'She was so small….' Rebel smiled down to the picture of her daughter when she was five months old. She sighed as she put the most recent one of Artemis in its place, a small part on the control set of the Red-Left.

"Three more years beautiful baby, three more years." Rebel gave a sad smile and went back to updating her jet's system. It was something to do, Red-Left had probably seen her last flight but she wasn't completely decommissioned yet. She also felt this strange urgency, like she couldn't relax. She hoped it was just her nerves; but something in her instincts told her otherwise.

"Hey Snake." Rebel said as she read the coding on her screen. She looked up to see the black clad man with his arms crossed.

"Only you can do that. Why?" Snake Eyes signed.

She laughed and leaned back in her pilot's seat. "That's because you smell like an old sweaty horse right now." Rebel scrunched her face at him.

"It happens." He shrugged.

"Well take a bath of roll in some flowers. Do something about it." She waved him away.

He put his hands up in compromise and walked away; she made sure he was gone before she leaned back and closed her eyes. Rebel had been so tired and sick feeling for the last few days, nothing really explained it. She finished up her work and started towards Tap's room to tell her about the updates.

"Hey, Tap, I finished the updates." She knocked on her door and waited for her to answer. Nothing. "Tap? Nikki?" She knocked a few more times before opening the door. It smelled of blood.

"Nikki? Taps?" Her heart began to race, her panic began to rise; but calmed herself. It was never good to freak out in a situation as this one. She walked lightly over to the light switch, hesitant to flip it up. The light filled the dark room, her eyes warily scanned for…..something. And she found it…

"Nikki!" She cried as she rushed over to the limp figure. "Oh God Nikki, no!" She kneeled as tears began streaming down her cheeks. Rebel adverted her eyes away from the slice over her throat.

"Aww, Menhit. Did I kill your little friend?" A chilling voice came from behind her. She didn't bother to look at the attacker, she knew who it was.

"Eris…." She growled clenching her fists full of Tap's blood soaked clothing.

"Menhit." Eris replied casually. Rebel's anger grew just at the sound of the hideous name she was given.

"Why spill the blood of the innocent?" Rebel tried to remain civil since Eris loved it when people got emotional.

"To boil the blood of the guilty." Eris answered innocently. Rebel turned to look at her; she was rubbed her finger through Tap's blood that remained on her blade. "You are guilty, you know that right?" Rebel fought the training of the Brotherhood that was coming it back, it told her to take this woman's head off and put it on the front of her motorcycle.

"Let's see, I've killed your friend, then I'll kill the other one, and then that ninja-boy you love so much, and then um…..your precious daughter. After that's all done, I might get an adventurous bone and go after your father. And you'll live through all of it." Eris smiled a grin that would make her father Satan proud. Rebel stood up, keeping her back turned to Eris.

The milliseconds blurred as raw instinct took over. Rebel as on top of Eris as she pounded her fists in to her pretty face. Rebel reached for the sword and held it over Eris' heart.

"Let me tell you a secret. That Adrian boy, I killed him. I was with the 'terrorists' that day, I set it to blow. It was just a lucky shot that it was next to your fail-safe…and your boyfriend." Eris smiled exposing now bloodied teeth.

"Shut and die bitch!" Rebel shouted as a shuriken lodged into her shoulder. She dropped the blade, Eris rolled over so she was now on top.

"Swell work, Markio. I'm afraid Menhit killed your daughter though." Eris said as she grabbed Rebel by the collar of her shirt. "You know what?" She whispered in her ear. "I wasn't going to add this one the to the list, but that really pissed me off. So now, I'm going to cut out your unborn child." She growled.

Rebel's eyes snapped wide open. Her brain went to 'Indestructible' mode as she pulled the razor sharp shuriken out of her shoulder and slung it across Eris' face. Next thing she knew she was rushing down the hall. She had to get to someone; the Brotherhood had found their way here. And where filth was gathered, a snake hid.

"Rebel! What the-" Duke shouted as he was coming out of a door.

"No time. The Brotherhood it here, and probably Cobra. Get everybody on the alert, now!" She instructed before dashing off again. That blow Eris took wouldn't keep her down; even if she was decapitated she'd probably still come after you. She had to get Lady T and Snake Eyes. Somehow protect Artemis. And keep her unborn child safe as well….unborn child?!

Rebel nearly tripped while she was running. She stopped and lifted up her shirt, feeling her stomach. Only slightly, but it was definitely there.

"Woah." She breathed. 'It would have been better to find this out when I wasn't running for my life.'

She started running again, and soon she reached her room.

"Fuck..no, no, no." She began panicking when she remembered Snake had gone to take a shower. She flung open the door to see Snake Eyes fighting with a woman. She seemed to have the upper hand, when she did just what her masters had drilled into her not to do; took her eyes off of her opponent and looked up at Rebel. Snake Eyes shoved her off and hit her with the butt of her katana, knocking her out. Rebel rushed over, holding the woman's head in her arms.

"Sleep well brother." She said before breaking her neck. "Snake, we've got to get out of here."

...to be continued…