Obediently, Adam knelt before his father in his chambers, King Randor's color seemed better than it ever had in the past months. Adam knew he was in his road to recovery and transferring the crown will no longer be necessary, however, his father was adamant about transferring the crown to him on the next fortnight.

King Randor lay his hand on Adam's head.

"I am already an old man, my son. It is time that I make you King. I believe you are fully equipped to run the kingdom and govern my subjects wisely."

Adam stared into his father's wrinkled face that was filled with love and confidence in him. He would not fail his father. Adam kissed his hand and answered in earnest.

"I will accept the crown and I promise I shall defend the kingdom with courage and strength, and rule it with infinite wisdom and love."

"Adam, I do not wish you to be a lonely king. I would want you to experience the happiness and love that your mother and I shared all these years. Please do not take it against me that I have invited women of neighboring kingdoms to our celebration. I want you to choose your queen among anyone at the party. Let it be your first decision as king."

"Yes, father. I will not fail you. I will give Eternia the rightful queen worthy of their love and respect."

A knock on the door interrupted Teela's fastidious curling of her hair. She furrowed her brow in slight annoyance. How can a girl prepare herself for the party if everyone kept interrupting her? She sighed and invited the person to come in.

"Teela, we must hurry. The visitors are starting to arrive. I need you there to greet them and oversee that things are well," said Man-at-Arms.

"Yes, father, I'll be down in a minute," she promised although she didn't intend to keep her promise. There were enough servants and enough personnel in the castle. They would not miss her if she was late.

Teela eyed herself in the mirror. She knew she was quite attractive with her wavy auburn hair and blue green eyes, enhanced by dark, long lashes. She smiled at her reflection as she finished setting her hair. It was a tedious and tricky to make your hair stunning, it took her almost an hour to dry and style it. The new queen would be lucky as there would be servants to take care of her hair and she wouldn't have to burn herself with a curling iron, she mused.

She took her long Victorian red gown that Queen Marlena had had custom-made for her. It was beautiful and it brought out her smooth ivory complexion, and the luster of her red locks. It made her feel like a princess even if she wasn't one. She was excited to mingle at the party, hoping she would meet some eligible, handsome bachelor that would sweep her off her feet.

By the time she walked down the long winding carpeted staircase that led to the ballroom, the party was in full swing. There were numerous lovely ladies in attendance and she wondered which of them would be their new queen.

She eyed each one of them and believed they were all equally beautiful yet she knew, not all of them would make a good queen. She furrowed her brows as she saw one lady in an intricate gown scolded and humiliated the servant that handed her a glass of red wine rather than white. She hoped Adam would not get someone so nasty and cruel. Teela shuddered at the thought of serving someone so vile.

"Hey, Teela. You look gorgeous today," said Orco.

"Why thank you. I really took the time to look good," smiled Teela.

"Who would you guess will be Adam's choice?" asked Orco as he helped himself with some cocktails.

"I don't know…but Lady Amalthea is a kind-hearted and gentle lady. She would be good for Eternia," said Teela.

"You think so, " asked Orco skeptically.

Teela nodded as she tasted some hors-de-ouvres while enjoying the music and the atmosphere of elegance and royalty surrounding her. It's nice to just be among them, enjoying herself, thinking of nothing else. Sometimes it becomes tiring watching out for everyone around her all the time and being up on her toes. She laughed as Orco seemed to feeling rather dizzy with all the fizzy drinks he'd been sampling. Normally she would scold Orco for being carefree and irresponsible but tonight she won't…she wanted to feel relaxed and easygoing.

"I think Adam's queen must be someone brave and spirited and beautiful nonetheless," said Orco.

"Don't you worry, I'm sure he knows what's good for him and there are so many ladies to choose from," said Teela.

She took it on herself to enjoy that night and danced with the charming gentlemen of the kingdom all night. She danced and danced until her feet hurt. Never had she felt so gay and light-hearted. Perhaps, it wouldn't hurt to just be a lady sometimes. A lady who can enjoy the champagne, a lady with so many beautiful dresses she can wear at night when she wants to dance and enjoy the music.

It was nearing midnight and soon Adam will choose his queen. Teela glanced out of the big open ballroom doors going to the enormous terrace overlooking the mountains and the kingdom. The midnight sky was lovely and the million twinkling stars beckoning. She carried her heavy skirts and began her way out the terrace.

It's a beautiful night, she thought as she smiled to herself trying to count the stars. I wish Adam and I can find true love and happiness.

She heard the orchestra stopped playing. And everything inside the ballroom went still. Adam must be about to make his announcement. Do you want to hear this? She asked herself. Perhaps she should just make a detour around the balcony stairs up to her bedroom so she didn't have to hear the announcement but as she started for the balcony stairs near the turret, she changed her mind and felt she wanted to witness this momentous moment.

Slowly she walked inside. King Randor had just finished transferring his crown to Adam and there was a huge applause for the new king. Teela felt proud of Adam. He had gone a long way from her awkward, uncaring playmate to the powerful new king of Eternia.

Teela sighed so much time had passed and she wondered where hers was heading. Would she continue on serving and protecting the new generations of the royal family?

Her mind wandered off and when her reminiscence of happy moments of the past were done, Adam was addressing the crowd, thanking them for sharing this night, for their friendship and support for the kingdom. He addressed his subjects as well and promised them a good and effective leadership. Finally, he addressed King Randor and Queen Marlena who were seated at the throne.

"Father…Mother… thank you for raising me well to be the ideal prince for Eternia, and now the promising new king. I know my responsibilities to my kingdom as well as my responsibilities as your son. I have enjoyed the company of the ladies of the kingdom and the ladies of our neighboring kingdoms. In talking to them, and getting to know them, and learning about their ideals and beliefs about life, love and running the kingdom, I have chosen the woman I believe would be the best queen for Eternia. I shall walk down from the throne and take her hand to present to you as your new queen."

There was a new round of loud applause and everyone was looking at Adam expectantly and the ladies were holding their breath, hoping they would be the new queen of Eternia.

Adam's eyes searched the crowd for a moment for descending the few steps of stairs but instead of walking toward the center of the ballroom, he slowly walked toward the open ballroom doors heading toward the terrace. A short gasps and whispers from the people emerged. Teela's brows furrowed as she watched Adam in confusion then his mesmerizing eyes that often sends a tingling sensation down her spine suddenly met hers and Adams lips formed into a smile as he stopped right in front of Teela.

Teela's eyes were clouded with confusion. She was dumbfounded and shocked. She couldn't move even after Adam took her hand and raised it to his lips before walking her back to the center ballroom just below the flight of stairs.

"This is Teela, the new Queen of Eternia. I trust that you would give her the same respect and the same love that you have given my parents when they reigning this kingdom. Teela remained speechless. This can't be happening she thought. She couldn't move even if she wanted to protest. Shock had rendered her immobile.

Then she felt Queen Marlena walked down the few steps of stairs from the throne and kissed her cheek.

Queen Marlena's eyes bore on hers with honest acceptance and love. "Teela, you truly now are my daughter," she whispered.

The people burst into an applause as they accepted their new queen.

Teela wanted to thank Queen Marlena, wanted to return her kiss, but more importabtly she wanted to tell her to help her because she didn't want to be the queen of Eternia.