Man Card

"Give it to me," Ken said simply, looking up from the television to where Youji had just sauntered down the stairs. Actually strutted was a better word.

Youji raised a single elegant eyebrow in confusion. "Give you what, Ken?"

"Your man card. Hand it over."

"My…what?" Now it was Youji's turn to be confused. He wandered over to the sofa where Ken was sat with Omi, and tipped his head to the side. Cinnamon curls brushed porcelain skin as he stared down at the younger assassin.

"Man card; the card that every guy owns that proves he has a Y chromosome," Ken explained patiently. "Yours has been revoked."

"My man card. Okay, I understand. Why, pray tell, has it been revoked?"

Ken mimicked Youji's eyebrow raise. "Did you not look in the mirror when you were getting dressed? You're wearing a top that shows your midriff, leather pants that ride your hips so low I can see that tattoo above your butt and a silk scarf. A scarf, Youji. Made of silk. And you've done something fluffy with your hair. And…is that eyeliner? Oh good god you're wearing make up…hand it over. Hand it over right now."

"I'm not giving you my man card, I'm still a guy and if you're really going to be this insistent I'll prove it to you," Youji said with a smirk,a slender hand moving to the zip of his leather pants.

"Oh god no! Youji don't even joke about that!" Ken said, covering his eyes.

"Well you're the one insinuating I've somehow lost my masculinity."

"I don't even know what that word means. Omi what does 'insinuting' mean? Was he making fun of me?'

"No it means to suggest something," Omi said from his corner of the sofa, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, well still...don't use words I don't understand."

"That's a hefty limitation," Youji droned, easily dodging the cushion that Ken chucked at him.

"Now that was an insult, I'm not stupid. You just use weird words on purpose to try and throw me."

"Wouldn't dream of it, Kenny. Now can I go out? I've got a whole city of ladies out there waiting for me."

"No, first I want your man card," Ken insisted.

"Seriously? Ken it's not an actual card. I don't keep it in my wallet next to my credit card or anything. It's just a saying. And even if it was a physical card I still wouldn't give it to you because even with eye liner I'm twice the man you are, little boy."

"Little…you what? I'm not a boy, you take that back!"

Youji may have been about to retort but at that moment a crimson haired man appeared in the doorway. Everyone instantly shut up and turned to him.

"Youji give him your damn man card." He ordered.

The evening ended with Youji having to take one of the Koneko business cards, scribble out the business name and write 'Youji's Man Card' on it in biro. To this day Ken keeps it in his wallet, promising he'll give it back when Youji passes his man test.