Grell Sutcliff sighed as he walked past the other members of the Shinigami Dispatch Society. He had just recently finished reaping souls and felt rather depressed because he was sure that William was going to be in a worse mood than usual. He knew how much William hated working overtime.

The red-haired Reaper shuddered at the thought of what William would do to him once they were alone in the privacy of their home again. He figured that he was relatively safe here with all of the other Shinigami wandering around, and it made him feel just a bit better.

"I could probably go and annoy Sebby and get away with it…" Grell muttered to himself as he thought of ways to get away from his abusive partner for even just a few moments. "Nah… Sebby never has time for me now…"

"Talking to yourself again, Reaper Sutcliff?"

Grell whimpered and froze as William's stoic voice sounded from behind him. He gulped and avoided all eye contact as the older male moved to stand in front of him.

"Why does that not surprise me…? You never have been one of the intelligent ones… Always so unstable and stupid… Remind me again why I put up with you, Sutcliff. It certainly cannot be because I love you."

Grell tried to hold back the tears, but it was too hard. He clenched his fists and tensed more than he already was. He always hated it when William put him down. All he wanted from the brown-haired man was the love that he always gave William!

"I heard you were down fraternising with Undertaker again, Grell." William narrowed his eyes at this before pointing his Death Scythe at the younger Reaper. "How many times have I told you to stay away from him?"

Grell remained silent, looking down at the ground.

"How many, Sutcliff? Far too many times, I believe. I don't know why you're always there, Sutcliff, but I can assure you – I will put a stop to your almost daily visits."

"I-I don't always go there…" Grell whispered. He wasn't sure why he was talking back to his superior, but he did know that he was feeling the need to protect his friend.

"Oh?" William's face remained emotionless. "Where else do you go? I'm well aware that you tend to work the corners at times – surely you can't be that interested in acting as the trash that you are."

Grell frowned. He never worked corners! He couldn't understand what he had done to make William hate him so badly.

"…I…" Grell gulped. "…I like to… follow Sebby around…"

"That demon?" William felt the urge to throw up. "Here I am, worried about you fooling around with that grey-haired Reaper and yet, here you are trying to get a demon's cock up your ass."

A tear slid down Grell's cheek. "…"

"Maybe I should keep you inside the house and never let you back out." A faint smirk appeared on William's face. "Then you really would be all mine."

"…" Grell nodded. He had been abused for so many years it had become almost second nature to just agree with whatever the taller male wanted.

"Finish off your paperwork, Sutcliff." William pointed to the red-head's office. "The amount of paperwork that you let accumulate on your desk is appalling."

Grell nodded again, tense as he walked past William silently. He flinched and gasped when a hand shot out and grabbed his rich red locks.

"If I ever have to confront you about your behaviour here again…" William pulled the hair harder, ripping Grell's head back. "…You won't like the consequences…"

Grell whimpered as the grip on his precious hair was released. He flinched when he was shoved forward, and fell to the ground. He cowered as William stepped over his body, expecting a few kicks.

"Are you alright, Grell-Senpai?"

Grell flinched again at the voice he recognised as that of his subordinate, Ronald Knox. He glanced briefly at Ronald before nodding. He didn't care much for moving and instead stayed where he had fallen. After all – the one that he loved most only ever treated him as the lowest of the low. This was probably his rightful place, anyway – on the floor beneath everyone else and with the scum of earth.

"Who was that…?" Grell heard someone mutter.

"William T. Spears." Someone else commented. "He's the Supervisor of the Dispatch Management Division..."

"I've never seen him act that way." Grell tried his best to block out the voices. "He's always so calm and collected..."

"I wouldn't care too much about it – it's only Sutcliff, after all. No one else really cares for him..."

"He's such a freak – a troublemaker..."

"Always cleaning up his messes…"

"Don't listen to them, Grell-Senpai." Ronald extended a hand and helped the elder to his feet. "They don't know how awesome you really are."

Grell hesitantly took the hand. He was sure that if William were still around he would be accusing the red-head of sleeping with Ronald. The second he was back on his feet, he hurried into his office and locked the door behind him.

Grell curled up in a corner of the office, hugging himself. He let tears drip down his cheeks, counting down the minutes until William would arrive and they would go home. He knew that as soon as they arrived home, only pain would befall him. He wasn't sure what had happened, but he knew that the William he had fallen in love with was no longer around.