Warnings: language (lots of it), underage intoxication.

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Pairings: Hidan/Neji.

An: the story is going to be around 30k words if people are interested of course. If not I don't see the point to publish. Also the story doesn't have a real plot, it's to be taken light heartedly. Itachi, Deidara, Pein, Sasuke will take part and there will be hints of other pairings...

...Chemistry of two...


Hidan was standing by the wall letting the bright lights of the club dance over his face as he sipped his whiskey with tiny measured sips, his violet eyes were narrowed.

Neji Hyuuga and him were familiar for quite a while now. Familiar meaning Neji being a smug bitch and openly showing dislike towards him which Hidan returned with great pleasure, he couldn't stand the smug rich boy... he couldn't stand the way Neji's long chocolate hair were sparkling and waving as the guy moved, he hated those oddly pale eyes looking at him like he was dirt, he hated Neji's lean and nearly petite, comparing to him, body having some unearthly grace.

He hated Neji Hyuuga for being perfect.

They were both from rich families and they were both studying in the same private school...Neji being almost four years younger than him, they didn't cross their paths in school much but still they had met and they had established a relationship of dislike and mockery.

His violet eyes turned into slits when the said Hyuuga came to him swaying and sipping on a yellow liquid looking at him with a sneer. "Hidan...always here at Fridays aren't you, desperate to get laid eh?"

He just shook his head looking away from the arrogant bastard chuckling lowly. "It's not me rubbing against strangers asking to be fucked up the ass, bitch."

Neji then leaned closer in a rather drunken manner. "It's called dancing you shitfaced fucker!"

"Then dance away Hyuuga, don't get in my face!"

"And you stop staring at my ass, you're not getting any!"

Hidan was seething, watching the drunken bastard move away straight for the dance floor throwing the thin arms around a random guys shoulders starting to shamelessly grind against the guy.

He didn't want any... nope, he didn't...

His jaw clenched together dangerously as he chugged down the whiskey still watching the Hyuuga, who now moved for the bar or more like was tugged there by the stranger. It was clear to him what the stranger wanted from the Hyuuga and it was clear the Hyuuga barely knew up from down so the stranger had good chances of getting some.

He didn't know why he followed when the stranger pulled the Hyuuga for the back door, but follow he did.

Stepping out of the club and in the fresh air, he scrunched his nose noticing more than two couples groping and moaning not far away... Hidan was free minded but fucking in a dirty alley was too low even for him.

He spotted Neji, the ass-length hair was hard to miss, the arrogant bastard was pushed against the wall by the stranger and the same stranger was holding a pill before Neji's lips urging to open the mouth.

Hidan narrowed his eyes, it was ecstasy.

"Don't want it... let me go." Neji grunted out turning the head to the opposite direction from Hidan.

Hidan's eyebrows slightly pulled up at Hyuuga's words.

"Oh c'mon babe, open your mouth it'll feel real great afterwards."

"Don't call me that and let go..." Neji insisted pushing on the guy's chest but the fragile hand was pushed away as the guy pressed more weight against the Hyuuga.

"What's the matter? You were the one grinding your cock against me and now you don't want it?" the stranger leered, grinding hips into the smaller ones hard, hard enough for Hidan to see Neji wince and squirm.

"I was putting on a show for someone, you fucker! Let me go!"

Hidan's eyebrows there disappeared under his platinum coloured hair...Neji was putting on a show? He smirked, little bitch... he was ready to bet his balls the show was meant for him.

"Stupid whore..." the stranger snarled and Hidan heard Neji yelp as the guy forced the ecstasy into Neji's mouth pulling on the long brown hair harshly turning the petite brunet around facing the wall, Neji was squirming and kicking as the guy literally ripped the Hyuuga's tight jeans open.

Hidan kind of felt sorry for the stranger, because the fucker didn't even have the chance to react as Hidan pulled him away from the squirming Neji and knocked the guy out cold. Turning back to Neji he wondered is the smug bastard into some sort of shock, Neji remained facing the wall and trembling.

Shrugging mentally he grabbed a bony shoulder and turned the Hyuuga around.

"You stupid idiot, you all right?" he asked trying to sound more annoyed than concerned.

Neji's eyes went wide looking at him and then at the unconscious stranger on the ground just to look back at him. "I swallowed it!" the Hyuuga deadpanned and Hidan was pulled into the Hyuuga by his black shirt the pale fingers fisting it without mercy. "That fucker gave me some pill and I fucking swallowed it!"

"And I should care because? Besides it was ecstasy... go home and sleep it off."

"How do you know... that was your doing!"

"You're a fucking retard you know that? I was just here and saw the pill, you moron and why should I punch the guy if it would be my doing... stupid dumb-fuck." But Neji kept holding on to his shirt and for reasons unknown he didn't push the long haired guy away.

"I'm dizzy..."

"You're dizzy because you're drunk...the pill couldn't take effect yet."

"He ripped my jeans..." Neji kept blabbing looking down at the ruined pants and the black boxer briefs slightly showing.

"I don't give a fuck what he did..." but he still wasn't moving away. The thing was...even if he would be heartless enough, he couldn't just leave Neji like this because of their families knowing each other...

A long finger was jabbed in his broad chest repeatedly. "I know you don't! You did this just so you could..." Neji was interrupted by a hiccup. "...throw it in my face, you're such a low bastard, I swear I..." another hiccup. "...Hate you!"

Hidan had to try real hard to keep his face straight, Neji Hyuuga suddenly gained some...almost cute quality. But hey, he still hated him or more like, he really wanted to...

Hidan could only gasp when Neji's body pressed against him and his muscled arms automatically wrapped around Hyuuga's chest.

Great... he had full hands of an unconscious Neji.

And he didn't crave much for anyone to see him carrying a limp hairy bundle of arrogance around, the police for example might question him and blame him for the Hyuuga's drugged state and knowing the smug bitch Neji would confirm it when the conciseness would be regained... just to spite him.

Growling and snarling he hoisted the numb body on his shoulder, it wasn't like he could leave Neji here in the alley...that would be... just low and he would get killed twice for it! Once by his own father and once by Neji's uncle...no doubt!

He opted to take the Hyuuga for his apartment simply because it was few blocks away. Stalking through the city wasn't very hard since half of the people were in worse state than Neji and the other half simply didn't care.

Neji still perched on one of his shoulders fire-men style he fished out his keys from his jean pocket and unlocked the door carrying the light bastard for his living room where he dropped it on the couch, not looking back, he went to lock his door and switch on the lights.

He was grimacing constantly, he really and truly didn't want Neji here. The bastard hated his guts and he preferred to stay away for his own sanity.

He would kick the Hyuuga out as soon as that one was back to being half sober or at least half conscious.

Walking back into his living room after he had taken a quick shower he wondered should he throw some kind of blanket over the lump on his couch. Decided not to, the bitch deserved to be cold.

Crawling into his bed sporting a black vest and black boxer briefs he was still scowling deeply, growling he got out and walked for his closet pulling out the spare blanket and went for the living room that was supposed to be empty of drunken drugged smug bastards, he threw the blanket over the small form and flinched when Neji sat up straight, eyes wide.


"What? H-Hidan? Where the hell...? You bastard! Pervert!"

Just great!

"How am I a bastard for taking your unconscious ass to my place stupid cock-sucker?"

"Why are you almost naked?" Neji was screeching and it was getting on Hidan's nerves but he tried to remain calm even when Neji stood up with the jeans still ripped open and with the long hair messed, the pretty pale face scrunched up in anger.

"Because I'm going to bed... now you want to get the fuck out of here or what? I don't care if you sleep on the couch just be gone before I wake up!" with that said he turned to walk for his room, he stopped when the back of his head met his couch cushion, surely thrown by Neji.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"I want you to take me home! I'm not gonna sleep at your place and I have no idea where I am!"

"Though luck, bitch... sleep or get lost, I don't care just keep away from me."

"You're the worst you know that Hidan...? You're just too...cold to be human, why did you take me here in the first place?" the slight hurt and desperation in the rich voice made him turn around even though he kept his face annoyed.

"What the hell was I supposed to do? Huh? Leave you there in that alley unconscious and high on ecstasy for random people to do as they please, should I have left you there and maybe strip you down for easier access... yeah Neji, I'm totally a cold bastard for fucking helping you, guess what you're right... here I'll just fix my mistake." He finished advancing fast and grabbing the long haired male by the upper arm dragging Neji across the room.

"What are you doing...let go..."

"I'm throwing you out." He said and then he... fell on his knees, he didn't expect the knee in his crotch...it hurt like a bitch.

Cupping his family jewels he squeezed his eyes shut growling to himself and promising to castrate the Neji as soon as his balls didn't feel like dropping off.

"Don't dare to just throw me out... I can't go home like this... I'm drugged for fucks sake..."

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" he choked out through gritted teeth, he wasn't even listening to Neji, he needed ice and now damn it... this was the way Neji was, too self important and conceited beyond the fucking belief.

He felt delicate hands on his shoulders, it made him flinch.

"Hey...uhh...come for the couch...I-I'll help you."

"You fucking just kicked my balls and you want me to go for the couch? Neji... just get the fuck out of here..." and he was serious. Thank god the kick wasn't hard but still... pushing himself up slowly he ignored the silent form beside him as he went for the coffee table grabbing his wallet and pulling out a bill.

"Take the money and catch a taxi I don't care just get the fuck out of my sight..." Neji was standing there looking kind of dazed but didn't take the offered bill. Growling he pushed the money into Neji's jean pocket and pointed for the door before he fell with his ass on the couch and returned to cupping his hurt man pride.

"Should I bring you some ice?"

"Why are you still here?"

"I told you I can't go home like this...my uncle will kill me."

"Then go to one of your fuck-buddies."

"Those rumours are just rumours, I don't have any."

"Fuck if I care Neji..."


"What do you want?" the pain was gone and Hidan was one of those idiots that were angry only while they were in pain, he however remained majorly pissed off he didn't turn his head but he knew the delicate body of Neji's was standing beside him.

"What's the time...was I out for long?"

"Two hours max. Its near two in the morning now get out!"

"Does it still hurt?"

"No seriously, are you enjoying this? Or are you just dumb gender confused girl, yes it fucking hurts, you kneed me in the balls and I swear when I can stand I'll return the favour that of course if you really have the balls."

"Hey, I'm just trying to be nice..."

"You're doing an excellent job! You deserve a fucking medal, seriously!" the sarcasm was dripping from his voice thickly and Hidan groaned half desperate half crazed when the Hyuuga sat beside him on the couch, he refused to look at the guy, refused!

"You offered me to stay here on the couch so I will...get lost."

Amazing! It was simply amazing! They were in his apartment for crying out loud...

"I really regret the last hours of my life..." he choked out getting up from the couch only a little stiffly, he recovered fast.

"Can I use your shower?"

Hidan spun around on his heel his magenta eyes dangerous before he noticed that Neji was all flushed and it clicked to him that the bastard was drugged after all, just because Neji didn't let him know that there were effects didn't mean the smug-queen wasn't feeling them.

"No, you can't fucking touch anything here, only the couch and the blanket I so mercifully got for you."

Neji was about to object he saw the plump lips part but he butted in. "Shut up, I'm serious...sleep or I'm strangling you, it's a promise." Neji's eyes were narrowed but oddly glazed over and the fact that the arrogant bastard laid down awkwardly on the couch only proved that it was drugs deciding Neji's moves and actions, Neji would never obey him like this.

He stayed long enough to see Neji pull the white blanket over the lean body and close the lavender coloured eyes, then Hidan left to his bedroom leaving the door ajar just in case Neji would...choke on his own vomit or something... he didn't care of course it was just that... it would be hard to explain to their families, nothing more.

He was exhausted and the whiskey he had consumed gave him a pleasant buzz, half asleep he snuggled into his black sheets turning to face the wall letting out a half amused chuckle at Neji's antics.

His nostrils flared dangerously when the weight on his bed shifted indicating that he was alone no longer.

He was about to turn around and ask what the hell when one of those small almost too delicate hands laid on his shoulder gently, he felt Neji's hot breath over his ear. "There are people trying to get into your apartment!"


"I'm serious... I could hear them whispering behind your door..."

That was it, he barked out a laughter turning on his back pleased to see Neji absolutely serious about this despite the red cheeks and dazed eyes even Neji's breathing was laboured and hard.

"You're hearing things and probably seeing things... calm down and get back to sleep...it's just the drugs."

Neji stared at him as If trying to see lies in his eyes.

And then Neji laid down...putting a thin arm over his vest clad chest...nuzzling into him with the flushed face on his shoulder...

"I...meant the couch, Neji...the couch!" His voice was suddenly all croaky and he didn't like it one bit... he didn't like how powerfully the scent of Neji attacked his senses and how he could feel Neji's jean covered slender legs against his own muscled naked ones... too close... the warmness and...and...just Neji was too close... way too close.

"No... and I'm gonna sleep close to a wall..." with that said Neji was climbing over him and all he could do was watch with his jaw slightly parted as the petite form first straddled him then rolled to the side and snuggled up to him once more. "Now when they break in they won't be able to get to me so easy..."

Hidan decided that was what they called 'drugged logic'.

He couldn't help but chuckle."You dumb bitch, do you realise where are you? Do you even know in whose bed are you right now? To whom you're cuddling up to?" it wasn't all that easy to keep his body still, the muscles in his arms were jerking wanting to maybe, possibly... just maybe wrap it around the-...no! He didn't want that... it was Neji fucking Hyuuga for god's sake.

The same guy who always snapped at him and tried to degrade him until he was seething and fighting against the urge to kill And the funny thing was, no matter how angry he was or how ready he was to just grab Neji and wrap his fingers around the pale neck, he couldn't...could fucking not... and he was sure Neji had figured out the fact that he was unable to actually hit or hurt the guy...and now it was Neji's favourite teasing material... the bitch literally taunted him...

"Yes I do..."

"Then kindly fuck off..."

Neji didn't move, just pulled the blanket higher and got more comfortable curling up against his side even as much as shifting his arm so the lean body could settle nicely under his arm.


"Shut up, the couch's not comfortable..."

"I hope you realise Neji that if we would be in reversed positions I would be face down in the gutter with thugs butt-fucking my corpse... don't expect anything to change just because you're scared to show your drugged ass to your uncle... fucking pussy."

The fact that Neji didn't retaliate was strange or it just further proved that the Hyuuga is not able to use brain right now or maybe it meant that Neji realised Hidan was right, however it was it seemed that his only choice was to settle down and sleep.

"At least put your head on a pillow not me and...fuck, just move away." He groaned out pushing unto Neji's shoulder shaking his head in disbelief when Neji just murmured something and didn't budge the plump lips quirked in a little amused smile.

"Fine...whatever..." with that he let his head fall back on the pillow. Surprisingly it didn't take him much to fall asleep despite one arrogant bastard sprawled halfway over him.


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