"They only came in packs of four," Rose said, showing the Doctor one of the plain white plates. "But I managed to fit them all in the cupboard okay. Did you get all the other stuff?"

"Yup. Found a store near the market, sold everything from bread makers to pepper shakers. I got us the basics; saucepan, frying pan, chopping board, knives."

"What about the towels and bedclothes?"

The Doctor grinned. "You'll love them. Was going to get plain, but actually the coloured ones were cheaper ..." He pulled a folded towel out of the shopping bag, and Rose grinned.


"Thought you'd like that."

"You're going to use pink towels, are you?" Rose said with a chuckle.

"'Course not. I got yellow ones for me. Anyway, I haven't shown you the bedclothes yet."

"Go on then."

He opened the second bag, and Rose gasped. The material was a deep midnight blue—TARDIS blue, in fact—patterned with stars.

"They're beautiful."

"That's what I thought. They were slightly more than the flowery set, but ..."

"No, no, definitely worth it," Rose said, stroking the cover nostalgically. "What about the actual quilt?"

"Got to go back for that. And the pillows. Too much to carry at once." The Doctor took a deep breath. "Dare I ask, how much money do we have left?"

Rose took out her remaining staples, and he stared at the now very small pile in front of them for a moment. "That's not much," the Doctor said heavily. "Certainly not another month's rent. Might just get us food till then, but not much else. I wonder how much a clockwork mouse would go for round here ..."

"Well, maybe now's as good a time as any to mention," Rose said. "I've got a job interview."

The Doctor's head shot up. Until that point, neither of them had mentioned the dreaded 'J' word, although they knew perfectly well that at least one of them was going to have to get one at some point—they couldn't survive on the contents of the Doctor's pockets forever. "What? How'd you manage that, you only went to the supermarket!"

"Exactly. They had a sign asking for staff in the window, and I asked. They said all they needed was proof of entry to the planet, and an interview. I'm going day after tomorrow."

The Doctor made a pretty good impression of a goldfish for a minute or two. "And you only mentioned this now?"

"You walked in asking about the crockery, so I answered you."

"Rose ..."


"We've got the psychic paper, you could have any qualification you wanted. You could go for a much better job than a shelf-stacker."

"Maybe later," Rose said. "But for the moment, considering we have less than a month to find some rent, I thought it would be best if I went for a job I know I can actually do, and do well, rather than be too ambitious."

"Okay," the Doctor said slowly. "That's logical. But don't for a moment think that I'll let you carry the burden of bringing home money on your own. There's got to be a good job round here for a modest genius ..."