Chapter 1

Gideon's Truth

As Gideon sat sad, drunk, and angry in his minuscule apartment on his old 1980's Mac computer he was contemplating revenge. All he could remember was Ramona as he took a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey…..the fabulous Ramona was the only one missing in his collection of ex's that he was saving to wake up after he was rich, famous, and irresistible. He couldn't believe she got away, and he felt as if he couldn't do anything to change that fact, but he felt if he could do anything he could sabotage her into running back to him, and expressing her true lust for him witch he knew she had. He may have pushed her away as he thought of their relationship as a bit of an experiment, but as soon as she left him he realized his true feelings… and this causes him an inner turmoil that he may not be able to control for long.

Gideon decided to try to get his mind off Ramona so he started to play "Doom" when he remembered that he could get help getting Ramona back into his life all he had to do was go to Craigslist witch he feels can solve all his problems.

"I've got it!" Gideon exclaims.

Gideon continues to travel the vast and empty world of the internet till his drunken mind could conjure up the ability to spell Craigslist. While on Craigslist, he did get distracted and ended up spending 7,777$ on a digital sword. The price was what he called a good deal, but he then later realized he had to focus as he took another shot.

The craigslist post stated

Dear Evil exes of Ramona Victoria Flowers

I am summoning you to help drive Ramona back to me, and for this favor I will gladly pay you all $777, after my new chaos theater opens up in New York. All of the exes I can find will help I don't care who you are you just have two characteristics. One is you have to be EVIL, and the other is you have to have dated Ramona Flowers at least once in your life time. Your task will be to attack, fight, and destroy any and all of Ramona's' new boyfriends that will interfere with me getting her back.

Love Gideon 3


*The next Morning*

*7:00am alarm goes off*

Gideon: Ahh….

Gideon sat up in the agony of the hangover that the 77oz bottle of Jack Danials whiskey inflicted on his brain and liver. Gideon decides to brave the brightness the computer screen shows and see what fucked up things he looked up last night. The computer showed he spent 3 hours on Ramona's Facebook wall while listening to the song "Black Sheep" by the Clash at Demonhead. The he noticed he went to so he decided what he did there, and he noticed he had 5 new replies to his Ad they were from the following people Mathew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Roxy Richer, and The Katayanagi Twins Kyle and Ken…..