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Summary: All actions have a consequence, good and bad. Even the best of intentions can end with very painful results. Some have to learn this the very hard way…

Two years ago Ashlyn Ketchum lost her best friend, abandoned by him after a thieving trainer caught and stole him from her using a strange and unknown pokéball. Now thirteen years old and still unable to handle the loss, Ashlyn has grown distant and cold to everybody including her own pokémon, afraid of going through the same pain again. She wishes for nothing more then but for reality to disappear, a dangerous wish that when combined with her negative emotions, awakens the ancient pokémon Realga. Now it's up to some old friends and enemies alike, along with new allies to help save the young trainer from herself and her own wish in a battle all too similar to a certain event in Greenfield. This time however, the stakes run higher than anyone could ever dream as they race to end a nightmare that had begun farther in the past then anyone could have guessed.

Note: While writing this I listened to Cry by Kelly Clarkson (I think that's the artist). I suggest listening to that while reading the chapter. Oh, and if you're not familiar with what I was hinting at in the summary, look up Molly Hale on bulbapedia, or better yet "The Spell of the Unknown". Especially if you haven't seen the movie.

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"Pikachu! Are you oka-" "Pika." "Pikachu? What's the matter?"

"Heh, you're slower than I thought you'd be. Pikachu is my pokémon now, not yours."

"What do you mean? You're pokéball shouldn't have worked on him, it was just a regular pokéball!"

"Ha! You wish, the pokéball I used on your pikachu is special, it allows me to capture a pokémon, regardless of whether it belongs to a trainer or not. It rewrites its loyalty so that they only listen to me. Looks like you're gonna have to get a new starter pokémon."

"P-Pikachu… I-It's not true! Right buddy? Pikachu, you're still my friend, right?" SLAP! "Pikachu!"

"Heh, loser. C'mon Pikachu, we're leaving this popsicle stand."

"P-P-Pikachu…N-No…D-Don't leave…P-Please…D-don't leave…Pikachu, p-please…please…COME BACK!"

Pain… (Pain)

It hurts… so much… (Hurts)

I-I don't want to open my eyes… (Hurts…Pain…)

P-Please, s-somebody…anybody…

Make it all go away…

Prologue: Awakening of a Beast!

"Ashlyn! Ashlyn please wake up! Ashlyn dear, please!-Oh my!" Delilah couldn't help but recoil slightly when her daughter sat up suddenly, panting from the nightmare that had been plaguing her dreams not five seconds earlier. No, it wasn't a nightmare actually, it was a memory, a very bad, painful memory that caused bile to rise up the woman's throat. It was always difficult to keep it down, especially with the havoc that the events that the memory was of were wreaking havoc on her child's health.

Ashlyn Ketchum, once a cheerful, friendly girl with a big dream to be the best pokémon master ever, was now nothing more than the ghost of a shell of her former self, unable to handle reality even after two years had passed. Of course, she hadn't ever expected Ashlyn to deal with the pain and loss in such a small time period, she didn't even expect her to be able to handle it five, ten, not even twenty years from now. But Ashlyn wasn't eating, and Delilah was scared for her life. She wouldn't even move out of the bed on some days, much less the room. The prospect of having to bury her child early left Delilah stricken with fear, and it was all that boy's fault. It had seemed harmless enough, just a simple battle. Delilah should've known better though, she should've known the very second she noticed that boy eying her daughter's best friend, her starter pokémon, that things would've turned out badly. He stole her pokémon, without a second thought, changed it so that it rejected Ashlyn and abandoned her for a trainer it barely even knew.

To say Ashlyn hadn't taken it well, was an understatement.

In the two years that followed, Delilah and her daughter's friends were forced to watch as she slowly wilted away, growing distant and shying away from any and all contact, human or otherwise. She refused to speak to her friends, her pokémon, even Delilah herself, her own mother. A fear had been planted that day, a fear to reach out and place her trust in others, that they would abandon her suddenly if she did, just like Pikachu had. And as a result, Ashlyn retreated in on herself, refusing to talk to others, she wouldn't even make a noise of acknowledgement anymore. Delilah couldn't help but cry in despair when she thought of it.

Still, she had to try and help her child the best she could, help her get through the pain. But sometimes she wondered if Ashlyn could even see what how hard she was trying, see and hear how worried the others had been before they reluctantly left, giving up in ever getting the once energetic girl they knew so well back.

"Ashlyn, I made breakfast. You must be hungry, right? You didn't eat yesterday, so please come downstairs and eat breakfast. At least a little bit." Delilah gently begged her daughter, trying to gently pull her from under the comforter, "Please." She vaguely noticed when her voice raised a couple of octaves in pitch. Ashlyn gave no answer in response however, no sign of movement what so ever, and Delilah felt her heart break again as she slowly began to cry. Why, why couldn't she get through to her own daughter? Why couldn't she help her when she was in so much pain right now? Why?

"I-I'm gonna go now Ashlyn…I'll put the left overs of breakfast in the fridge, if you're hungry later tell me and I'll help you warm it up, ok?" still no response, and Delilah felt what little control she had left slip. She didn't want her daughter to see her cry, so she ran out of the room. It wasn't even five seconds later when Delilah's heartbroken cries reached Ashlyn's all but completely deaf ears.

Ashlyn stayed in the bed, blinking as she silently attempted to find some sort of emotion to feel under the pain and sadness, anything from happiness to anger. She found nothing, and once again that same numbing feeling encompassed her. Her dull, brown eyes empty as she slowly surveyed the room that had once felt like home, but now felt like a cage. It was the only thing keeping the harsh reality of the world around her out however, so she stayed. Going outside and facing everybody else, all those people, meant recognizing the fact that her best friend, her starter Pokémon, Pikachu, was gone for good, and wasn't coming back. And she just couldn't go through that. It would bring a whole other realm of pain, and she just wasn't ready to face it yet. Not when she was still reeling from losing Pikachu.

She made a choking noise as the memories of that day hit her again, and she almost hurt herself trying to fight the pain and heartache that came with it. 'SOMEBODY SAVE ME!'

Elsewhere in an ancient ruin…


The stone wall glowed, the writings carved into its clay surface thrumming with an ancient energy as a strange, ethereal cry could be heard, seemingly from another dimension.


The sound of something beginning to break echoed as a long, thin crack formed its way up the height of the wall, more energy and light seeping through from whatever was on the other side of it.


There was a bright, almost blinding flash of light, and the wall shattered to pieces, its remains strewn throughout the small room. Slowly, a giant, four-legged, dog-like creature walked out from the newly made hole in the brick wall. It stretched slightly before looking up towards the sky, eyes flashing as it caught the wave of negative energy that had caused it to awaken from its long years of forced slumber.

"I hear you… little one…" With a mighty roar the creature shook itself before it leapt into the outside air, disappearing in yet another flash of light as it headed in the direction of the source of the strong, negative energy. "I shall save you…"

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