Neither William nor the Undertaker could remember the last time they had had so much trouble in a fight against a demon, but Sebastian had proved to be much stronger than the ones they usually fought. Just when they were thinking they were not going to win, Ciel walked in through the door, his one visible eye glaring at the mess that had been made during the fight; the railing of the stairwell was damaged, there were several holes in the wall, and items and furnishings that lay against said wall were broken.

For whatever reason, Ciel didn't order Sebastian to take the Reapers out, something they were grateful for. However, the young Lord had given them all but five minutes to retrieve their friends and make their way off his property.

Neither William nor Undertaker argued, seeing no need to. They went upstairs and entered the room they could sense the two younger Reapers in. Undertaker was the one to open the bedroom door and step in first, William close behind him.

Ronald was in the flamboyant male's arms, tears slowly receding. Grell sent a wary look towards the two, his expression quickly changing to one of fright as he noticed William standing in the doorway.

The redhead gulped before he addressed his superior, certain he was going to be torn apart verbally. "...W-will..."

William didn't speak, not trusting himself to keep calm. He left it to Undertaker, knowing the older Shinigami would deal with it better than he.

"We've been worried about you," Undertaker said, his usual smile missing, replaced instead by a frown. "We need to leave before we talk any further."

Grell didn't move, the entire situation too much to take in; he had been wrong in trusting Sebastian, so who was to say he could still trust these guys?

Undertaker moved to Grell's side, ignoring the way the smaller male cringed. He instead reached out and took Ronald into his arms, holding the young Reaper gently.

"Let's go, Grell." Undertaker turned around, hoping the redhead would follow him. His wishes were unfulfilled as Grell remained where he was, just staring with wide eyes.

The silver-haired Reaper didn't get a chance to comment on this as William hurried to his subordinate's side. The brunet reached out, grabbing bony hands in his as he stared into Grell's green orbs.

William couldn't hide the pain he felt; he frowned as his eyebrows creased, the grip on the pale hands tightening. He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts before he spoke.

"Sutcliff, I – no..." William trailed off before he continued, "...Grell... Grell, I am so sorry... What I did to you... I know it was wrong of me, but right now you have to trust me... When Ronald collapsed in my office... I thought you were gone... I-I understand what I've done wrong, and pleas believe me; I want to make it right... Please..."

Grell just shook his head, looking down at his lap. "...You've hurt me too much, Will..."

Undertake cut in at the moment. "William came to me in tears. He truly is sorry. He does love you and wants to make things right. Give him a chance."

"..." As much as Grell didn't want to, he knew he couldn't deny the fact that he loved William more than anything, and it would make his whole world if he forgave the older Reaper. But... could William be trusted? Would he not change his mind in future and return to his cruel ways?

As if reading the younger's thoughts, William conveyed his emotions. "I understand if you do not trust me, Grell, but I truly am sorry and am trying my best to change for you. I wish for you to give me one more chance. Please? Just one. If I mess up in the slightest... I'll understand if you leave."

"..." Green eyes slipped closed as Grell tried to make his mind up. He loved William... He truly did... What if... he gave it just one more chance...? Maybe, just maybe, William really had changed. He certainly hoped so.

Looking up into William's confused gaze, Grell spoke. "...Just one more chance... okay...? Don't... let me down..."

William nodded, pulling Grell to his feet. "Thank you, Grell. We really have to leave, so let's talk more back at the office."

"...Okay..." Grell turned to look at Undertaker, worried about what would happen with Ronald, but he didn't need to ask for Undertaker to explain.

"I'm going to look after Ronald and make sure he recovers," the silver-haired Shinigami said. "We'll be taking our leave now."

With that said, Undertaker and Ronald were gone. William and Grell looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

"...Let's go." William opened a portal back to the Shinigami realm, Ronald close behind him.

Grell couldn't help but admit to himself he was relieved William was willing to try once again with him; he loved the brunet with all his heart. Hopefully, the future would work out for them; if there was one thing Grell didn't want, it was to lose William.

Fucking shit ending, but my motivation is down the drain. Blargh.