The next morning, Rose awoke to find the Doctor already up, pouring over a map on the table. "Morning."

"Morning Rose," he said without looking up. "I've worked out where we are."

"Good." Rose slipped out of bed and ventured over. "Where on Em Yle are we?"

He moved the map to one side, revealing two more underneath. "Okay, this is a map of the planet. We're down here, in Cogodia."

Like Earth, Em Yle seemed to be mainly sea. Unlike Earth, there was only one large land mass, which stretched almost from one pole to another, and the rest was dotted with island clusters. The land mass was divided into colour groups, and the Doctor pointed to one small purple area on the eastern edge, about halfway between the equator and the south pole, labelled Cogodia.

"So Cogodia's the country?"

"Yes." The Doctor moved that map to one side and pulled back the second. "This is a map of Cogodia. We're here, in Slogv. It's a city, but only just, not a very big one."

Rose grinned. "Right on the coast."

"Yeah. Now ..." The Doctor turned to the third map. "This one's of Slogv. We're around here somewhere." The city was divided into colour sections, and he pointed to the one marked 'EC'.

"What's EC mean?"

"Eastern Central. Look, see the one in the middle is C, and look at the others round it ... NC, EC, SC, WC—Rose, don't laugh—and then further out, it's just N, E, S and W. If we wanted to visit the beach, we'd go out to E."

"Can we visit the beach?"

"I think we should look into local transport prices first." The Doctor pushed the maps around, trying to find something. "Where'd I put it?—Oh, there you are." He uncovered a book titled 'The Tourist's Guide to Em Yle'.

"We're not tourists," Rose said.

"I know, but they didn't have an Em Yle for immigrants book. Anyway, I prefer to think of us as permanent tourists."

Rose grinned. "I like that."

"Public transport seems reasonable," the Doctor said, flicking through the relevant section of the book. "Maybe in a couple of paycheck's time we could get some swimming things and go out there."

"How long will the weather be like this for?" Rose asked, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Er ... good question. Weather ... weather ..." the Doctor thumbed through the book. "Don't know. This book was written with the assumption that the reader knows what the date is."

"That's helpful."