About a week later, Len ran into Rin. Of course, he was met with plenty of curses, smacks and even a book to the head, though the last one happened a little later when Rin learnt about what really happened.

Rin was glad to say that she had almost forgotten about that little 'incident'. But when she found a book that definitely didn't belong to her, in her school bag one night when she was looking for some homework. Oh no, She thought. That book looked pretty decent, it was just a normal fiction novel, well at least it wasn't something else, or it would be even more awkward.

The next morning, Rin thought of returning the book, lucky for her, Len was already there. He was lounging about on a bench while reading a book (a manga, maybe?). Rin couldn't see the cover very well, but she doubted that she really wanted to know. Plus, she two reasons to see him ; one, she needed to the book. Two, she sorely wanted an apology.

She walked up to where Len was sitting and stood in front of him, her hands planted on her hips, as she cleared her throat to get his attention. Len peeked up from his book, and stared at her with huge, oh-so innocent puppy eyes. "Yes?"

"We need to talk."

"Then talk." He made a gesture with his right hand, beckoning Rin to go on. Rin was quite surprised that Len was acting differently when she had last seen him, he looked so sorry, but now he seemed really laid-back.

"But I want you to listen to me completely, put your book down and look at me."

"You sound like my mom, but okay." He shifted himself so he was sitting instead of lying down.

Rin took a deep breath, and fixed her eyes on the casual expression on Len's face, it really made her angry for some reason. "I think you might've dropped this." She rummaged in her school bag for a moment, and fished out that book.

"Oh, that. I thought I lost it, you didn't steal it, right?" He took it.

"What? Of course not! In fact, you're lucky I was the one who found it and not a thief!"

"Ha-ha, fine, fine. I was just messin' around with ya."

"And something else." Rin started to turn red.

"Yeah, what?"

"T-that…y-you know…last week. That was how your book ended up with me."

"Hmmm, let me think…oh yeah! That!" The way he said it, it was like as if what had happened was no big deal. It probably wasn't, but to Rin, it meant a lot.

"You haven't you're sorry!" Rin almost screamed.

"Uh, why should I? Besides, you looked like you enjoyed it."

Rin smacked his head.

"Ow! What did you do that for?"

"You pervert! Normal people don't go around just kissing anybody and saying it's an accident!"

"So, you really thought it was just an accident?"


Len chuckled. "Rin, you seriously need to know. I don't go around kissing just 'anybody'."

"I'm sorry but I still don't get it." Rin shook her head, she sounded slightly less angry.

"Well, Rin. You really are dense, are you?" He leaned in closer, and whispered in her ear, causing Rin to blush even more than she already did. "I planned it, when you didn't show up, I thought I might do something else to show you."

"Y-you were the one who gave me that note?"

"Took you long enough to figure it out."


"Because I like you, that's why."

"You mean it?"

"Well, duh." Len said as he turned her around and pushed her down so that Rin was lying on the bench, and Len straddled her. "Would you like some more?"

Rin was completely frozen; it felt wrong somehow, but right at the same time. Without waiting for an answer, Len kissed her, for real this time. He wasn't too hard on her, but with enough passion. To be honest, it felt really nice.

Then the bell rang, Rin sprung up. "I'm late!"

Len groaned in disappointment, it was just getting good. "Well, I guess I am too. You want to walk to class together?"

"Sure, just remember to keep your hands to yourself."

"You know, Rin, you are a pretty good kisser." He said in a hushed voice, making Rin lose her footing.