Saw the Fairly Legal season finale tonight and really enjoyed it. I was very intrigued during the moment Ben saw the heart shaped rock on Kate's desk. This is just my take on what his thoughts may have been during that scene.

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Heart of Stone

Ben sat at Kate's desk looking around the room. He replayed her words from earlier, trying to decipher them.

"Rachel called me, she met the source. A guy named Glen Graham who works at the city…" Who the hell was Glen Graham and why was she meeting him? As he continued to stare around the office as Leo stepped into it, questioning him on what I was doing there.

"I was trying to imagine what it's like to be Kate Reed" Ben answered shifting his gaze to the various objects that littered her desk.

"Please tell me you're wearing pants" Leo responded.

Not answering, he shifted some folders and a fuzzy purple pen, throwing them back on the table unsatisfied. Ben continued to lift the files on her desk when he suddenly froze. He held up the edge of a brown folder staring at the table.

It was the rock.

The heart shaped rock.

The heart shaped rock he had found and showed Kate on their trip to Lake Tahoe.

He continued to stare at it, the memories of that night coming back to him.

He was sitting in the hot tub as Kate talked to him about the current case they were on.

"What's that?" she had asked

"It's a rock" he said turning over the smooth stone in his hands.

"Found it up there today, it's sort of shaped like a heart" he continued as he looked up at Kate again.

"Do you think it's ever possible to feel that way again?" she questioned.

"Like what?"

"The way it feels when you fall in love for the first time. Do you remember that? It just feels like this wave…just washes over you and you're not afraid to drown" she said looking past him. As he watched her speak he could practically see her recalling memories.

"Wow it's just so easy the first time" she said looking down. He had never been able to subscribe to that philosophy. Memories of his young love weren't exactly perfect.

"Love is never easy. You don't have to be 17, you just have to be brave" he replied, voicing his thoughts. His meaning was clear. He continued to talk, to explain to her what he had really wanted out of this trip.

"I wanted to stay the night. Because I do care that much" she looked back at him, surprised. Was it really that hard for her to see how he felt? He waded over to her pulling her into the water, continuing to tell her exactly how he felt. Continuing to push, telling her why he thought she had run back to Justin. Why she was running from him…them.

He pulled her close and looked into her eyes.

"You just have to have the guts to dive in. Do you?"

He waited a beat. She didn't move.

"Too late" he said getting out of the water. He thought about kissing her. But he had wanted her to make the decision. Yet Kate Reed, the woman of constant action, had chosen not to act.

After they had come back a part of him wished he had done something more. Because it seems like she and Justin were a couple again and he might have pushed Kate away from him.

But….she still had the rock.

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Title inspired by the episode and the Rolling Stones song, Heart of Stone.