The van soon arrived outside an old looking warehouse, the back of the van opened up and one by one the members of the UCOS teams and Esther were taken from the back of the van. They were lead inside and tied to a chair, their mouths were left not tied up so they could still talk.

'So what do you plan to do to them boss?' asked one of the members of Joey's crew.

'Well I was planning on letting them have their last words now, then shooting them. Sound good sweetheart?' Sandra opened her mouth to object, not only to being shot but him calling her sweetheart, but she decided to be brave and shut her mouth.

'Yeah that's what I thought!' he said to Sandra. 'Okay well I'll leave you 5 minutes to say your good bye's to each other.' Joey and his crew left the room.

'That won't be necessary.' Sandra said coldly as she stuck her middle finger up at the door that the criminals had just walked through.

'Calm down babe. Its gunna be fine, he'll go down for a long time. Strickland's probably on his way as we speak.' Sandra smiled, she wanted to hug him but she was tied up so couldn't.

'Yes Gerry.' She said smiling, he looked confused.

'What are you on about Sandra?' he asked confused.

'Your proposal, I've thought about it and I want to marry you.' Everyone in the room smiled, but then realised Joey had walked in again.

'How sweet!' he said sarcastically 'what a shame you won't ever get married.' He walked over to Gerry and placed the gun to his head.

'NOOO!' Screamed Sandra, Joey moved and this time he put the gun to Jack's head.

'Any last words?' Joey asked him. He knew this probably wasn't the end but there was something he really needed to say.

'Sandra, I'm so proud of you, I love you, and you're like a daughter to me. I couldn't be more proud of you.' A tear rolled down Sandra's cheek, the gun against his head was fired. He fell to the floor which was now covered in blood.

'NOOOOOOO!' Sandra screamed as she broke down into tears. Not only had she lost her dad but now she had lost the man she'd thought of as her dad. Gerry hated seeing her like this.

The door was smashed down and in ran armed police. Since the gun was now pointed at Gerry's head, Joey wasn't facing the door so when the police ran in they surprised Joey. This meant he was easily arrested. Strickland walked in after Joey had been put in a police car and taken away. He ran in and untied all the members of the team. Gerry ran over to Sandra, who was still sat on the chair looking deathly pale and still crying her eyes out. She was unable to move or even talk. Gerry pulled her to her feet and hugged her tightly she sobbed against his shoulder.

'JACK!' she screamed again, almost deafening Gerry. Gerry turned to see an ambulance crew now with him. He turned back to Sandra and pulled her closer to him; she tried to fight against him to get over to Jack. Gerry knew that, that would just upset her more.

'No Sandra, it will upset you more.' He said as tears fell from his eyes too, he looked around the room and everyone was crying. Gerry was devastated; he'd lost one of his 3 best friends. Sandra had lost the man she considered to be a father figure to her.

'Gerry Standing I love you.' She said between sobs. This was the first time she'd told him she actually loved him. It was a shame it was in this situation.

Okay well I think this is finished now! Hope you enjoyed this and I'm sorry about the sad ending! Thank you for reading this and all the lovely reviews, they make my day :D


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