"So we're agreed. Some things are worth paying a bit of extra money for." Rose placed the more expensive, but thoroughly dead, chicken in the fridge and closed the door.

The Doctor grimaced, rearranging the other food items they'd just bought to try and fit them all in the cupboard. "Absolutely."

"Is it normal for people here to buy home-slaughter animals?"

"Obviously for some, yes."

"Well I think that's an economy we can live without." Rose sighed and flopped onto the mattress. "We still need a load of stuff, don't we."

"Towels, bedclothes, shampoo, cooking equipment, cutlery ... yeah, a lot." The Doctor crammed the final tin in the cupboard and shut the door. "I don't think towels and bedclothes can wait any longer, and we're going to need some crockery and cutlery to be able to eat tonight."

Rose yawned. "Exactly how many hours are in a day here?"

"Earth hours or Em Yle hours?"


"One hour here is fifty minutes, not sixty. And there's twenty of them in a day, rather than twenty-four."

Rose groaned.

"At least it's nice round figures. You don't want to try the system on Bakavenate. Thirty-seven minutes to an hour, twenty-nine in a day ..."

"All right! Point taken."

"I saw a shop with crockery in the window near the supermarket, don't know about other things. We could split up, one of us go there and the other try to find the other things?"

"Couldn't it wait till after lunch? I'm famished."

The market had sold all kinds of finger food and hot dishes in takeaway trays, which came with little plastic cutlery. The cheapest item was indso, a kind of creamy, mildly curry flavour soup, which they had brought two portions of back with them.

"It's supposed to be eaten with bread," the Doctor said, breaking a piece off the loaf from that morning. "To use up stale bread, you break it up and let it soak."

"It's nice," Rose said after a hesitant sip. "What's in it?"

"Some veg, mainly mushrooms I think, probably some meat or fish ..." The Doctor took a bite of soup-soaked bread. "Meat, I think. Can't be too certain what. Might be more than one kind. Bread?"

"Yeah, okay. Why not." Rose stirred bite-sized pieces of bread into the soup and let them go soggy, the way the Doctor was with his. Silence fell for a while as they ate their lunch. Rose noticed the mushrooms had a distinctly stronger flavour than she was used to, but she decided she liked it.

She still hadn't washed, at least not with soap, and was still wearing the clothes she'd arrived on Em Yle wearing. All she felt like doing was having a nice long hot soak, changing into her new pyjamas, and crawling into bed, but there were still a good few hours in the day—although she couldn't be sure how many—and things that needed to be done. Not to mention they only had a shower, not a bath.

"One of us should get a clock," she said suddenly. "Or a watch. We don't have any way of telling the time here."

"Good point. And a map of the area would be useful too." The Doctor thought for a moment. "Come to think of it, I'm not even sure which country we're in, let alone which city ..."