Undertaker sat in the front of his shop while William stood before him. The two had been discussing Grell's vanishing in a civil manner. Undertaker was sure that William was heartbroken about this because Spears had been so quiet and didn't bother to start a fight.

"I just don't get why you didn't go after him…" William sighed as he sat down on the floor and crossed his legs.

"I was sleeping. He went out the back door. He's been with Ronald the entire time – he doesn't sleep with me."

"And you searched for him when you realised he was gone?"

"Yes. No one had seen him. When I realised he was gone, I sent the note to you."

William nodded. "…I see…"

"What have you been doing in order to find him?" Undertaker questioned. He wouldn't put it past the Spears to have done nothing.

"Two of my direct subordinates are out searching. Slingby and Humphries. Not particularly close to Grell, but the four of them are all in my division and get along well enough."

"Okay. But the issues between you and Grell need to be resolved before anything can happen. If he ran away because of the way you had treated him, it's highly unlikely that he's going to return because of his own will. I think that you're the only one who can bring him back. He loves you more than anyone else."

William ducked his head. "…How do you know that…?"

"Because when we would cuddle, he was always comparing me to you and saying that he would need to learn to get used to me. And when we were intimate, he's whimpered your name in ecstasy more than once."

"…" William's shoulders begun to shake. "…And all I did was cause him pain…"

"Grell loves you." Undertaker said in a soft tone. "He really does."

"…I don't deserve him…" William whispered. "…I never did…"

"You're the only one who can right your wrongs, Will." Undertaker sat down on the floor next to William and offered him a biscuit. "You understand what you've done wrong and you want to fix it. That's more than what most people would do who have been in your position."

"…" William wasn't sure how to respond to that.


"You lot remember that incompetent butler named Grell we had taken on a while ago, don't you?"

Grell couldn't help but laugh at Sebastian's choice of words. He was standing behind Sebastian while the four servants were gathered before them.

"Yes, Mister Sebastian." The four chimed.

"Well, this is him." Sebastian gestured to the red-head. "It's a long story, but he's actually a Shinigami. He was playing the role of incompetent butler. He's going to be staying with us for a while – him and his subordinate, Ronald."

"Wait a minute – you mean…" Grell looked at the household's chef. He remembered that his name was Bardroy. "…You mean all those times you tried to kill yourself… Oh, bloody hell! Why were we trying to off yourself in the first place if you couldn't die?"

Grell looked down at the ground and took a few steps backwards. "…Sebby…"

Sebastian stepped in front of the Reaper. "Grell is having a very hard time lately. I want you all to treat him with respect."

Mey-Rin, the maid, nodded. She had her serious face on, which rather surprised Sebastian. He was sure that the servants wouldn't be too impressed with Grell having deceived them – but he seemed to have been proved wrong.

Finnian, the gardener, looked excited about having someone new to talk to. He hurried towards Grell with a grin on his face.

"Hello, Grell!" Finnian smiled. He reached out, intending to wrap his arms around Grell, before Mey-Rin and Bardroy cried out, "No!"

Finnian pouted as he was pulled away from Grell. He was only trying to be friendly…

"What, are you trying to crush him or something, Finny?" Bardroy growled. "You know you need to be careful!"

"Oh, right." Finnian's grin only returned back to his face. "Sorry, Grell – I suppose it was lucky that they stopped me from hugging you."

Grell was silent. He turned his gaze towards the house steward, Tanaka, as said male laughed.

"Grell, would you like to remain here with these three idiots and make sure that they actually get their work done?" Sebastian offered. "I'm afraid that I have to go somewhere with the Master in a few minutes."

"O-oh." Grell put a fake smile onto his face before he nodded. "T-that's fine, Sebby. Thank you for being so kind to me…"

"It's okay, Grell. I should be back by dinner time. Please do inform me if the idiots have messed up again."

"Okay. Bye, Sebby."

Sebastian offered a smile before he had turned to leave, but he was stopped in his tracks by Grell's arms wrapping around him. He froze in surprise. The Reaper had never been so shy in showing affection before. He wondered if all of the exuberance and flirting that the red-head was so used to doing had all been an act.

"Please release me, Grell." Sebastian spoke in a soft tone. "I will see you soon."

Grell pulled away as if he had been burnt before he looked at the ground. "…O-okay…"

With that, Sebastian was gone. Grell reluctantly turned back to the four servants who were watching him curiously.

"So…" Mey-Rin started. "…You're really a Shinigami?"

Grell frowned before he nodded. "…Yes… But I'm leaving that life behind… Why are you taking it so calm?"

"Well, clearly there's a lot more to this world then what we can see." Finnian smiled. "After all, we have Plu-Plu."

"…Plu-Plu…?" Grell tilted his head.

"Pluto." Bardroy explained. "He's the demon hound that we picked up a while ago."

"Oh, him…" Grell nodded. "…I've met him…"

"So why are you here, anyway?" Bardroy questioned. "Why is a Reaper here?"

Grell shrugged. "Long story…"

"Can we meet your subordinate?" Finnian asked. His eyes glinted with excitement. "Please?"

A small smile appeared on Grell's face. "…O-okay… But you have to be quiet because he was asleep when I left him."

The servants nodded and followed behind Grell in delight. It wasn't every day that you meet a Shinigami, after all.


Grell was extremely happy to know that Ronald had been accepted so easily by the four servants. While the younger Reaper had been fast asleep by the time everyone had entered the bedroom, he woke up quickly when Grell started pulling him onto his lap.

"He's so cute!" Mey-Rin giggled and blushed as she sat on the bed beside the two Death Gods.

"Can I call him Ronnie, too?" Finnian asked as he rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.

Grell smiled. "Sure. He likes being called Ronnie, don't you?"

Ronnie looked up at Grell when he heard his name. He offered a weak smile before he closed his eyes again and yawned. He snuggled in close to his mentor, relaxed enough to allow the four strangers near him. It was strange that he wasn't bothered by these four, but he could sense that they were good people.

"Hi, Ronnie!" Finnian reached out and ran his hand through Ronald's dirty hair. "I'm Finny! And this is Bard, Mey-Rin and Tanaka!"

Ronald opened his eyes again and smiled at the four. He blushed when Mey-Rin's hand stroked his cheek. He looked up at Grell, not quite sure what was happening. It wasn't like Grell to be getting along with others – especially humans.

"Senpai, who are they…?" Ronald whispered.

"It's okay, Ronnie – they're not going to hurt you." Grell whispered back.

"'Senpai?'" Bardroy repeated. "What's that?"

Grell smiled. "He's just being respectful. You get used to him."

"He's gorgeous!" Mey-Rin exclaimed.

"He's sweet." Grell agreed. "He's very sweet."

Ronald started to struggle on Grell's lap, so the elder moved him onto the bed and held him in a sitting position. He sat and watched the others curiously.

"How's your head, Ronnie?" Grell asked.

Ronald nodded. "It's better, Senpai."

"That's good. You're a lot more responsive."

"Can he come and stay with us, too?" Mey-Rin asked.

Grell shook his head. "He needs to rest. Maybe when he feels better. Go back to sleep, Ronnie."

Ronald nodded. He smiled at everyone before he lay back down and closed his eyes.

Grell stood up. "C'mon. Let's leave him alone."

When Ronald was left alone once more, he couldn't help but feel happy for Grell – it seemed that the elder was finally starting to recover from all of the abuse. Maybe running away hadn't been such a bad idea after all.


"Has anyone seen them?" Eric asked Alan as they met up in a small London café.

Alan shook his head. "No one."

"Do you think William would say anything if we spoke to him about it? Maybe if he knows that we want to help…"

"I think that's actually a pretty good idea." Alan agreed. "We'll speak to him tomorrow when his shift ends. Maybe he'll be a bit more sociable if he's not at work."

Eric nodded. It grew quiet between the two Shinigami as they waited for two cups of coffee. Both Reapers were busy worrying about their co-workers.

A/N I know that Pluto is an anime-exclusive character, but he's too cute to leave out completely.