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Pokémon the Movie 16: Realga's Nightmare

Part 2: Walking into a Nightmare!

When Red and the others showed up, it was quite obvious that things had gotten worse in the short time it had taken them to get from Sinnoh to the southern tip of the Kanto Region where Pallet Town was located. The barrier surrounding the small town had spread since they saw it on TV and now completely encompassed the surrounding forest to the east and west of the town, and a good third of the grassy fields to the north, where everybody was currently camping out more or less. It had already been decided that that area wasn't safe however, so they were slowly evacuating everybody to Viridian City. Red himself could already tell though, that place wouldn't be safe either if they didn't hurry and stop whatever was causing this mess.

"Red! Blue!" the 17 year old and his friend turned at the sound of their names being called, and smiled at the sight of the old man that was running toward them.

"Hey Professor!" Red greeted the man as he came to a stop in front of them.

"Glad to see you're safe, Grandpa." The other one, Blue, replied with a gentle smile. He looked around the area before continuing, "Hey Grandpa, where's Gary? He's not…"

"No, no! You don't have to worry about him, Gary's currently at his lab, or was last I checked when I called him. He's on his way here right now, I have no idea when he'll get there though." Prof. Oak replied, shaking his head at the implication that his eldest grandson had made.

"Blue, who's Gary?" Red asked suddenly, taking his own attention away from the sight of the barrier.

"Oh, I never did tell you or the other about him did I? Gary's my little brother." Blue answered, before turning to face his grandfather again. "Grandpa, do you have any idea what might be causing this-ah…This whatever you call it?" Blue asked gesturing to the distorted area behind the barrier.

"No I'm afraid to say. Not really, but I think there is somebody who might know what's going on, and who might be the source of this entire mess. She's very shaken up though, so I'm not sure how much information you can get out of her at the moment."

"I see…" Blue took on a contemplative look.

"Oh yeah, Prof. Oak, we may need to get ahold of the Pokémon Ranger Base. Think you can do that if and when the time comes?" Prof. Oak nodded in response. "Good, thanks. Oh, and some of the others are here to help as well." Red said motioning to the small group that had followed them here. Gold, Silver, and Green, along with the other two gave a wave at the mention of them.

"I didn't expect Gold, Silver, and Chris to help, it is nice of you three though, hello there Yellow, and nice to see you as well Green." The five trainers nodded at the response, the former three not bothering to really make a comment at the moment concerning their willingness to help out.

"Hey, Professor, you mentioned that somebody here might be able to tell us what caused this, who might that be and where are they right now?" Silver asked, only vaguely taking note when the barrier spread again, only expanding about an inch, but still enough to make everybody back up, weary expressions on their faces as they stared in fear at the wall of energy.

"Well, I also mentioned that she might not be able to give you much information, but I guess it couldn't hurt to ask her. Her name's Deliah Ketchum, you'll find her in the blue tent over there." He pointed in the direction of the place he was talking about, "Just be careful how you go about asking her, alright?"

"Wait Grandpa, you don't mean the mother of that girl my brother used to always compete with, do you?" Prof. Oak nodded his head in response,

"Yes, Blue, that's the very same one."

"What happened to get her so shaken up that she might not be a reliable source of information?" Green asked, approaching the three and standing beside Blue.

"Things have not been good for her family at the moment. Her daughter's starter pokémon was stolen two years ago, and the family has been on fairly shaky grounds since. What's worse is that her daughter is trapped in there." Prof. Oak motioned towards the barrier, "She's not the only one either. We didn't think the barrier would spread, and as a result we lost several children and a couple of adults as well. Everybody's scared for a reason as you can see." The old man continued. Red gave a nod before motioning for the others to follow him, heading in the direction of the tent that Prof. Oak had pointed to earlier.

Inside the Barrier…

A young girl sat in a large, throne like chair, staring with a dulled interest at the large screen in front of her as she watched what was going on outside of the barrier. It was showing the campsite, where everybody who had escaped when the barrier had first encompassed the town stayed. Her interest peaked when she saw a group of, one… two… three…

"seven…" supplied the only other living being in the room, a small yellow mouse with a tail shaped like a thunderbolt that sat sitting on her shoulder, red cheeks occasionally sparking. "Seven newcomers, new friends maybe? I don't think so…But…We'll just have to watch them for now, won't we?"

"Watching? …Yes…Watching…" the girl supplied quietly, turning her attention from the pokémon to the screen again.

"Tell me, are you happy?" the pokémon intoned with an inquisitive look. It had to make sure that its human friend was comfortable, after all, this was all for her. It would be a waste of energy if it had been doing all this for fun. It had to protect her from the harsh reality beyond the barrier, that place was dangerous, they both knew that, it had to make sure to keep all the dangerous stuff out, and if that meant expanding the barrier then so be it.


"But what? Remember, you don't have to do anything you don't want to, you can have anything that you want. If thinking is too painful, I'll do it for you, if you have too much power or not enough I'll give or take some from you, remember, I'm just want you to be happy." The pokémon supplied as it maneuvered itself, going from her shoulder to her lap as it turned to face her, "So what is it that you want?"

"I…want a…friend…" the girl finally said after a moment of silence. The pokémon seemed contemplative at that. Well it had seen it coming, after all, even with just the two of them, she was bound to still get a bit lonely, and having other company would be nice. The pokémon nodded its head in understanding before turning to the screen expanding it to show the people that were out and about clearly for them both to see.

"Ok. Which one?" the girl tilted her head, before slowly pointing to a young boy, no…that was a girl, the pokémon only vacantly realized as it got a closer look at the person in question, a straw hat on their head making them look more like a boy then a girl.

"I…Want…That one… Yes….that one…Bring…her…No him?"

"That's a girl, you were right the first time…"

"I…see…I…Bring her…here…Please?"

"Of course, anything for you." The pokémon said before jumping off of the girl's lap and running off and out of the room, slowly exerting its powers as it left, forcing the barrier to suddenly expand at a faster rate. It left a small portion of its powers behind to take on the image of the pokémon whose form it had taken at the moment before taking on its true form.



"Thank you…Realga…"

"What are friends for, Ashlyn."

The Blue Tent…

Red sat calmly in the seat, patiently waiting for the frantic woman to stop running about the tent and sit down to tell them what was going on. He couldn't help but worry when he caught wind of yet another bout of nervous mumbling, none of which he could make heads or tails of and then Blue had finally had enough and in one very rare moment, lost his patience with the woman.

"Mrs. Ketchum, I'm sorry, but please. Sit down, and stop pacing a river into the ground!" Blue said as he stood up, guiding the woman to the seat across from Red, the others having decided to do some asking around, that is except for Yellow, who had been concerned about the barriers progression. It was all good in the end really, they needed to know how much time they had before they had to follow the other citizens of Pallet Town to Viridian City for the time being, until they had an appropriate plan of action and at least some knowledge of how to deal with whatever was going on.

"I'm sorry." The woman, Deliah, apologized as she hurriedly flattened out her skirt, nervously messing around with her hair until it was at least as close to neat as it was going to get with her current mentality. She took a slow deep breath before slowly letting it out, repeating as she tried, and at least somewhat succeeded, in calming herself down enough to speak without throwing herself into hysterics. With one last deep breath, she continued, now much calmer then she had been when the two boys had entered the tent, "So what is it I can do for you two?" she asked, nervously fiddling with her fingers as she watched the boys. Blue nodded in approval at her ability to level out fairly quickly, causing Red to shoot him a slight but reprimanding glare before asking her a question,

"I'm sorry Mrs. Ketchum, I know you must still be in shock over this whole entire thing."

"Oh it's nothing just ask away, I'll try my best to answer any of your questions." She reassured him,

"Well Prof. Oak told us that you might know what's going on inside that barrier, what might be the cause." At the mention of the barrier, Deliah seemed to freeze in a second, expression going from that of a gentle mother willing to listen to what their child was saying to a stark seriousness that Blue himself hadn't seen while he was still living in town. It left him fairly unsettled,

"Well that is something, I have to say." She said evenly, picking at the nail on her index finger. Red half expected the woman to start yelling at them to get out of the tent, but she didn't, instead taking yet another deep breath, and continuing on in answering their question. "I'm not really sure what's going on myself. But … I can possibly give you the cause, I'm not sure if it's really the cause either, but …"

"Mrs. Ketchum, any knowledge you have over the situation might help us save your daughter, so please share." Red implored, his gentle smile turning into a frown at the sight of the woman's pensive face however,

"That's just it." She replied before continuing on, "My daughter is cause. Or rather, she's what brought the cause here, at least I think she did." Blue tilted his head at this information before speaking up as well,

"Mrs. Ketchum, what do you mean exactly?"

"It's be easier if I started from the beginning. Of course, the best place to start would be … that day." Deliah frowned at the mention of whatever she was talking about, something bad obviously having happened on whatever date she was talking about, "I am correct in assuming that Prof. Oak told you about how my daughter, Ashlyn's, starter pokémon was stolen two years ago?" she asked, receiving nods from both boys she continued on,

"Well, the story really probably does start there. Ashlyn, you remember her Blue as the little girl who used to butt heads a lot with your brother Gary, she had come home from the Unova Region after competing in the league there. It was two months, no three, when that boy showed up all of a sudden, requesting that she battle with him. I thought something was off about that boy, I really should have talked out of it, maybe then this wouldn't have happened…" she mumbled the last part seeming to gaze off into the distance, watching something that none of the other two in the room could see. She shook her rapidly, bringing herself back to the present before continuing on again, "Anyways, Ashlyn seemed to winning, they were both pretty even from what I could tell though…Then Ashlyn brought out her starter pokémon, a Pikachu, and everything went downhill from there pretty quickly.

That boy, he used some type of pokéball I'd never seen before. He managed to somehow capture my daughter's starter pokémon, and when it came out again, it just wasn't the same darling little thing that went in. It changed, that pokéball had done something to it. Pikachu, it just didn't recognize Ashlyn anymore, or rather it didn't recognize her as its owner any longer. The boy, he never gave us his name, but he said something about Pikachu being his now, and they both left. We haven't seen them since.

Ashlyn she didn't take being abandoned like that well, she couldn't accept it. She began to close herself off, she absolutely refused to accept the reality that Pikachu was gone, her best friend was gone, and it wasn't coming back any time soon. She fell into depression and I just, none of us could get her out of it. She became scared, scared of people, of even her pokémon and friends. I think she was afraid of them abandoning her as well." Deliah sighed, steeling herself for what she was about to say, "As Prof. Oak and I stated before, that was two years ago, and as you can probably expect, Ashlyn didn't get better at all. If anything she got worse.

There was nothing out of the ordinary this morning, but then everything started changing, this weird energy began… Pulsating? It spread throughout the town, I ran upstairs to get Ashlyn so we could both leave, but when I got up there. There stood Ashlyn, with Pikachu. But it couldn't have been Pikachu… Pikachu was gone. Oh how I wish it would come back, but…Then…I told Ashlyn to come on, we had to get out of there. And then she said something weird. Something about the cause of this entire mess. Ashlyn firmly believed that what she was holding was her Pikachu, she said that it was back finally, and everything would be okay now. That something, or someone by the name of Realga would take care of everything. I got scared, I ran, I left my daughter in there with that thing and ran." Deliah rested her head in the palm of her hands, aging visibly from a young and fretting mother to somebody seemingly a lot older, going through a lot more than they should. It showed just how much these events were weighing down on her.

"Realga is the answer. Ashlyn, the way she talked about whatever it is, it was definitely a living entity. If you can figure out what Realga is, you can find a way to stop this entire mess." Deliah finished, expression sure and determined. Red nodded in confirmation before standing up,

"Thank you for the information Mrs. Ketchum." He thanked the woman with a bow and made to leave. Deliah nodded in response,

"You're welcome. Sorry I couldn't be of more help." She apologized. Red and Blue both nodded at that,

"No, you were actually a whole lot of help. Thanks again, and don't worry, we'll save your daughter and all the others who fell prey to whatever or whoever Realga is." Blue said before leaving, following Red outside the tent. Suddenly there was a lot of screaming.

"What the hell?" all three ran outside, eyes widening when they saw what was causing the screaming. The barrier was expanding, rapidly now. Both boys cursed before being forced to run in the other direction. Deliah herself not far behind, though she did hesitate some.

Everything calmed down as quickly as it had begun however, when the barrier froze, stopping all together just as suddenly as it had begun moving.

"What the hell was that?" Red asked in shock when Gold, Silver, Green, and Chris all came running up to him. "Oh hey guys, where's Yellow?" he asked, the young girl in question nowhere in sight amongst the small group.

"Red, Blue, that's just it!" Gold said, panic clearly on his face.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Red, Yellow's inside the barrier! It started spreading suddenly when she was near it, she's inside the blasted thing now!" Red's eyes widened in shock and surprise.

"What? Can't we get ahold of her?" Silver shook his head, his expression even more grim and melancholic than usual,

"No…Any hope of getting ahold of her has been smashed, trust me, we've tried everything we can think of."

"Crap!" Blue exclaimed at the news before swearing under his breath.

With Yellow…

Yellow flinched when she came to, already figuring out where she was by the sight of her surroundings. If she remembered correctly, the barrier had started expanding while she was trying to figure just how much time she and the others had before this blasted took over Kanto and maybe even the world. Now, it looked like she was inside of it, having been too shocked and too slow to get away in time. She didn't have any of her pokémon with her; she had no idea where they had gone. She just hoped they were ok...

"Welcome new friend…" Yellow started at the sudden voice which broke her out of her thoughts. She turned around to face the person speaking, her eyes widening at the sight of what was obviously some kind of pokémon. She'd never seen it before though.

"Who are you?" she asked as she slowly backed up, cautious of the new pokémon,

"My name is Realga… And you are going to be Ashlyn's and mine's new friend." Yellow had no idea what this pokémon, Realga, was talking about, the but the aura it was giving off was just screaming danger at her senses. Her whole body was just aching to run away, but it seemed that nothing was or could be moved.

"W-What are you talking about? I-You can't just-"

"Ah but I can. For you see new friend, Ashlyn wanted you to join us here. And what Ashlyn wants, Ashlyn will get." Yellow was about to object but didn't get one more word in before her whole world went black, the last thing she saw, was the strange pokémon slowly approaching her, a twistedly happy expression on its face.

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