"Are you ready?" Draco and Harry stood outside the door of St. Mungo's, their hands clasped together.

"Yeah," Harry smiled.

They walked inside together, and were lead up to the mental ward where Healer Corner's office resided. They sat in the large chairs in front of the desk and waited, turning when the door opened moments later.

"Good to see you again, hopefully this is the last time yeah?" Michael smiled, shaking their hands and sitting down in front of them.

"Hopefully," Harry agreed.

"So, how have things been going Harry?"

Harry launched into his week, only having minor details corrected by the blond every so often. Michael looked particularly pleased when listening to what happened at the Weasley's dinner, though Draco couldn't tell if it was because Harry stood his ground or because he thought Ginny was a bitch too.

"Well," Corner started after harry had finished. "Based on your story and Mr. Malfoy's limited disagreements, I'd say you have improved wonderfully over this past week. Which means that you don't have to see me again; I'm very proud of you Harry. Most patients would not be able to accomplish such improvements in only two weeks, and it makes me very glad to see you do so well."

"Thank you," Harry said genuinely.

"You're welcome; now why don't I go sign some papers to clear you. Once they are filled out you are free to have any job, to move anywhere without having to tell me, and for the most part you get your life back," Michael got up and left the room, leaving Draco and Harry in there alone.

"You've done it Harry!" Draco shouted excitedly, throwing his arms around the brunet's neck.

"Did you doubt me?" Harry laughed, kissing Draco's cheek.

They kept embracing until Corner came back, when they pulled apart quickly. Michael, who had seen the whole thing, pretended he did not. He handed Harry and Draco some things to sign and in less than fifteen minutes later they left happily, going home to celebrate their good news.