now, go to sleep, or I shall have you removed from these chambers."

Kalasin bit down on a smile, before she recalled that he would not be able to see it. "But I'm not wearing anything."

"Then you will create quite a stir," Kaddar said, wrapping both arms around her.