Author note:

Dragons Dogma is both amazing and not all at once. I have been playing for quite a while now and I have no idea where the plot is going to go.

What I wanted to achieve by writing this was to give myself a chance to express more about my character and her interactions, as I honestly feel this game really lacks development of your character. I think I have been spoilt by Mass Effect.

Plus I really like the pawns as characters; I really wish I could interact with them more rather than have them shout stuff at me.

Anyway If you are playing and want to find me in Dragons Dogma my gamertag is Elorwin and my pawn is Ged, a warrior.

I do not own the Dragons Dogma franchise obviously, but I do own the game and the Arisen Elorwin and pawn Ged.

I watched her as she drew her bowstring back as far as it would go, her ability to fire ten arrows simultaneously in effect as she took aim at the last fleeing wolves. With a heavy thud her attack hit home and the wolf fell. She turned back to us, her pawns and smiled the warm smile she always did.

"Well done, that was a battle well fought!"

"Yes Arisen." Was the answer I gave as the others began to move around the battlefield picking up spoils.

My name is Ged, I am a warrior classed pawn brought into existence from the rift to serve the Arisen Elorwin, a ranger who was destined to save the world from the dragons wicked flame.

Tis a strange thing knowing that you were called into being for one person, knowing that you were matched for them, to complement their needs. She is my whole world and the one I will protect, no matter what.

I should explain some more about myself as a pawn. We pawns have a long history with the Arisen of this world. Until we are summoned we live in the rift, a place in between worlds. For each Arisen a single pawn is brought into existence and we are wholly loyal to them. But from the rift the Arisen can summon other pawns, belonging to others, from other universes I believe. They serve obediently but will always return to their own master's call.

Pawns are not really so different from humans save the glowing mark on their hand and most importantly a pawn lacks the human ambition and will that humans seem born with. Sometimes I contemplate this and wonder if this makes us flawed, but then I see her and know following her is the greatest thing I can do with my life.

The Arisen and I are currently making our way towards the gate of Grand Soren just as dusk was falling on the land and we were all weary from battle, the wolves having been one of many enemies we had faced that day. The chimera had been the most problematic, its three heads and ample health made it a hard foe. My Arisen had suffered greatly both by poison from the snake head and under the lion's claws. However she still wore the small smile that always lit up her face even though her shoulders slumped.

We entered the main city and slowly walked to the pawn guild. I had seen my master in this mood before and although I could not fully comprehend it I guessed she wanted peace and quiet. At the pawn guild we were greeted politely by the guild master as always and at the rift stone she reached out and touched the stone my masters' mind entered the rift. While she was communicating within the rift her physical body stood still, hand still touching the stone. The two other pawns that had been with us had entered the rift with her via the stone. I remained, leaning against the wall, here to guard her physical body, lest any harm befall her. But my overprotective nature was unnecessary this time and in a few minutes she returned to me but this time alone.

Again we walked slowly away from the guild and towards the inn. Now it was just the two of us I could see how truly exhausted she was. She never let her guard down around the others, but with me, she had explained once that it was "as natural as breathing" being around me. So we moved together, up the hill and into town central. Suddenly as we neared the fountain she staggered her strength failing, instinctively I grabbed for her, catching her around the middle and placing her lightly back on her feet but keeping hold of her for safety.

"Can you stand master?" I heard the concern in my voice and continued to look at her sincerely.

Again she smiled brilliantly at me and took her weight back onto her own legs. "I can, don't worry Ged. We just need to rest; come the inn has a feather bed with my name on it." I nodded and followed her again as she set forth.

The inn was warm and welcoming and I saw her sigh with relief which made me smile. Walking to the front desk I saw her quickly wrap up the idle chit chat with the innkeeper and pay for a room. We moved quickly away from him and towards the bed chamber. Closing the door the Arisen sighed happily and walked over to the bed falling with a soft thump into the feather mattress.

"Nghhhahhhh!" she sighed her head deep in the pillow, limbs sprawled haphazardly on the bed. I took the chair in the corner, sinking into it gratefully. There were two loud thuds as the Arisen kicked off her boots without moving from the bed, then arching her back she gave several deft flicks and her long bow, quiver and dagger belt fell loosely off her and clattered to the floor. She seemed happier now and snuggled further into the pillow.

I moved forward and began to tidy the dropped objects, moving her weapons to the table and boots to the end of the bed. After things were once again in order I moved once again to the chair and sat, feeling her gaze on me I looked up and met her amethyst eyes.

"Master are you unwell?" I asked meeting her gaze.

"I was just wondering," She said her voice full of question "do you sleep ever? I have never seen a pawn sleeping." She tucked a lose strand of her long, curly silver hair behind her ear and continued to look at me.

"We pawns do not need sleep Arisen, and as far as I am aware none do. This pawn can only speak for himself but I gain rest from you." I held up my hand to show the glowing pawn symbol and she gasped and heaved herself up onto her elbows. Looking down she saw her chest glow faintly along the scar left by the dragon, she placed a hand upon it and a sad look came into her eyes but I could not read it, so I continued. "When you rest my Arisen I too become rested and healed through our bond." The light of my pawn mark pulsed once more, resulting in a corresponding glow on her chest before I put my hand down and both marks faded.

The Arisen continued to look thoughtful, her eyes still on my face but not truly seeing me. Her hand still rested on her breast, fingers touching where the scar marred her flesh.

"So still…" She whispered "So quiet, I didn't know I could miss it because I never thought I would live without." I knew why she was sad now, I moved forward to kneel at her bedside, my face close to hers. Reaching out I placed my fingers next to hers and like her I could feel nothing where I would normally expect to feel the pulse of her heartbeat. She looked so sad for a moment I could not endure it. Taking her small hand in mine I took it away from her chest, holding it in both of mine.

"This pawn would be lost without you, master."

Violet eyes locked with mine in delighted surprise as a small pink blush crept up her cheeks and a smile again danced on her lips. For a moment or two they remained, still and silent enjoying the moment. Then drawing her hand back the Arisen lay herself back down in the pillow, her eyes still on me as I walked back to the chair.

"Thank you Ged."

"I live to serve the Arisen."

She smiled again and closed her eyes. Within a few short minutes the pattern of her breathing changed indicating she had fallen, finally into a deep sleep, a smile still lingering on her lips. I leaned back into the chair and set to watch and guard her while she slept.

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