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...Chemistry of two...

"Yeah... I guess we should sleep."


"Did you know you're kicking while sleeping?" Neji asked with only faint curiosity.

"I am?"

"Yeah...last Friday you kicked me in the shin... I was about to punch your face thinking you're trying to kick me out of the bed, but you were just sleeping there murmuring something about chocolate..."

Hidan chuckled, he was probably dreaming of Neji's hair back then.

"And you're a heavy sleeper too, in the morning I woke up not knowing where the fuck was I and then I saw you sleeping beside me and I sure as hell screamed and crawled over you in my panic crushing on the floor in the end... you never woke up..."

Laughing he put his arm under Neji's neck kissing his beauty's nose as if in apology while in truth he wished he could have seen that.

"At least you're not snoring..." Neji finished with a shrug and nuzzled closer to him.

"If I kick you you're allowed to kick back..."



"Will you create another alibi for me for my uncle tomorrow I wasn't allowed to stay out all night."

Hidan chuckled. "I'll tell him you were with me... having hot steamy sex all night long being drunk and horny asking for me to fuck you harder."

A kick to his side.

"Ouch, okay, okay, I'll tell him we were working on the same chemistry project...and that were boyfriends now."

A pinch to his arm. A painful one.

"Aw shit that hurt...well, aren't we Neji?"

Neji huffed turning on the back and glaring at the ceiling as Hidan shifted and turned his head to look at his gorgeous.

"I guess we are..."

"You guess?" his hand intentionally sneaked on Neji's lower belly reaching the chocolate coloured stripe of pubic hair, it was an intimate touch of his fingers on Neji's length that got Neji gasping and blushing madly, but his hand wasn't pushed aside.

"Yes Hidan, we are... what I meant was...I can't...tell my uncle about...stop moving your hand I just got it down!"

Hidan chuckled but his fingers wrapped around Neji's length, he couldn't keep away...just couldn't. Neji jerked on the bed and the pretty mouth parted as he stroked gently feeling the length fill with blood. Hidan grinned watching Neji squirm on the bed refusing to look at him.

It didn't take long till Neji was fully hard and arching slightly breathing heavy and erratic the lavender eyes in slits as Hidan had shifted half across Neji and decided that the pale neck deserved few more markings.

Neji moaned and he felt he slender legs being bent and spread apart as he started to stroke faster and harder, Neji's pre-cum wetted his fingers.

"Hidan..." Neji choked out when he moved pulling the shirt off of the delicate body.

"Shh relax..." he was hard too, that's what the sight of aroused Neji did to him. He stopped stroking Neji his hands busy with feeling each part of the divine body under him, he moved between Neji's legs spreading them widely having to use force as Neji squirmed and flushed terribly because of the exposure.

But Hidan loved the sight under him, Neji's long hair laying on the pillows rather messed and therefore sexy as hell, Neji's pretty face red and an almost needy expression decorating it with the brown eyebrows forming something like a beggars look, the pale chest heaving sporting his not long ago left marks and Neji's cock swollen and leaking on the flat belly.

"Neji..." he breathed out appreciating the beauty. He really did appreciate it but he had no words for it.

Neji's arms reached for him and he responded laying over the pale gorgeous bucking his own hips into Neji's as they kissed, Hidan was showing his dominance clearly now, he wanted Neji damn it... he wanted him so badly. His hand slid on Neji's thigh and under the knee pulling the slender leg up and around his hip where it stayed as the brunette bucked upwards making them both moan out Neji's other leg copying the first one wrapping around him and moulding their bodies together.


He once more was growling like an animal when the seemingly shy creature under him pulled his sweat pants down on his hips, he took it from there fighting them off and having to grit his teeth when Neji's legs wrapped around him now rubbing their naked skin together in the most delicious way he could imagine.

And then Neji's fingers were wrapped around his cock and he was gasping and groaning biting on Neji's lower lip.

"Hidan...let's do it..." Neji was red, truly red while saying it, the beautiful eyes were looking somewhere at his chest, however Hidan understood what Neji meant, of course he did and there he died a little inside once more, he was happy of course but...

"W-why the sudden change?" he rasped out not sure he even cared of the answer at this particular moment when Neji's deft fingers traced the vein on the underside of his cock.

"Because..." but Neji seemingly had problems forming words too, the pale eyes went unfocused as Hidan's thumb traced the dewy slit of Neji's erection smearing the fluids over the length. "...I... be-cause... I..."

"Yes Neji... you what?" he teased now, he realised it, capable of it only because the brunette in the enjoyment forgot to move the hand on his arousal giving him time to compose his scattered mind.

"Want you."

Fuck teasing!

He crushed their mouths together, Neji letting out a deep moan of satisfaction as he squeezed the cock and then there was a huff of displeasure as he released it.

He moved to the side opening his bedside drawer leaving it open after he fished out the lubrication.

Neji watched him intently as he sat on his knees between the slender pale and nicely bent legs, he made sure his fingers are fully and generously covered with the transparent gooey liquid ironically giving off the scent of...pineapples.

"Are you going to...?"

He nodded and made a face that meant he won't be listening to any objections whatsoever no matter what Neji could be thinking of someone else's fingers up his ass. "Yes, I will stretch you... nice and good." He already was moving closer and Neji emitted a cute little yelp of embarrassment as he nudged the gorgeous legs wider apart exposing the beauty for his hungry eyes. "Relax..." it was kind of pointless to say it at a time like this, he realised that but he still wanted Neji to feel at ease a bit if possible.

Giving Neji's pretty flushed and swollen cock a few tantalizing strokes his wet fingers met with a pink wrinkled skin which honestly made him drool. Neji however jerked and turned the head to the side biting his lower lip as he moved his fingers in circles.

"Neji... don't be shy, eh? I assure you you're looking... edible down here...beautiful." his finger moved inside and he almost choked on his own spit, how he wanted to feel the snug channel around his cock instead of his finger. The brunette shifted looking at him, looking unable to decide to scold him or not.

"D-don't say...stupid things..."

Hidan smirked then sliding his finger as deep as it naturally could go wriggling it around to widen the thigh space somewhat.

"You okay so far?"

Neji nodded but Hidan didn't fail to notice Neji's erratic breathing and the killer blush.

"Doesn't hurt..."

One finger wasn't supposed to hurt, wincing he added his other one stopping when Neji hissed and shifted arching in a way that made Hidan's libido nearly explode combined with the hotness around his digits it was nearly irresistible to rush things and that way fuck it all up, he couldn't remember the last time he had had sex anyway, that was his excuse.

But he kept it slow stretching the muscles carefully watching Neji's reactions and noticing each gasp and wince, Neji's cock however didn't lose its hardness on the contrary it was producing nice pearls of pre-cum sliding over the head and down to the flat belly, his own cock was pulsing and leaking like a faulty faucet, but there was nothing to be done.

"It seems like you like it on some degree..." he stated when Neji arched the spine slightly, the kiss swollen lips parted and Neji's breaths came in pants, most probably unconsciously Neji's legs spread wider apart providing Hidan with mind-blowing view and better access for his questing digits.

"I... unh...it's... not bad...ahh."

Hidan was pleased! Neji maybe said it's no bad but Neji's face said that Neji pretty much got off of the feeling of his fingers thrusting now vigorously, Neji's hands fisted the sheets and before he knew it the little backside was lifting upwards trying to consume his fingers.

"Sorry, another one's coming..." his third finger had an awfully tight squeeze and the brunette grimaced and froze but relaxed soon after when he just kept his fingers buried but unmoving giving time for the muscles to accommodate.

"F-fuck...t-too much, you don't...have delicate fingers you know..." Neji hissed out through gritted teeth when he finally moved his hand making thrusting motions.

"Well Neji, I'm not delicate down there either." To his amusement Neji actually chuckled a bit and the lavender eyes sparkled up and sure as hell travelled for his dripping proudly standing and anticipating cock.

"No... you're not." Neji finally agreed.

Hidan curled his fingers upwards stroking the wet inner walls firmly, his mouth parted as he breathed out a satisfied breath, Neji arched upwards with a mewl grasping the innocent sheets nearly tearing them in shreds.

"Ahhh...ah Hidan...what...?"

The surprise in Neji's voice and the beautiful shocked expression on Neji's face said it all, he had found the sweetest of spots.

He curled his fingers again this time with surer moves, Neji's mouth parted in a what seemed to be a silent scream, the eyes wide, the cheeks exploding with a dark flush.

"Ahh...oh gods... that's... H-Hidan!"

"Yes baby... seems like you enjoy sex after all, eh?"

He was teasing again but this time it could be seen Neji simply didn't give a fuck, the beauty was giving him another 'beggar's look' breathing heavily and bucking unto his fingers brutally, growling and obviously going wild.

"Fuck yes... yes... do it again!"

The sight of his Gorgeous writhing for him and mewling for him was priceless, he was numb with need and longing to be buried within the now nicely stretched and soft walls, however...

"Mm Neji baby...in sex, I'm afraid you'll have to ask nicely..." the grin on his face threatened to tear his cheeks but it was damn well worth it when Neji looked at him, tried to glare and when it didn't work and he kept his fingers still Neji growled and grabbed his wrist spread the smooth legs wider and then apparently gave in.

"God Hidan... please... I want to feel that again, please..."

"Whatever you wish..." he thrust his fingers into Neji hard and fiercely his cock twitching at the godly sight of his brunette throwing the head back in bliss, Neji's mouth producing his name as a mewl was the best sound he had heard...ever.

Few strokes to the blessed bundle of nerves and he pulled his fingers out, deeming Neji stretched enough and pleasured enough to endure the following pain.

He laid over the pale lean body claiming the sweet mouth having to push Neji's tongue around for a while till Neji moaned and responded.

"God Hidan... hurry up..." Neji breathed when they parted, his shoulders were grabbed by long fingers, but he kneeled up once more leaning to his side diving his hand into his bedside drawer, pulling out a shiny wrapped condom.


"Yes...it'll make it easier for you and you won't have to deal with the mess later...besides...I heard cum burns like a bitch in open sores." he explained shortly already rolling the latex over his length hissing at the feeling and smiling about Neji's flushed cheeks and the hungry eyes sliding over his body.

He returned to his rightful place over Neji and pecked the parted lips. "Ready? I don't want to hurt you... you have to be relaxed..."

Neji clutched on his shoulders pulling him down, he was helpless when he felt his length rub between the luscious ass cheeks, taking Neji's nodding as approval he shifted grabbing one of the slender legs inner knee lining himself up till he felt the twitching hole against his cock-head.

When Neji lifted the head up from the pillow and kissed him he used the moment and pressed his hips forward, breaching the tightness.

Neji's head fell back on the pillow, the eyes squeezed shut but it didn't look like Neji was in awful pain so he proceeded burying himself slowly and almost all the way. When he stopped and just laid there fighting with himself Neji opened the lavender eyes gasping for breath erratically.

"That...didn't really hurt!" Neji's voice almost shocked and Hidan could only grit his teeth and growl when Neji rolled the hips as if testing, he almost came then and there. "Move Hidan..."

"Gh...give me...a minute..." humiliating! But it was that or to just plow and cum with two thrusts probably.

But Neji was lovely, it was proven again when the brunette cupped the nape of his neck and pulled him down for an almost sweet and gentle kiss, he enjoyed it completely regaining his ability to function. Neji's tongue played with his sliding wetly and vigorously against the inside of his mouth.

"You feel good inside of me..."

"F-fu-uck Neji..." those little six words made him move... because he felt good inside of Neji.

He moved slowly however, supporting his weight on his arm while the other grasped a nicely slick hip, he watched Neji, watched the beauty while he finally took him... he was crazed. Neji was his from the moment he first laid eyes on the Gorgeous but this was the damn proof.

He dived in Neji's pale neck, his teeth clamping down on a soft skin another proof for every fucking oaf that might want to put their filthy fingers on Neji to see. Neji was his!

"Ahh Hidan...ah...mn!" Neji seemingly didn't mind the vampiric attack, instead the brunette's hips bucked up and it was enough for their pace to change drastically, Hidan rose up kneeling fully on his knees as he grabbed Neji's hips and brought them on his length snapping his hips forward, eager to see the expression on Neji's face when he hit the sweet spot with his blunt cock-head and with force.

He got his wish and it left him crazed and numbed at the same time, growling and moaning.

Neji arched and Hidan emitted an unknown sound when Neji all but screamed his name towards the ceiling puling on the bed sheets viciously and grinding the little ass on his erection rubbing it the right way, the already tight heat clamping around him, swallowing him perfectly.

"Hidan..." again that shocked and surprised tone and expression, Hidan loved it... he hoped this is the best sex for Neji, cause it was for him.

"Oh gods...more... p-please...harder...F-fuck me!"

Mm, his beauty seemed to be a wild kitty right now, It just heightened his pleasure as he started a whole new pace snapping his hips hard and sharply using his strong arms to pull Neji's hips on himself whenever he did.

"Neji... you like that don't you? Mhh!"

Neji was gone.

"Yes...yes...gods yes... Hidan... I love it..." it sounded like a mantra from Neji's plump lips the expression dazed and frozen, tears of pleasure at the corners of the beautiful eyes and shining on the long eyelashes, the flushed face sweaty as Neji moaned mewled and writhed for him with a string of drool over the cheek decorating the already perfect sight under Hidan.

"Fuck, Neji..." his hand went under Neji on the small of the back, holding Neji's lower part off the bed, his other hand stroked the soft planes of pale skin on the belly and the chest, he tweaked a nipple earning a mewl of his name and Neji's legs spreading wider offering for his violet eyes the sight of his cock gliding into the pink stretching hole. It made him growl like a wild animal devouring its prey.

"Hidan... I'm... c-cumming...I'm...so good...just...a bit...ahh...more..."

"Me too Neji..." he rasped out laying over Neji attaching his mouth to Neji's and grabbing hold of the brunettes leaking cock starting to jerk roughly hoping he's not hurting, but he seemingly wasn't since Neji was coming undone under him.

He felt the hot streams of cumm hitting his belly and even chest, he felt it cover his hand, he felt Neji's perfect ass clutch on him snugly, he felt Neji's moans and hot breaths hit his face and he felt the perfect body arching and bucking under him.

He felt Neji so... just so!

He was coming undone too, growling out Neji's name once more clamping his human fangs into the soft neck as his length throbbed pulsed and emptied itself into the condom.

His heart was racing so fast he thought he will die, but it calmed after he managed to get his breath back hearing Neji moan softly under him in the after bliss, gathering his strength he pulled his length out ridding himself of the filled condom throwing it on the floor, unable to care about the fact that he might be unfortunate enough to step on it tomorrow.

He decided Neji was sleeping naked with him tonight so he used his favourite shirt to wipe lazily at Neji's stomach and then his own cleaning them.

He smiled seeing Neji still completely out of it, watching the ceiling with blank expression, he cuddled to Neji's side kissing the still flushed cheek softly guiding his arm under Neji's neck for a double pillow as he stroked down the messed chocolate hair.

"You alright?"

Neji came back to earth and he chuckled when the slender arms wrapped around his neck, he received a still somewhat breathless kiss on his lips and then he froze in pain as the little wild kitty plain out bit his neck.

"Ouch...Neji!" he gasped out partly in shock and partly in amazement of Neji's actions.

"Mine!" was all Neji said... not that he needed further explanation.

He was rather happy to be claimed.


The next morning seemed a little like déjà vu. There was a poorly dressed Neji in his kitchen holding two cups of steaming coffee, except that instead of gapping he chose to Cross the space between them and embrace his lover pressing a kiss to plum lips, his hand already misbehaving and landing on t-shirt covered ass cheeks, squeezing them. "How's your little sexy ass feeling?"

A pinch to his side.

"What do you think? It's sore..."

"Can I remind it why it's sore? Right here, right now... you could bend over the table..."

A kick to his shin which actually hurt, he groaned chuckling about Neji's flushed cheeks, he was pushed down on the chair and threatened with a glare.

He opted to drink his coffee in silence, grinning to himself, watching Neji's slight limp as the brunette moved around.

"You're gorgeous, Neji..." just a reminder, in case Neji forgot over the night.

The brunette smiled surprising Hidan by sitting on his lap wrapping the arms around his neck and kissing him, he responded eagerly sliding his fingers through the seemingly never ending chocolate hair.

They were interrupted by Hidan's cell phone going off in the living room, growling he got up walking for the little mechanical wonder grinning when the display showed 'Itachi'.

He answered glancing at the time before he did, it seemed he spent the most of the day sleeping like a baby...or... like a man after the best sex of his life.

"Yes weasel?"

"Oh hey...umm good morning? You sound like you just got up!"

"Because I did... so, how did it go with Pein...you're still as happy as you were last night?" he asked sitting on the couch pleased when Neji joined him and started to play with his platinum coloured hair.

"Uh... you had to ask when he's right beside me neh? But yes... I'm maybe happier than I was last night...umm Neji's with you?"

"Oh Yes he is..."he responded fisting chocolate hair and pulling them gently to find Neji's plump lips, just to remind himself that Neji in fact was with him.

"Ohh someone sounds happy! Great! We were wondering maybe you two could join us for breakfast somewhere...or at least a coffee... it's a nice day."

He looked at Neji then ,pretty sure Neji heard everything being so close to him. Neji shrugged and nodded.

"Yeah, why not."

"Great... here I'll give the phone to Pein so he can tell you were to meet up, I'm going to get dressed."

After an hour which he spent not letting Neji dress properly and trying to fight the clothes back off of the beauty and then driving for short ten minutes, he and Neji met up with a smiling Itachi and grinning Pein at a little café, their table suited in a garden with some stinky flowers, but the view was nice and the sun was shining pretty lovely on their merry company as they ate and discussed nothing and everything.

Neji was rather quiet but he knew that's just the way his beauty was, he could only hope Neji's isn't feeling out of place since they were older slightly...but he didn't think it was so... Neji couldn't feel out of place because Neji's place was right where Neji's was...by his side... or...under him...or...sitting on him...or...well. He shifted coughing and trying to find a better spot on the chair.

It was nothing compared with how Neji was shifting constantly on the chair as if there were horde of ants In the beauty's pants, there he couldn't help but smirk knowing for sure that it was his fault.

He broke out it silent giggles noticing that his best friend Itachi seemingly too had full pants of ants. Pein's arm lazily draped over Itachi shoulders the orange haired guy was giving Hidan a grin noticing his antics.

Oh weren't they just two happy bastards.

"You should call your brother Itachi... he was kind of searching for you last night...Neji told him that you're with Pein..."

Itachi nodded already pulling out the cell. "No one knows better than Neji and me how protective my baby brother can be, right Neji?"

The brunette nodded shortly even as much as giving Itachi a small smile. "Yes... but it's one of his best qualities."

"I know Neji...he's being that way because he loves us both..." with that said Itachi put the little cell by the pale ear putting the silky black hair behind it first.

While Itachi was chatting with Sasuke Hidan looked at Neji looking at Itachi he couldn't quite figure out what was on Neji's mind right then.

When Itachi hung up Hidan was rather surprised when Neji shifted getting out from under his arm and stood up. "Um Itachi?" when the weasel looked at the brunette Neji made a motion with his head to follow him, which Itachi instantly did leaving Hidan with slightly parted jaw.

"Neji, where are you going?"

"We'll be right back..."

"But where you're going?"

"Shut up and drink your coffee I said we'll be right back!"

"Okay." He grumbled and watched the two leave pushing the heads together discussing something.

Pein interrupted his intense thinking by a low chuckle. "Dude... I'm ready to kiss your feet for introducing me with Itachi...seriously!"

"Eww, a beer will do. Anyway... it was all my evil scheme...I just knew you two will click!"

"Well...who knew you could be so...precise."

"Hey! Was that an insult?"

"Nah..." Pein grinned. "What do you think those two are discussing?"

"I'm pretty sure they're discussing us..."

"Yeah me too..."

The two beautiful male specimens returned smirking and pretty much hanging on each other's arms, he and Pein raised their eyebrows but they were kindly ignored.

"Now!" Itachi said importantly sitting back down beside Pein and looking all serious. "Who knows a hard-ass girl that hates men?"

Hidan broke out in giggles, he knew damn well what Itachi was talking about and he realised that they won't be informed why Neji wanted Itachi to follow him for and then he realised he is a dumb fuck... it was after all him who stated last night that if Neji was uncomfortable talking about sex with him there was always Itachi... it made sense, Neji was probably asking how to get rid of the irritating soreness.

"Uh? What?" Pein looked dumbfounded but Itachi smiled and slid the pale fingers through Pein's orange hair.

"For my baby brother Sasuke... he needs a woman who absolutely hates men! Imagine the chase he would get..."

"Yeah...yeah!" Neji agreed rather animatedly. "But apart from him loving the chase he also has high standards... it won't be easy to find a match for your brother!"

As they started to plot an evil plan of Sasuke getting his desires fulfilled Hidan leaned back in his chair with a smile...

This felt good...


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