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Actually I got the idea some time ago when my friend in school, whom I call Nutella, asked me a question 'what would you do if someone accidentally kissed you?' So, being the idea monster I am, I wrote something.

Rin stared down at the blank page of her notebook, her chin was resting on her hands, she tried to listen to the teacher's droning in the background, but it was too boring, it made her head hurt. Her eyelids were getting heavy, she tried her very best to stay awake, but it was hopeless, she was felt so tired, maybe just a few minutes, she thought before her head hit her desk with a small thud.

Not long after, she felt her shoulder being shaken, when she did not budge, she heard someone clearing his or her throat loudly. Rin's head instantly snapped up, she had been dreaming of kittens, apparently, and that was the reason she yelled, "Mr. Fluffy!" When she woke up. While she regained her bearings, she heard a few snickers and nearly half of the class' eyes on her. A tall figure was standing over her. She looked up and smiled nervously as she felt her cheeks warm up. "Rin, you are in a classroom, you can sleep when school is over."

"Ah, okay."

With that, her teacher strode back to the front of the class and continued her blabbering about circles. Rin sighed, it felt like school was going to drag on forever. Oh, how she wanted to go home and just relax. Her thoughts about rushing home were cut off when the long-haired girl next to Rin slipped her a piece of folded paper. Rin glanced at the girl, bewildered at first, but she was looking at the teacher's direction as if she had never done that.

Rin saw that her name was written on it, she then unfolded it, hesitating at first, but deciding that it was better than dealing it with boredom. The lined-paper had been torn off from the school notebook, nothing fancy, but it was really the note's content that intrigued her. It said; Hey, I know we never talked to each other, but I really like you, and I really hope I can get to know you, how about after school in the back gates?

Rin looked around the classroom, now, who could have sent her this note? Some joke by the other girls? Some'secret admirer'? Rin shook her head, she didn't have the heart to throw it away, knowing that whoever wrote it to her might see, so she just folded it back and stuffed it into one of the pouches in her bag.

She didn't even know if it was a girl or a guy, well, it could be from a girl, considering that it looks decent, like asking her if she wanted to be friends? Wait, a girl can pull off other tricks, too. Rin shuddered at the thought, ugh, no, no way. She quietly said to herself. But when Rin decided that she didn't want to fuss over the little note, she pushed her thoughts away and doodled on an empty page of her notebook.

That afternoon, Rin didn't bother with the 'request' presented in the note, it was most likely to be a stupid joke, and on top of that, she had a bucketful of homework and studying to do, especially if she were to take a test not more than six days from now. Rin adjusted her bow, hauled her schoolbag, and took her usual route home.

The next morning when Rin was loitering in the corridor, leaning against her locker where she was supposed to pick out her books for the next lesson. It was still too early for classes to start yet and not many students were around, so she decided to kill some time.

It would've been a regular old boring morning for Rin in school, if a certain popular blonde hadn't been running around the whole school carrying a pile of books. It was none other than Len, Len who got along well with the guys and had girls hyperventilating whenever he was not more than several meters away. Rin wouldn't have cared, well, if he didn't run smack into her.

Len landed on top of her, Rin gasped when she felt his weight nearly crushing her, he sure was heavier than he looked. She was even more shocked when she his lips, on hers.

It lasted for a few seconds, until Rin screamed and pushed him off her, she realized that Len had his hands pinning down Rins'. Both of them were blushing furiously, Len had a sorry look on his face he was kneeling down, trying to gather his books. Rin realized the scene they had caused, by then some more students had came. Rin could hear some whispers and giggles, she felt her cheeks heat some more, without even looking, she hastily picked up her things, scrambled to her feet, and dashed down the hallway.

Rin felt her heart beating so fast, she stopped as she realized that she was mindlessly running around. She pressed her back against the wall and hugged her schoolbag, panting hard, her heart was beating so fast, it was going to jump out. "It was just an accident…"

She mumbled softly, but why did it feel like she wanted more? Rin shook her head. Why would someone like Len have feelings for such a boring person like her? Rin sighed and found her way to class, she was glad that not that many people were around, they must've gone to their classes as well.

Rin never forgot that little incident.