Okay, I would first like to add that I haven't actually seen Rise of Cobra all the way through…..don't hate me, hate to scratched disk my brother gave me. Second, I think there is a real G.I Joe named 'Tripwire', if so…deal with it. Sorry.

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Everyone was gathered in Hawk's office as he silently flipped through pages of a file. The group had tried to hide it, but they were getting impatient after the silent near thirty minutes. They had been called in here for a mission briefing, not to watch their general read!

"Hmmmmmm." Hawk mummed with interest as he examined yet another page before finally closing the file and sliding it to the others. Duke picked it up as the others looked over his shoulder at it. He skimmed through it before something caught his eye; K. , M. , and 'Active's were crossed out with another stamp over lapping that one to yet again be crossed out before finally lading on one final 'M.I.A' after a line of the mess.

"What's with the whole she's dead, she's not, dead she's gone, she's not gone?" Ripcord asked everybody's question. Hawk smirked as his head bobbed with a slight laugh.

"Alisha Jasminer Raiders A.K.A 'Tripwire' is known for taking serious blows and living, as well as being taken hostage a few times and turning the tables." Hawk answered leaning back in his chair. The team read every word the file said this time. Air Force pilot, bomb and demolition expert, martial arts, boxing champion, well qualified mechanic, spy, weapons expert, seductress and her record said she was pretty rough in bar fights and handy if you wanted to steal a car.

"If you don't mind me asking, but where do you find these people?" Duke asked, handing the file to Scarlett to hold.

"Somebody Beach Head recommended. At first I wasn't impressed until I looked her up. I've tried to make contact only to find that she slipped under the radar of anyone looking for her. One of those cases where 'Uncle Sam taught them a little too well'. On the back are likely places to find her." General Hawk informed as Scarlett flipped to the back and scanned down the list.

"All in Alabama, all close to each other. Shouldn't be hard, right?" She said passing it to Ripcord and Breaker for a better look. "Hey, no I.D picture. How are we supposed to find somebody if we don't know what they look like?" Breaker asked in his observation. Duke tapped on the third paper to show him. There was young woman with dusty looking tan hair that contrasted bother her tan skin and her lime green eyes. Next to that was a list of identifying tattoos.

"Ask around for Alashia Jasminer Raiders," Hawk shrugged not observing Duke's output of help.. "On one of her spy missions they had to wipe her data completely out of the system. However that worked out." He scoffed his last sentence.

"Anyways, you have three days to find her and bring her back." He added sending the group on their way.

….A Few Days Before…

"Hey! A.J! Get up!" A gruff voice called the woman out of her sleep through the door. She stretched slowly before falling out of the chair she had slept in on purpose. Once on the floor she lay flat out on back and stretched that way before standing to answer the door. A black haired man looked up at her impatiently before shoving a load of mail in her hands.

"What's all this?" She asked confused. She never had mail. Ever. A.J started to open a envelope identical to the rest.

"Something from the government." He said smoothly. She dropped it on the floor along with the rest before pushing them with her feet into a pile. The man chuckled at her actions before turning to leave.

"See you at work, J." He called over his shoulder. A.J didn't answer him, but instead watched him walk down the drive way and get in his truck. She returned a wave to him with a small smile; but one he was out of view she cursed. She was just getting to like this town! And that boy.

'What does the government want with me this time?' She looked down disgusted at the odd little pile before turning into her house. It was a blank, empty cabin house; all it had was a mattress, a shower, a dresser drawer and a portable stove; even with that little bit of evidence she was here, it had to go. She grabbed all her clothes and stuffed them in an army green backpack that was tattered from its history of running. She looked around for anything else to take before gently picking up a small, leather wrapped book and placing it in the deepest pocket in her camouflage cargo pants. She pulled off her present shirt and replaced it with a black tank top. Taking the old shirt, she placed it on top of the portable stove and turned the flame high. After bailing out of the cabin, she walked her motorcycle to the paved road so there would be no tire tracks. She had to make it look like she died in that fire the best she could.

The rumble of the motor set her mind back to deep thoughts. Why was she always running from the government? After that simple slip on the mission, did she think that she would get punished or disgraced by that? Or was it…no. That was defiantly her fault. She should feel guilty for that, she dissevered it.

She rode until the sun hid its face behind the Earth, and kept on going. She had to get back to Alabama by sunrise; it was where she always ducked her head. She was a sign that said 'Lake Eufaula, Welcome to Alabama' and sighed with relief. She was home finally, and just in time to put gas in her bike. She admired the moon as it danced in the lake water as she rode over the bridge and navigated her way to 'Al's 24/7'.

She stopped the bike, took off her helmet and started feeling like a bad ass all of a sudden. Just as she went to step down, boom! Her leg gave out from underneath her. Just as a truck pulled up as well, great. Now everybody knew her mistakes.


"Well, we've checked ten of the twelve places on here. I don't think we'll find her today." Scarlett sighed tiredly to Breaker as she sat in the truck. The other guys were out asking if anyone knew 'Alashia Jasminer Raider'.

"That's an odd name. Alashia Jasminer." Breaker said mulling over the name. Very odd indeed. Ripcord, Roadblock, and Ripcord walked back to the truck with no leads. They had stopped asking people a few hours before instead started looking around to see if they could find her that way.

"Well, we've gotta get car fuel and our own fuel." Ripcord said as Duke started the truck, who nodded in agreement.

"Who's going to be open this time of night? Day." Roadblock said as he realized it was near 3 a.m. Scarlett leaned forward and pointed to a gas station sign that read 'Al's 24/7'. They pulled in alongside a motorcycle; just as the rider stepped off, she fell.

She looked down to see that the sharp gravel had dug into her palms. The slight pain was emphasized by her fatigue and hunger; she felt tears want to build up as she struggled to stand.

'You're going to go soft too? Might as well start a family and play Susie Home-Maker if you're going to cave this late in the game!' She though harshly to herself. The sound of someone running across gravel approached her and she found herself being lifted up.

"Are you okay?" The blonde man asked her. She looked up at him a dizzy face before trying to steady herself.

"Y-yeah. Just a long ride." She said weakly as her weight shifted so she was sitting sideways on her bike. "I'll be fine." She assured the stranger as he reluctantly left as she buried her face in her hands.

"Do you think that is who I think that is?" Ripcord said when Duke came back.

"Yeah, it's her. Never would have expected to find her like this, maybe there won't be any trouble." He said still staring at the pitiful woman. "Okay, let's go." He said as everybody got out of the truck and advanced toward her. At first everybody was kind of tense, but when she didn't take notice to them approaching; they soon figured out she passed out.

"Well, job well done everybody. That was a very tough fight back there. Glad were all still alive." Ripcord said impersonating a general or a British adventure. Snake Eyes went to help Duke lift her up, that's when the gun fell out of her bag.

It didn't have the safety on, and when it hit the ground; it went off much to everybody's surprise! Duke dropped A.J's head, and she hit the ground maybe just as hard as the gun. Snake Eyes glared at him through his visor. Duke went to pick up her head, but Snake Eyes waved him off as if the say "we want a LIVE person to bring back."

He managed to pick and carry A.J bridal-style very easily, seeing that she was under-weight at the time. As they neared the truck, A.J inhaled and tightened her arms around his neck; that made him slightly uncomfortable. What was even more unnerving was her whispering "Missed you, James…"