It had been a long week for the UCOS team; they'd received a new case. The theft of nearly £2 million from vault in a big London bank. They'd had a week of leads that had got them no where, if Sandra wasn't one of those people that never gave up, then she would have done.

That day had been different. Their leads had finally led somewhere; they'd managed to find links to a family. The Brockle family. A father and son's team plus they had previous, charged for a string of small bank robberies in the 90s. It looked like to Brian that they'd just gotten out of prison when they committed their biggest job yet, robbing nearly £2 million. This had happened in 2001, there had been a lot of high profile cases on at the time. So when the leads that the original team had, had hit a brick wall, they'd just decided to give up and start on another case.

They all looked happy at their days achievements, but couldn't hide how tired they were.

Gerry walked over to his desk and picked up his phone which had just started ringing. It was one of his informants, he'd rang them earlier in the day and they'd only just got the information he needed.

'Hello mate.'

'Hello, so what you got?'

'They're having a party tonight, it's not an invitation party, you just turn up. They want to show of the big house they've just got.'

'Okay thanks. Text me the address.'

'Got anything Gerry?' Sandra asked as Gerry put the phone back down.

'Yeah actually, I do. They're having a big open party tonight to show of their new house.

'Okay we're going along then. But only one of you can come. Who wants to pretend to be my husband for the night?' Sandra asked trying not to laugh at the same time. Jack and Brian had immediately looked over to Gerry. He smiled.

'Okay gov, I'll be your husband. Doesn't look like you're getting any better offers.' He winked at her as he said it.

'Stop being stupid, Gerald. Okay then, pick me up at 7. Make sure you're dressed smartly. I know you don't really know how to tell the time properly, as you seem to turn up later to everything. But if you turn up late then I'll….. Well I have time to think about what I'll do.'